Well Folks I was 2 out of 4 on my picks.  Thats not too good of start for this year’s Playoffs.  However, all of the games were competitive and we even saw the second biggest comeback in the history of the NFL Playoffs.  Well there are ten things that I took out of the wild card round.

1) Dome Teams can win in the cold weather.  The Saints beat the Eagles at the Linc so that may be the most overrated theory in Football.

2) Home field Advantage and a Division Win does not necessarily mean that the home team will win.  Philly, Cincy, and Green Bay all lost at home.  

3) The final score is not over until Andy Reid is your coach.

4) Even though the Eagles lost to the Saints, there is a a bright future for this franchise and this team definitely was able to capture the entire Football Community from the depths of the river below the Walt Whitman Bridge.

5) Even good Quarterbacks can struggle in big games and Defense and the Run are still the major keys in winning a playoff game.

6) Andy Dalton is not the answer at Quarterback for the Bengals…they have too much talent around for him to not succeed.

7) Having a good Kicker that can consistently kick the ball into the end zone for a touchback is underrated.  Chip, please let Henry stick to Golf.

8) Frank Gore is still the spoon that stirs the 49ers Drink.

9) Andy Reid lived up to his biggest criticism once again as far as Clock Management.  Also, the fact that the Chiefs started out 9-0 and are bounced out in the first round shows that its not how you start, but yet how you finish that matters in the NFL.

10) I am so sick of hearing Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels voices.  Please NBC, its time for the changing of the guard.






So the first round of the NFL Playoff’s are in the books.  Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts, San Francisco 49ers, and San Diego Chargers as they live to see another week.  Meanwhile, players in Green Bay, Philly, KC, and Cincinnati are packing their stuff from their lockers and its off to the Golf Course.  How many days is it till spring training??? Just Kidding.  Anyways, the playoffs are off to an exciting start and Im sure there will be much more excitement.  Meanwhile, back on the ranch, The Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, and New England Patriots all lie  in wait as they study their prey.  Stay tuned as later in the week I will have my picks for the Divisional Round.  In the meantime, Happy New Year to all of my fans and thanks again to INTHENEUTRALZONE.  If you are looking for a good website with a good mix of sports blogs, check it out sometime.  Also, I want to thank all of you as my blog has went over 9,000 Views!!! Till next time droogies…ROCK ON AND GET READY FOR WEEK 2 of the NFL’s greatest show.



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     This will obviously be a hypothetical post as Tom Brady is one of the Greatest Quarterbacks to ever grace the fields of the NFL.  However, I can see a ton of similarities between Tom Brady and Nick Foles, the Eagles starting Quarterback in just his second season.  Tom Brady was a Sixth Round Pick out of Michigan, and he was picked #199 in the 2000 NFL Draft (6th Round).  That first season, Brady was the Fourth String Quarterback and saw barely any NFL action.  However the rest is history.  In 2001, Tom Brady took over as New England’s Starting Quarterback after star Drew Bledsoe went down with a terrible injury.  Brady never looked back.  Brady was like a surgeon on the operating table as he won game and game after game for the Patriots to the NFL’s amazement.  After a wild and crazy post season, Brady became the youngest Quarterback to ever win a SuperBowl as he took the Patriots to a win against the heavily favored Saint Louis Rams (Greatest Show on Turf) NFC Team.  

     In Tom Brady’s first year as a starter for the Patriots, during the Super Bowl Run, he put up above average stats.  He completed 264 Passes out of 413 for a 63.9 Completion Percentage, threw for 2,843 Yards, had 18 Touchdowns and 12 Interceptions.  Then in the Playoffs, Brady lead the Pats to wins over the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers on to their way to a Super Bowl Win Against the Saint Louis Rams.  In Fact, that year was the season when the “famous tuck rule.” came into existence after a game in the snow between the Patriots and Raiders.  The Pats then went on to defeat the Rams 20-17 in the Super Bowl.

     Ok, so lets look at Nick Foles and his journey so far.  There are many similarities between Foles and Brady besides the fact that Foles was a 3rd Round Pick.  In 2012, Foles saw limited action behind Michael Vick although he did show some signs of talent.  However, on December 23rd, Foles broke his hand and was placed on injured reserve.  Now onto the 2013 Season.  This is where my Tom Brady comparison becomes more realistic.  Going into the 2013 season, Michael Vick (20 Million Dollar Quarterback) was the unquestioned starter in Chip Kelley’s new high powered relentless offense.  Mike would be the man and had a chance to resurrect his career.  However, eerily similar to 2001 when Drew Bledsoe went down with a freak injury, Vick went down in 2013.  Foles took over and has not looked back despite missing two games due to a concussion.  Foles, like Brady in 2001, has become the unquestioned leader for the Philadelphia Eagles, and has lead them back to an opportunity to win the NFC East Championship, after beginning the season 3-5.

