OK…well I normally blog about Sports and Heavy Metal, but I feel compelled to write about the devastation and destruction of Hurricane Sandy.  First of all, I was born and raised in the Tri-State area.  I have lived in South New Jersey since 2002, over ten years.  Over the years I have observed many tragedies in the area both on a personal level and on a community level.  New Jersey and New York have had many disasters both natural and human inflicted.  911, The Twin Towers, Washington D.C. under siege.  This seems like it just happened yesterday.  Well I cant help but wonder why we as Americans (Country) always invest so much time and effort into helping out other countries with their tragedies both monetarily and socially.  However, when it comes to our Government helping “our own” they always seem to come up short.  Even more disturbing is the fact that these other countries that we assist fail to return the favor.  No one has “our” backs.  Now I have never been a Political Analyst or Theologist, but it seems like this is a problem, a travesty.  When Iraq was in trouble, we sent our innocent men there who shed their blood for what???? Oil!!!!! Money!!!!!! We still haven’t found weapons of mass destruction.  A few years back, when Hurricane Katrina made a direct hit on New Orleans, Louisiana where were these other countries knocking at our doors to help???  Oh thats right, no one did.  As it was, we had a hard enough time finding the proper resources to help our own people that were in trouble.  New Orleans has since been rebuilt, but the city will never be the same.  This brings me to Hurricane Sandy.  It has been a horrible week for the Tri-State Area and entire East Coast since Sandy made it’s way from the Atlantic Ocean to the mainlands.  So many people have been affected by this storm in so many ways.  The deaths, injuries, property loss, loss of power, starvation, gas shortage, generator demand, downed trees, no traffic lights, gas rations, curfews, Halloween being changed to today….the first time the holiday has ever been celebrated in November, the millions of people who have tried to lend their support and hand with the cleanup effort, the list goes on and on.  Governor Christie really has handled this disaster with the best of them.  I put his efforts so far, right up there with Mayor Julliani after 911.  My beef is not with the states and their government agencies.  FEMA has even been tremendous in the past week.  My beef is with our Federal Government, President Obama who seems to be more worried about helping other countries, while our country continues to struggle financially, socially, economically, etc.  There are millions of people with mental illness, addiction, drug addiction is rapidly increasing both in the inner city and the suburban communities.  We are always trying to help these other countries with their issues.  My problem is not that we help others, that is what God would want us to do.  However, we neglect our own people in the face of dishonesty and political gains.  Obama has really not helped these people who have been destroyed by this storm.  I heard it said that this is the fifth highest tragedy in America’s history both financially and effects on the population.  We have all saw the pictures by now….the Atlantic City Boardwalk that you and I always traveled each summer going from casino to casino ripped apart, the roller coaster in Seaside Heights covered by water, the Ocean meeting the Bay in Bayview County, Long Beach Island (LBI) ruined, Hobokken New York devastated, the other North Jersey towns that were ravaged by Sandy, etc.  My best friend and his family have been uprooted from their home in Freehold, New Jersey.  Their property is fine but they are like millions of others who are being told they do not know when power will be restored.  Their are gas rations.  This is a lot worse than most Americans realize.  And this is the part that really irks me, President Obama could do more for the situation if he wanted to, but he is more worried about his damn campaign.  There should be more help and this area should be a lot further in the aftermath, much further in the moving forward process.  But no, we will continue to spend billions of dollars on space exploration, millions on our military, sons and daughters traveling overseas only to come back in a closed casket.  I ask the question, how much more will this country sacrifice until it begins to help itself.  At this rate, some other country is going to take us by surprise. We should demand much more from our neighbors.  LBI was a favorite place of mine to go every summer.  I even took my family their this past summer for the first time.  Its so sad what these people are going through.  And as I think of the millions of our own people struggling, I keep seeing that picture of America extending its arms to every other country in need and then the yellow flag raising saying that we do not have the resources to help ourselves.  Something is wrong with this picture.  I do not care who wins the election, whoever does better get a better grip of our own problems and stop helping other countries.  We need to protect our own.  God bless all of those families that have been touched by this tragedy.  My prayers and thoughts go out to all of you.  Oh, and Washington, get your head out of your ass and start taking care of you….America that is.  Millions of Americans are pleading for your sense of urgency and a blind eye to other foreign issues and political emphasis.  Obama, you are a coward.  You have not done anything for this country in your time of office.  I have only saw job loss, home loss, record deaths, murders, rapes, school shootings, violence, thefts, raised taxes.  Take Heed…..look at the Eastern Coast Brothers and Sisters  banding together to help one another.  Follow the Leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ImageImage