June. 21st…The Official First Day of the Summer. There are so many things that come to mind when we think of the Summer. School’s out for Summer…the kids are done school until September. Graduations…the newest year class of graduates, including Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, and Graduate School. Jeans and long sleeve shirts are shed for shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, swim trunks, bare skin, and sun dresses.

Sunglasses are on, sports cars, convertible tops down, car washes and waxes, sneakers and shoes replaced with sandals and flip-flops, summer sun and heat takes over the everyday weather patterns, barbecues daily on the grill, vacations galore, trips to the shore and beach, and numerous other changes.

In the world of sports it’s another exciting time of the year. The NBA and NHL are winding down…an NBA champion already crowned, an NHL Stanley Cup Winner yet to be determined, the NHL Draft and Free Agent Frenzy, and buy-out periods. MLB is almost halfway over…the All Star Game…teams with big leads…teams with disappointing seasons…injury bug alive and well…and the sprint towards the stretch run and post season. Finally, we have the NFL rookie, mini, and training camp still to come.

Summer is also a huge time period in the world of music. Many brand new CD’s have already been released. Festivals are happening just about every weekend. American Tours are firing on all cylinders. Even bands that have not played in years are making one more go around. Anyone that is a fan of metal and sports has to love the beginning of summer. The beginning of summer is the start of these worldly passions.





Ok…so my friend Mario, whom I know from work has a band called Red Carpet Masquerade. The band features Marcello Izzo on Vocals, Mario Izzo on Lead Guitar, Gorgy on Drums and Steve Clark on Guitars. They have released their first single and video off their new album that is due out May 31st! That’s right folks, May 31st. Only a few weeks away. The album is titled “Jealousy Kills.”

Their new single “Big Man” can be seen on You Tube as well as Facebook. I have it on my Facebook page as well. Let me start out by saying that I believe this band has a real shot at making it big! Now most people would say I am biased. However, check out the Video. This Video is put together extremely well and was filmed on a haunted property in South New Jersey.

“Big Man” has an awesome intro and vibe and creates a true enigma of sound. Marcello is very well versed on vocals and his voice fits the style of music perfectly. Mario and Steve are stellar on Guitars and the song features some catchy riffs! Check this video out ASAP! It’s hot guys, trust me. Red Carpet Masquerade. New album Jealousy Kills due out on May 31st. Check the single “Big Man” out on You Tube! Rock on my friends!



On Thursday, Jeff Hahnemann, Guitarist for one of the “BIG FOUR BANDS” SLAYER, was found dead in his home in Southern California. Jeff along with Kerry King formed the Metal Band Slayer in 1982. In 2011, Hahnemann nearly lost his arm due to a spider bite. The injury initially went untreated but then the star guitarist began to be plagued with health problems. Recently though, his health had improved and he was in the studio working on a new Slayer Album.

The initial cause of death is being stated as liver failure, although the “Spider Bite” and reoccurring skin eating disorder has to have some link to his death. The actual skin disorder is called necrotizing fasciitis. This disease is extremely fast as far as progressing to the later stages. The disease actually involves bacteria that actually eats human flesh. The bacteria spreads easily through the subcutaneous region. Doctors are not sure if the infection can spread to the organs, however the fact that he died from liver failure may be an example of this occurring.

Jeff grew up in Los Angeles and was in a family of many war veterans. His interest in war is the direct influence on his music lyrics and war connotations. “Angel of Death”, which Jeff was responsible for writing, is widely criticized for its link to Nazi Activity in the Auschwitz Death Compound during World War II. Jeff wrote the songs “Angel of Death”, “Raining Blood”, “War Ensemble”, “Seasons in the Abyss”, and “Reigning Blood”, all of which are played at every Slayer Concert!

Jeff had been trying to rehab and a few guitarists including Exodus front man Gary Holt was filling in. As a huge Slayer fan…I am not sure how the band will move forward at this point. It’s similar to Pantera with Dimebag. I mean, Pantera has yet to have a reunion and it would be impossible to replicate Dimebag Darrel and his style of play. The same holds true for Hahnemann. He is an excellent lyricist and has wrote some of the most extreme riffs for Slayers material. It would be like Dave Mustaine passing away and trying to keep Megadeth going.

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding his death, Jeff will be greatly missed. I know today in his memory, I am going to have a Slayer marathon and listen to all of the CDs in order. Rest in Peace Jeff…we pray for your soul. We pray for your family, friends, and band members. We pray for all of those around the Metal Community affected by his loss. We pray for your fans. And as we close the page on your life…you start a new chapter in Heaven. God Bless.