     Foles threw 7 Touchdown Passes against the Oakland Raiders in October and thats when he took off.  If you look at his stats, they are actually better than Brady in his 2001 Season.  With one game to play, Nick Foles has a 118.8 Passer Rating, which would put him in the Top Ten Quarterback Ratings for a season of all-time.  Foles has thrown 25 Touchdowns and only 2 Interceptions.  He has 2,628 Yards Passing, which could easily be over 3,000 had he not missed those two games due to a concussion.  Obviously, you cannot put Foles on Brady’s level as Foles has a ton of work to do.  However, their careers mirror one an others.  Both Quarterbacks have strong arms and are accurate with the football.   Both Quarterbacks are leaders and show poise in the pocket.  Both Quarterbacks are loved by the ladies.  Tom Brady is 6’4″.  Foles is 6’6″.  Brady weighs 225 Pounds.  Foles weighs 243 Pounds.  Both Quarterbacks have many similarities.  

     That second year, 2001, when Brady took over for star Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, he took the league by storm.  In 2013, when Nick Foles took over for star Quarterback Mike Vick, he has taken the league by storm.  Obviously, Foles has a ton of work to do before he can be compared to Brady.  However, this season is eerily similar to 2001.  Next Sunday will be a huge day in the life of Nick roles as he has a chance to lead his Philadelphia Eagles to a Division Crown and 3rd Seed in the Playoffs by beating Division Rival Dallas Cowboys.  We cannot predict the outcome, but it seems that Foles is following a similar path as Brady.  The rest is yet to be written…but this has been a great story and could go along way to the development of the next quarterback prodigy.  We shall see.  Until next time, keep enjoying the NFL.













     Hello Fans…It has been a long Hiatus for me on the Blogging Sector but I am back and ready to give you all of the answers to your questions.  I have recently joined Twitter so you can also check out my material @mustaine3651#Twitter.  Anyways, Thursday Night pits two of the NFL’s worst teams.  My number one question would not be who is going to win the game?  However, I would ask how many NFL fans out there will be viewing this game either live or on television.  My guess would be not many.  What baffles me in this game is that the Texans, who have the league’s worst record, are favored in this game which is being played in Jacksonville.  However, the Texans are the more talented team.  Houston along with the Atlanta Falcons have to be the two most disappointing teams this season, as both were easily picked to go far in the playoffs.  Atlanta at one point was even the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  However, injuries and horrible execution has plagued both of these teams.

     First of all, let us take a look at the Texans.  The loss of Arian Foster (one of the premier Running Backs in the league) has been devastating to an offense that is predicated on the Run.  Also, after winning their first two games, Houston has lost 10 Straight Games, a Franchise Record.  The Texans have many holes in their game and deficiencies on both sides of the ball.  For instance, the Texans are ranked number #1 in Total Defense as far as Yards but they are at the bottom when it comes to giving up points.  And when its all said and done, the Final Score is the only thing that matters in the NFL.  The Texans also are an abysmal minus-12 in the Turnover Differential.  During this 10 Game Slide, the Texans have been outscored 151-49 in the Second Half of Games.  Their offense has also been futile as their Starting Quarterback, Matt Schaub, has been benched after a horrible start to the season. He had 8 Touchdowns and 9 Interceptions when he was yanked from the Starting job, with six of the nine interceptions being PICK 6’s.  Case Keenum has been a completely different QB as far as production, throwing 8 TDs/3INT for 1,443 Yards in his first NFL action.  Arian Foster going down was the final nail in the coffin for Houston as he only had 2 100 Yard rushing games before being placed on IR.

     The Jacksonville Jaguars have been a different story.  First of all, you know that your team is doomed when your starting Running Back (Maurice Jones-Drew) has more passing Touchdowns for the season (3) than your starting Quarterback (Blaine Gabbert) who has only (1).  Chad Henne has took over the starting quarterback role and has not been much better posting a 75 QB Rating, 6TD, 10INT, and throwing for 2,319 Yards.  With all of these negative statistics, the Jaguars have somehow managed to win three of their last four games, after some say they were a lock to get the Number# 1 Pick in the Draft next season, which will most likely be Teddy Bridgewater.  Plus, it does not help that the Jaguars are 32nd in Team Offense (DEAD LAST).  They are also at the bottom at 25th in Total Team Defense.  However, they are 29th in points allowed with 352 Points allowed for a 29.3 Point Per Game Average.  However, despite all of these flaws, the Jaguars have somehow managed three wins.

     Ok, onto my pick for this game.  The Texans are favored by 3 Points on the Road.  I am going out on a limb and taking the Jags to win this game in front of their “tiny” crowd.  This game will find the Jaguars win 20-17.  Its ashamed that the league has not adopted an alternate schedule like they have during Sunday Games where they can change the times.  Well, in this case it would be harder as they would have to change the date.  However, I can see the ratings for GLEE being higher tonight than this football game.  Well, most Fantasy Football Leagues begin their playoffs this week.  Good luck to all of those participating and do not second guess your gut.  Too many times I have saw owners try to take the better matchup as opposed to the more consistent lineup and get burned.  Remember Folks, a team could be 11-0 at this point and get bounced out in the first round.  This is why the NFL Fantasy Football realm is so fun.  Its not over till the boy cries wolf.  I would say that so far, Peyton Manning has been the best Fantasy QB, Jamal Charles the best RB, Calvin Johnson the best WR, Jimmy Graham the best Tight End, Steven Gostikowski the best Kicker, and the Kansas City Chiefs the best Defense.  

     Around the league has a few key match ups.  The best game of the week and maybe most important as far as playoff implications go will be the New orleans Saints facing the Carolina Panthers.  Both teams are 9-3 and looking to get first round byes.  As hot as Carolina has been, I believe their run will end this week on the Saints turf, where Drew Brees has been amazing.  The Panthers are the more balanced team, however, the Saints are at home and can outscore just about anyone.  Another key game will be the 7-5 Eagles vs. 7-5 Lions.  The Eagles need a win to keep pace with the Cowboys for the Division Crown in the NFC.  The Lions are in the same boat as they are truing to fend off the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers to win the North.  The Eagles will not totally be able to eliminate Calvin Johnson (MEGATRON); however, if they can limit their mistakes they definitely match up well with the high flying offenses.  This game actually has the chance to be a major shootout.  Finally, the other huge game will be the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.  The 49ers have lost the first game against the Seahawks and are looking to get even.  The 49ers only chance I believe in this game will to be to try and run the ball, pound it and control the clock.  That will be a difficult task against the Seahawks Defense.  We shall see.  This week should go along way in opening the playoff picture.  Finally, Peyton Manning was invited to a wedding this week, in which he politely declined, but he did send an autographed invitation back to the couple.  What a class act by a Player that is having a season for the ages.  Also, lets see if Nick Foles, yes you heard it right, Nick Foles (Eagles QB) can break Peyton’s record of 20 TD’s without an INT to begin the season.  Foles has Nineteen so he only needs two.  It would be great to see Foles do this!

Image Image 









ImageWHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SUNDAY”S MARQUEE NFL MATCHUP TURNED OUT TO BE ANOTHER NO CONTEST.  These games are becoming all to familiar with any team that faces the Denver Broncos these days.  On Sunday, Peyton Manning threw another 4 Touchdown Passes, which gives him 16 TD’s in only Four Games.  Even more Impressive is the fact that he has yet to throw an interception.  Peyton man handled the Philadelphia Eagles.  No matter what the Eagles defense scheme was, Manning had an answer.  The Eagles stacked Eight Men in the Box and blitzed and Manning threw the quick out.  The Eagles played zone and Manning picked them apart over the middle.  The Bronco’s Trindon Holiday, one of the premier Return Men in the game, even ran back a 105 Yard Kickoff Return for a score.  Hell…The Bronco’s even converted a blocked punt into a score.

    Yesterday I posted about the Eagles chances of beating the Bronco’s and what they would have to do to have success.  #1) Put Pressure on Manning…Check.  Well, the Eagles did anything but put pressure on Peyton as he looked like a statue back in the pocket.  #2) Run the Ball and slow down the game…Check.  Well, the Eagles had their lowest rushing total of the season and the Time of Possession was a joke.  #3) Change the Game plan Chip Kelly-Make Adjustments…Check.  My suspicion was right as Chip Kelly didn’t adjust and continued to try and run the “Oregon Duck” to the T.  Whats wrong with this picture right now folks.  Andy Reid and the Chiefs are 4-0 and the Eagles are 1-3.  It makes you really wonder was the Eagles problem really Andy Reid.  Look, I am in no way saying that a change was not needed.  However, I don’t care what type of offensive scheme you use…West Coast, Read Option, Run and Shoot, RUN, Play Action, No Huddle, Hurry Up, Roll Out, Shotgun.  None of these schemes will work when your team does not have the personnel to execute.