So in the past two weeks, two very good bands have released new albums. Last Week Bullet For My Valentine released Temper Temper which also includes a bonus three tracks including a cover of the AC/DC hit Whole Lotta Rosie. The First track of the album has the typical hard and heavy intro that we as metal fans have grown accustomed too from Bullet. The song, titled Breaking Point is pretty self explanatory with a theme that replicates being pushed to your limit. Lines like “Scratch the Surface” and Breaking Point are used to describe this phenomenon. The Truth Hurts is the second track and really has some unique sounding guitar and hard hitting base and drum solos.

Bullet For My Valentine continues to be a strong force in the metal community. Every song on the album brings maximum energy to the fore front including the self titled “Temper Temper”, the single “Riot”, Tears Don’t Fall Part II which is the sequel to Tears Don’t Fall on their second album The Poison. As mentioned, they also cover A Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC and also share a live version of Scream Aim Fire. I rank this album right there with Scream Aim Fire and The Poison as solid metal albums. Their last album Fever took a step backwards, but I believe that this album has the band back on track. They are set to your the US this summer. Stay Tuned.

Another Band, Buck Cherry released their new album “Confessions” this past Tuesday. Buck Cherry is now considered a “Veteran Band” as they have been around since the late nineties. They burst onto the scene with the single “Lit Up”, which is a song that documents the party scene and drug usage, mainly Cocaine. Of course, this song was considered controversial when it was released and is still frowned upon by some major Metal Publications. The band is also known for a few other big hits…one of them being Ride.

Buck Cherry is a metal band that has the same roots as Guns N Roses. This band is probably as close to the sound that GNR produced during the late eighties early nineties. Confessions is a collaboration of different styles and is probably the most diverse record released by Buck Cherry to date. The first song Gluttony is exactly like the title states…about people who want things in excess. The Guitar Solos are very tight and to the point.

Bullet For My Valentine and Buck Cherry are both bands that I would consider above average. I recommend both if these albums to any fan that enjoys good old hard rock n roll and hard core metal. Bullet is kind of in the mold of Avenged Sevenfold, but also has the same style of Linkin Park. Buck Cherry is more of a straight up kick your ass style of Hard Rock and they also have the occasional ballad. In retrospect…both of these albums are must haves for any true metal fan. Stay tuned for many other great albums that are due out this spring and summer. Anthrax, Stryper, Megadeth, Slayer, Volbeat, Deftones, and many more are due out in the near future. Too all of my Metal Fans…ROCK ON!


Forgotten Bands- Much Talent

I would like to get one more post in for the music category. I have been sitting here for an hour trying to decide what to blog about. So, I would like to do something fun…a little Trivia Game to get some more fan participation. Ok so here we go:
1) The Band Tesla produced one of their best songs ever on which album?

2) Who was the original Band that Produced Careless Whisper? I will give you a hint…It was not Seether lol.

3) What is the name of the band that had the hit song Island in the Sun?

4) What does the Initials W.A.S.P. stand for and what was their song that was about a Chainsaw?

5) What former Heavy Metal band produced the hit album that was an actual remake of certain Christmas songs?

6) There have been numerous bands that have played the song “Crimson and Clover. What was the first Band to put out the song and what year?

7) Tears For Fears was a very popular 80’s Band. What is the name of their most famous song?

8) In the mid eighties, this Female Artist produced a few number one hits and was considered the next Madonna. She covered the song Original Sin from the motion picture soundtrack “The Shadow”. What is her name?

10) The Studio All Stars covered the song “Since You’ve Been Gone”. Who was the original band that released this hit?

11) What band produced the hit singles Up All Night and Days gone By and a number of other hits.

12) What was the name of the Band Simple Minds Number One Hit?

13) The Female Artist Shannon was a Pop Singer in the late Eighties-Early Nineties. One of her major hits was Let the Music Play. What was her other huge hit?

14) The Band Seether Covered the song Broken. What female artist was featured on this song?

15) What Band produced the Hit Single “Love is on the Way”in 1992?

16) Pop Singer Rhianna produced a platinum hit “We Found Love”. Who was the male vocalist that was featured on this song?

17) What band produced the hit single “Send Me an Angel??

18) Most people recognize the Band RATT and their two most popular singles were “Round and Round” and “Lay it Down”. What was the name of the Bands lead Guitarist through most of their years together?

19) Phil Collins produced the album No Jacket Required in 1985. What song was a Number 1 Hit on the Billboards from this album?

20) Papa Roach released the album Time For Annihilation: On The Record and On the Road. One of the songs was written about infidelity?

21) Overkill was an underrated Metal Band from Newark New Jersey. What song off of the album Horoscope starts off with an intro on Piano?

22) What is the name of the Band that produced the Hit Single “Your Love”?