     First of all…the Eagles could play the Jacksonville Jaguars right now and still have trouble winning a game.  The fact is, this Defense is absolutely Putrid.  That is putting it lightly.  OK…THIS DEFENSE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes I said it.  The Eagles Defense, which used to be the backbone of this team in all of their successful seasons may be the worst I have ever saw.  They could cut everyone on this Defense and start over for all that I am concerned.  The Eagles have plenty of star power on Offense.  Mike Vick can be a star when he has time to throw the ball.  LeSean McCoy is one of the most dynamic running backs in the game.  DeSean Jackson “DJAX” is a highlight film in the making.  However, this offensive line is putrid just like the defense.  When will Jeff Lurie realize that the problem on this team is personnel.  I do not care if you had Bill Bellicheck coaching this team…I don’t care if you had Mike Ditka coaching this team…John Madden Anyone???  Yeah.

     I am a huge fan of Chip Kelly.  I am even more enamored with the “Oregon Duck” offensive scheme.  However, what this team lacks is tenacity.  And they truly cannot defend my grand mom…God rest her soul.  In the offseason, I made it a cry out for the Eagles to go against the Grain and sign a Defensive Minded Coach.  This team needs to learn the fundamentals of the game such as tackling, pass rushing, audibles, etc.  The amazing thing is…if the Eagles had the Bears 85 Defense…they still would have got their ASS KICKED yesterday.  Peyton Manning now has 16 Touchdowns/0 Interceptions/1400 Yards Passing…and most importantly his team is 4-0.  Manning is on pace to have 64 Touchdowns this season…can you say WOWWWWWWWWW!  Knowshon Moreno has been very serviceable in the backfield as he scored a Touchdown yesterday as well.

     The most glaring mistake that I saw yesterday was the inability of Chip Kelly to adjust his game plan.  Sound familiar???  What is it with all of these high profile coaches and their egos?  Note to Chip…If you can slow the game down then it will limit the amount of time that Manning is on the field which in turn will limit his damage.  But no Chip…you keep doing the same thing with all of your different packages, no huddle, hurry up, shot gun, etc.  You have LeSean McCoy!!!  He should have had at least 30 Touches in the game yesterday.  Oh well…it appears that Peyton Manning is going out on top while the precious Birds are getting a crash course in growing pains.  Look, no one significant expected the Eagles to make the playoff this year.  However, in this NFC least they still very well could do that as bad as this division is.  The thing is though, if they do not adjust the game plan, especially during a game, then they will fail every time.  Meanwhile, as a FOOTBALL fan, we all can just marvel at the man named PEYTON MANNING.  Peyton is the MAN right now.  He is putting up ridiculous stats  right now.  The Broncos could go undefeated.  They are the best team in the league hands down.  So Eagles, now it is off to New York to face the 0-4 New York Giants who want blood.  So…as we look back and move forward…we know this team is a long way from competing with the big boys.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I recap Week 4 in the NFL and analyze the winners and losers in Fantasy Football.  Enjoy this beautiful Monday Folks…HOLLA.



Well folks, the Super Bowl is still two weeks away and a lot can change in fifteen minutes…just ask GEICO. My pick for the Super Bowl before this season was of course The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. Yes, every year I think it’s Philly’s year to win the Big One. Those hopes faded fast in what has turned out to be one of the worst Eagles seasons in recent memory, which led to the firing of its all time winningest coach Andy Reid. Andy was great in Philly, but enough is enough and it is time to move on. Anyways, when the playoff teams were seeded, my early pick for the Super Bowl was the Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos. Well, both the Seahawks and Broncos lost in last minute fashion so that also went out the window.

This brings us to now. The two teams that are left standing are the surprise San Francisco 49ers (who lost the NFC Championship game a year ago) and the Baltimore Ravens who some experts did have reaching the big dance at the beginning of the year. A real quick analysis of this game and my prediction to follow. Both of these teams come into the game being coached by Brother’s John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh making this the Super Baugh…lol. Secondly, both of these teams are predicated on tough defense and a strong running game. Lets break it down by position. At Quarterback, we have Joe Flacco for the Baltimore Ravens who has come into his own the past few years and developed into a solid Signal Caller. On the other side, the 49ers will be led by Colin Kapernick, an amazing story in itself, who will be making his tenth NFL start in the Super Bowl. I like Kapernick’s pocket presence and skill set but the advantage definitely goes to Flacco and the Ravens.

At Running Back, the Ravens are powered by perennial all-pro Ray Rice who is capable of carrying the team in his shoulders by himself. However, Do not underestimate Frank Gore for the 49ers, who when healthy, is capable of putting up huge numbers. Slight advantage Ravens but not by much. In the Receiving/Tight End set the Ravens are fueled by Tory Smith and giant receiver Anquan Boldin. The 49ers have a few star receivers to go along with veteran Randy Moss, who could be an xfactor. The 49ers trump the Ravens on this side of the ball if Vernon Davis decides to bring his AGAME. Advantage 49ers. On Defense, these two teams play different styles but have similar results. I think both defenses are good but once again, the XFACTOR here is Ray Lewis. Ray is on a mission in his last season to go out with a bang. Advantage Ravens. The Special Teams on these teams are even. So this brings us to the intangibles…both Harbaugh’s are smart but John has more playoff experience and I always believe that is an important area to look at when analyzing these big game match ups.

Ok…so this brings me to my pick. I feel that this Super Bowl will be a competitive game with a lot of hard hitting, tough running, and some exciting offensive plays. I do not see this game becoming a blow out like many of these contests of the past, the two defenses are just too good. I am going to say that the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl 27-23 in a very close game…both teams will show heart and in the end the better team will come out on top, as Ray Lewis goes out with a bang. Real Quick, Pop Star Beyonce will be performing the Halftime Show and 50 contestants will be picked to join her on stage. This should be quite a scene and I am looking forward to that.

Now into the state of the Eagles. With the hiring if Chip Kelly, it’s obvious that the Eagles are looking to mirror the rest of the league in becoming a quick strike high powered offense. Well, my argument as always has been that the Eagles have been pretty decent in Offense the past few years, last year as an exception, but that had to do with the offensive line debacle in an injury plagued season. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I do not care if Tom Brady had played behind the Eagles line instead of Michael Vick, the team still would have ended up with the same record.

No, my argument with this team is consistently on the Defensive Side of the ball where they have no identity. Well, they can quickly fix this in the draft with their first three picks. The Eagles have the Fourth Pick in the First Round. If I were the Eagles, I would jump at the chance to draft Jarvis Jones, OLB from Georgia with the Fourth Pick. He is a special player that would bring not only leadership on the field, but also in the locker room. He is a DEFENSIVE PLAYMAKER. Seriously, he is a low risk, high reward pick as many analysts say he could be the top impact player in the entire draft. Ok second move, cut Nhamdi Asamough and cut your losses. In the second round, I am taking local Rutgers product Logan Ryan. Not only is Ryan big, tough, and physical, but he also has the speed to be a shut down corner. This is what the Eagles need that they never got from Nhamdi. Thirdly, I’m taking Free Safety D.J. Swearinger out of South Carolina who can cover, but he hits like a Brian Dawkins. I repeat, this is what the Eagles need, true playmakers that make a difference on Defense.

On offense, they have LeSean McCoy who is already a top 3 RB in the NFL. They just need to use him. They will be getting their star Offensive Tackle back from injury and some other key components to their OLine. Mix in a free agent or two and I think you sure up this position. At receiver, the Eagles still have talent with DJAX and Jeremy Maclin. They also have Jason Avant who I believe is underrated and underused. Wether they stick with Michael Vick one more year or go to Nick Foles, this offense can put up some points. It’s the Defense that has failed is year in and year out. Stay Tuned.




Ok…here we are Week #2 of the NFL Playoffs. Andy Reid is well in to his head coaching job for the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, the Eagles have yet to find their man…what else is new? The Eagles search for a new head coach and assistants is going just like me searching for a pair of matching socks in a laundry basket. What are they waiting for…it’s like Jeff Lurie is scared to pull the trigger and make a mistake and get hung by the fans. C’MON ALREADY…pick up the phone, call Bill Cowher, give him control and all the money he wants, tell him he can pick his guys and lets move forward. The longer they wait, the more chance of losing the guy they want. I said it before and I will say it again, the way to go is not a College Coach. Anyways, that’s a discussion for another day. Onto this weeks games. First we have the Ravens with Ray Lewis on the road against the Denver Broncos. The Ravens looked good in their win against the Colts, but that was against a rookie quarterback. Sorry to say it Baltimore, but Ray Lewis career will end on the road in Denver. Peyton Manning is on a role and he wants another ring to tie his brother Eli with two! Denver wins a close one folks. Ok, the other AFC game is the Houston Texans traveling to Foxborough to face the perennial favorites the New England Patriots. Well, I wish I could say that the Texans stood a chance in this game, but I see Tom Brady lighting it up once again. I see the Patriots Defense rising to the occasion as it always does to stop Arian Foster. Another disappointing end to the Texans season. The Patriots win by at least two Touchdowns.