23) N’SYNC was a very popular boy band in the late 90’s. Some considered
Them the next New Kids on The Block. Justin Timberlake has went on to have a Successful Solo career and also is a
Movie star. On their Debut Self Titled album they had a few hit singles. What were the two hit singles?

24) In 1988 this Rap Band produced the Album Straight Outta Compton. They were known as N.W.A. What does the initials stand for?

25) On a Tribute Album, the Band The Metal Heroes covered the Hit Metal Single “Sober.” What is the name of the original band to produce this Hit?

26) In 1985, This Heavy Metal Band produced the songs “Gods of Wrath
and Beyond the Black. What is the name of this popular metal band of the eighties?

27) Ok, everyone knows that Megadeth is my favorite band…and Dave Mustaine is my favorite Front Man. So I want someone to guess my favorite song by them. Whoever can guess it I will Buy Dinner. Besides Countdown to Extinction., what is my favorite album?

28) Ozzy Osbourne recorded a duet with Female Artist Lita Ford in 1988. What was the name of this platinum hit?

29) In what year did the band The Killers release the album Hot Fuss?

30) What Band produced the hit single “Carry on Wayward Son?”

31) Iron Maiden has been one of the most successful metal bands of all time. Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson left the band for a solo career. What was the name of the album that reintroduced Bruce as the main vocalist?

32) The hit song What’s on Your Mind was released during the Eighties. What band produced this Hit Single?

33) The Popular Rap Artist released an album with a hit song called “Wicked”. What was the name
Of that album?

33) What was the name of the Keyboardist that joined Guns N Roses on the Illusion Twin Albums?

34) Great White was a very popular metal/hard rock band in the Eighties. They lost one of their members in a terrible fire almost 10 years ago. Who was the Band Member and what state did this tragedy occur?

35) What Band did Dave Navarro play for before forming the Foo Fighters?

36) The hit single “Take on Me ” was released in the eighties. What was the name of the Band that released this song?

37) This band was a One Hit Wonder on their first tour of duty. They have since come out with a few new albums that have been successful. The Band’s one hit was called “Turn up The Radio”. What was the name of the Band that released this song and what was the name of the album and what year was it released?

38) Bell Biv Devoe was a one hit wonder rap group in the late eighties. What was the name of their one hit single?

39) What city was John Bon Jovi born in and what year was Bon Jovi’s
Debut album released?

40) Bullet For My Valentine, a metal band that had tremendously grown in popularity in the past five yeas has released 3 albums. What was the name of their 2nd album?

41) Here’s an easy one…what band
Produced the Hit Single “Clocks” in 2002 And what album did it appear on?

42) What Hard Rock produced the song My Own Prison and when their
Lead singer left, what did the bands
Name change too?

43) Crossfade had a huge hit single. What was the name of the single and what female artist appeared on the remix of the song?

44) Everyone has heard the song “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight “. Many bands have covered this hit, what was the name of the original band that released this hit?

45) What Group did Beyonce sing in before going solo?

46) What famous vocalist produced the song “The Boys of Summer?”

47) What year did Dr. Dre make his comeback and what other rapper joined

48) What artist produced the hit single “Take Me Home Tonight?”

49) What was the name of Anthrax 2nd Album to be released and what year was it released?

50) What was the name of the Famous Female Band Expose’s most popular hit single?


My Top 20 Albums

1)Appetite For Destruction (Guns N Roses)

2)Back in Black (AC/DC)

3)Hysteria (Def Leppard)

4)Cowboys From Hell (Pantera)

5)Pyromania (Def Leppard)

6)No More Tears (Ozzy)


8)Number of The Beast (Iron Maiden)

9)DR. Feelgood (Motley Crüe)

10)Countdown to Extinction (Megadeth)

11)Blizzard of Oz (Ozzy Osbourne)

12)1984 (Van Halen)

13)Among the Living (Anthrax)

14)And Justice For All (METALLICA)

15)Ride the Lightning (METALLICA)

16)British Steel (Judas Priest)

17)Rust in Peace (Megadeth)

18)Master of Puppets (METALLICA)

19)Vulgar Display of Power (Pantera)

20)Facelift (Alice In Chains)

****Special Consideration:
1)Slippery When Wet (Bon Jovi)

2)Spreading the Disease (Anthrax)

3Use Your Illusion 1/2 (Guns N Roses)

4)Skid Row (Skid Row)

5)Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich (Warrant)

6)Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Iron Maiden)

7)Seasons in the Abyss (Slayer)

8)Reigning Blood (Slayer)

9)Slave to the Grind (Skid Row)

10)Shout at the Devil (Motley Crüe)

These are my rankings…just an amateur. Feel free to add some killer albums. I look foreword to your ideas.