The NFC sees the Green Bay Packers travel across the country to face the San Francisco 49ers. Well the Niners have a rookie Quarterback, but they have a stellar Defense that creates turnovers. The Niners and Colin Kapernick have been inconsistent on offense. Unfortunately, the 49ers Defense will not be able to score more points than Aaron Rodgers which must happen for the Niners to Win. Packers by 10. Finally, we have the upstart surprise Seattle Seahawks going on the road to face the Atlanta Falcons. Normally I would go with the Falcons, but Matt Ryan has been inconsistent in the playoffs. Also, Russell Wilson will be playing much loser this weekend. I like the Hawks running game and ability to go deep. I say Seattle wins a tough won. On that is my quick picks…stay tuned to more analysis.




Ok…On this Christmas Day I am writing a post on the Eagles. Before I get to my main blog…I want to take this time out again to Send my condolences and prayers to all of those that were effected by the Newtown Connecticut Tragedy. This is real life and the real important parts of life…To put in perspective while analyzing sports which in the scheme of things is low on the Totem Pole. The Children and Adults who lost their lives that Day are the Real Heroes and will never be Forgotten!
Way back on September 16th, I wrote a piece about how every year us Die Hard Eagles fans anticipate a Super Bowl, no matter how previous seasons have went. I used a lot of past memories and seasons and players that will give any fan goose bumps. Well, of course as we wind down and the Eagles are down to their final game…the season did not go as well as the team as well as the fans had hoped for. With another loss, their record will fall to
4-12 which is the worst record since the 3-13 season…The first season that Andy was the coach. Of course after that season, the Eagles inherited a Top Draft Pick and chose a Franchise Quarterback Donovan McNabb…and the rest is history. This Eagles
Genre enjoyed its best success of any Eagles time period. During the past 14 seasons, the Eagles have made 5 NFC Championships including One SuperBowl appearance in which the Eagles almost beat the favored Patriots. During that game, Donovan McNabb was blamed for choking, the Eagles Defense was blasted for being too soft in the second half when they allowed Corey Dillon to run for 100 yards. Terrell Owens was praised for his effort on basically one leg after almost being lost for the season. Andy Reid was blamed for his poor clock management (an ongoing criticism that is very well documented). And the Eagles 2 Minute Offense was scorned as Donovan threw a last minute interception as the team was driving for a comeback win. Well, sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but that Eagles team was very good but they lost to an even better New England Patriots team. Look at what the Patriots have accomplished in the past 15 years. Tom Brady and Bill Bellichik are sure fire hall of famers. That is not to say that the Eagles could not have won the game, they were leading at half time, but the better team did end up winning in the end. Well ever since that SuperBowl, the Eagles have suffered through some very disappointing seasons as far as their outcomes, making the playoffs but coming up short. The last NFC Championship Run that the team made ended in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals and the reborn Kurt Warner…his last hurrah. Since that loss, Donovan McNabb’s career went south, he was traded and has since retired. The Eagles made a bold move by signing a reformed criminal Michael Vick who really came into his own his first season as the Eagles starting Quarterback. However, since then the Eagles have went totally down hill in every category. Do the Eagles lack talent…Hell No! LeSean McCoy may be the 3rd Best Running Back in the NFL. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin are very talented receivers. Trent Cole is a stud Defensive Lineman who has never benefitted from an opposite side star. The Eagles finally got a talented Linebacker in Free Agency. Nick Foles even looked like he could be a star quarterback in this league. However, in my opinion the Eagles real demise occurred when Jim Johnson passed away. When Jim died, a piece of Eagles lure was taken away and has never been replaced. Take a look back to any Eagles past season and you will see that no matter how good or bad that their offense was, the Eagles success went as their Defense went. The Buddy Ryan years…years that Randall Cunningham was lost for the season twice…those teams still had much success due to a Dominant Defense. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Andre Waters, Clyde Simmons, Mike Golic, Bud Carson, Eric Allen, Seth Joyner, Bill Romanowski…the list goes on and on. The Ray Rhodes years…Troy Vincent, Hugh Douglas, Jeremiah Trotter, Brian Dawkins, And that list goes on and on. The Jim Johnson years…Brian Dawkins, Lito Sheppherd, Sheldon Brown, Hugh Douglas, that list goes on and on. The Eagles Defense now is a far cry less talented than any of those defenses. The Eagles Defense lacks heart and identity. My argument would be that the Eagles suffered a tremendous loss when they lost Johnson as their defensive coordinator. That is when this team took a nose dive. No one can argue that Andy Reid has been one of the top head coaches in the NFL during his span as the Eagles Top Dog. However, during Andy’s good years, the Eagles always had a stellar defense. This Defense is no more. Andy lost one of his sons this year and that is a tremendous tragedy for any parent, to have to bury their child. I think Andy Reid has just run his course. This is time for change and no one will forget the positive influence that Reid has had on this franchise the past 14 Seasons. However, this team has still not win a Super Bowl and mediocrity and just making the playoffs is no longer acceptable. Jeff Lurie must see that the Eagles need to win a Championship to make it to the next level. It is painfully obvious that this team will never win a Championship under Andy Reid. The Eagles must get back to their core element. DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Their Defense must be the core element that is addressed. Every one is saying they want “Chuckie”, John Gruden or The Top College Offensive minded Coaches. I would argue that this would be a huge
Mistake. This team needs a Defensive Minded Coach. My top choice would be Bill Cowher if he will come out of retirement. How about Rex Ryan, Buddy’s Son. Hey…at this point I would say Brian Dawkins would make a great Head Coach! He has more Heart and knowledge than most former players. No matter who the next choice is for the new head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jeff Lurie must bring in a DEFENSIVE HEAD COACH! They also need a strong Defensive Coordinator. With the way this season is going, they will inherit one of the top picks. It’s time to stop taking Offensive Stars, they need a STUD DEFENSIVE PROSPECT! I would definitely go Defense with their first pick. I would take the Top Defensive player available, no matter what position. This should be Jeff Luries Focus as the Eagles move forward. The 2013 Version of the Eagles must have a total makeover. The only way to build a winner is to rebuild. This team has tried signing top free agents year after year and where has that got them. Namdi Osumuagh may be the most overrated player and he was ridiculously overpaid. The Eagles cut their top sack master after just one season Jason Babin. There have been many other countless mistakes made at the Free Agent Table. Jeff Lurie if you ever read this…Please take heed. You must rebuild from the bottom up. This Defense needs an overhaul. This offense needs a new line…one that can dominate just like the John Runyan years. At this point, Dominique Cromartie would be my only untouchable on Defense. Even Trent Cole (my favorite player) could go as far as I am concerned. DEFENSE has to be the top priority going forward for this team. And no matter who is under center next season, wether it is a free agent quarterback, Nick Foles, or some star drafted QB, the Eagles must get away from the West Coast OFFENSE and use their strength…run the ball! LeSean McCoy may be the most underrated under used Running Back in the NFL. He has more talent than Brian Westbrook and could be the best Back in the NFL if used properly. He needs more touches Lurie!!! Anyways, going forward, this team needs much change. Rebuilding is necessary to get better. No matter what changed are made, the Franchise Philosophy is the biggest area that needs change. Winning a Championship must be this teams TOP PRIORITY!!! Making the playoffs will not cut it any more. The Die Hard Fans are hurting for a Super Bowl. Now do the right thing and get this team back on track. Good luck to this team in the future. Merry Christmas everyone…may God Bless all my fans in 2013! God Bless The Eagles!


Thursday Night Football/State of the Eagles

This is going to be my shortest blog in history! I forgot once again to pick the result of the Eagles Bengals game because first of all…I forgot there was even a game. Is that not sad?? I can remember a time when the BIRDS were the first thing on my mind and then the last. Well…those days are over. This team is pathetic and it begins with the owner Jeff Lurie. Grow some balls you French Whore!!!!!! Andy Reid is a great guy we all know that. He has been through a horrible tragedy losing his son earlier this season we all know that and sympathize. The Eagles have probably had their best run out of any eras. Yes…true sports fans which Eagles fans are do not get tricked! You guys say that your ultimate goal is to win SUPER BOWL…14 years and counting…ughhhhh. C’MON Lurie…wake up. Your goal is not to win the Super Bowl…your goal is to be just good enough each year to hopefully make the playoffs and compete and that’s it. Well DAMN IT…that’s not good enough anymore. You will not commit treason anymore. It’s time to own up to your mistakes and change the culture of this team. Face it…the years that the Eagles have been at their best is when they have had a dominant DEFENSE! Defense wins Championships. Well…it’s time to get a Coach in here that understands that Defense is the back bone to the team. A DEFENSIVE minded coach…Bill Cowher maybe??? I’m so tired of all this John Gruden talk. Please stop…that Packers Superstar Squad are has beens. Holmgren is gone. Steve Mariucci is gone. Ray Rhoads is gone. Give it up…that West Coast Offense bullshit is a thing of the past. Look at the past ten Super Bowl winners…not west coast offense. Pro style offense with a Defense that dominates. God bless Jim Johnson’s soul…God bless Bud Carson. Buddy Ryan…we all miss you…you were a legend. Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Mike Golic, Bill Romanowski, Seth Joyner, Eric Allen, Andre Waters, Brian Dawkins, Ben Smith, Clyde Simmons…the list goes on and on. Jeremiah Trotter, Hugh Douglas, Sheldon Brown, Lito Sheppherd, Al Harris. These were real defensive players. Where is this teams heart? Oh that’s right…there is none. Lurie it starts with you. There has always been a scapegoat every year wether it was injuries, wether it was your once star quarterback Donovan McNabb, whether it was the whole T.O. Saga, wether it was Andy Reid dealing with his sons’ addictions, wether it was offensive coordinators or defensive coordinators. Take a look in the mirror Lurie…wake the FUCK up! Reid needs to go now…no hard feelings. Hell even give him a job in the main office. We need a Defensive Coach, a stud Defensive Coordinator, an overhaul on Defense. No matter how bad the offense has been this year…this is an aberration. The Eagles offense has usually shined every season wether it was McNabb, Garcia, Feely, Vick…behind center. The Defense has been the Achilles heel most of the past few seasons. This is where you must start. Fire Reid…Scrap the team…REBUILD. The time has come…just making the playoffs every year is not gonna cut it anymore! Lurie this city deserves a Championship…A SUPER BOWL. You are killing the fans. Really…are you not sick of the same Reid Press Conference speech…”We’ll again…I have to do a better job…I was not prepared…I have to put my players in a better position to make a play!”””” Seriously…what about these players!!!!!!!! They make millions of dollars…how bout showing up one week!!!! Time for change Philly…we need this Football team as an organization to make a true effort to put a team on the field that will once again compete for the Lombardi Trophy. This is unacceptable. The season ticket holders…please hear me. Do not renew your seats. You MuST SEND a message for the entire fan base that we will not accept mediocrity anymore!!! Blow this team up…Build a Winner!



The Eagles play on prime time against the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night. This matchup could feature the worst two teams in the NFL this year. Andy Reid’s job is being called for every five minutes, the Eagles are playing their second consecutive game with Michael Vick not behind the helms. It will also mark the Eagle’s first game without LeSean McCoy. One would think that Andy Reid would call a fairly simple game with a rookie QB (Nick Foles) and a rookie RB ( Bryce Brown). However, Andy Reid is known for his terrible game management and this year it has just gotten worse. I mean…look at last week. 44 Drop backs by your Quarterback, behind the most inept offensive line. Andy Reid just doesn’t get it. Wow…taking a look at Monday Night’s game against the Panthers, I can’t help but remember that Monday Night game when Jeff Garcia filed in for an injured McNabb and he torched them for 300 Yards and 3 TD’s as the Eagles rolled 28-10. I also remember that dreaded NFC Championship game against the Panthers at the LINC when McNabb was knocked out if the game and the Panthers rolled. I also remember the Sunday afternoon game against Carolina that was won by a last minute field goal by David Akers after John Carney hit a 53 yarder to tie the game. Well…many things have changed since these two teams had those memorable games. Neither Donovan McNabb or Jeff Garcia are with the Eagles any longer. Also missing are David Akers, Brian Westbrook, Tra Thomas and John Runyan. Jake Delhomme is no longer the Quarterback of the Panthers. Steve Smith is no longer the Dominant wide receiver he once was. Cam Newton is having a sophomore slump and looks nothing like the rookie of the year from a year ago. Yes…things In the NFL change in Fifteen Minutes just like GEICO. The Eagles are now starting a
Rookie Quarterback (Nick Foles) and a Rookie Running Back (Bryce Brown). As mentioned earlier…the Eagles
Wretched O Line is past inept. Their Defense gets torched by the big play at least once every game and the Eagles have the worst Turnover Ratio in the NFL. With all this being said, Andy Reid is still the coach of this team. That leads me to my next point…who should the Eagles pursue to be their new head coach. Well, I have a few candidates and they all have something in common. They are hard nosed and don’t take shit. My first choice would be Bill Cowher. Bill Cowher is a Defensive Minded Coach that the Eagle’s have lacked for some time. Cowher would instill a clock management running style pro offense that is predicated to make the Defense better by keeping it off the field and fresh. I don’t care how much money it would take, Cowher would be my first choice. The Eagles need a Defensive Identity once again. Buddy Ryan and Ray Rhoads were two of these types of coaches. The other choice would be John Gruden. John is more of an offensive minded coach but he preaches tough defense and he was very successful with Tampa Bay and the Oakland Raiders. My third pick for coach would be Bill Romanowski. He brings a font take any shit attitude to the field and would stress team defense. I’m sure there are others out there. One thing is certain though…Reid must go. This team needs a shakeup. Well…since the many changes between these two teams…I see Mondays game as a putrid version of NFL Football. Stay tuned till tomorrow when we will review Week #12 and the picks.