Week #3 saw both DA BIRD and SAV go 8-8 with our picks.  So at this point, I am still leading the season with a 26-22 Record, while Savage is now 21-27.  This year has been anything but easy to pick so far…as the league seems more even this year.  The Haves and Have Nots are a small portion of the entire league.  In the NFC…The Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, and New Orleans Saints are all 3-0 so far.  In comparison, The New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all 0-3.  Yes, that’s not a mistake folks…the Giants and Redskins are both 0-3.  There is no misprint.  The NFC LEAST has become like the OLD NFC WEST.  The NFC at this point is anyone’s division and it appears that a team could even win the division with a 7-9 record as bad as these teams are at this point.

     Now…let us travel to the AFC.  The New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and Kansas City Chiefs are all 3-0 in the early going.  The Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars are both 0-3.  So if we do the math…there are Seven Unbeaten Teams and and Six teams without a win yet.  The surprises so far has been the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins in the AFC and the New Orleans Saints in the NFC.  As far as disappointments thus far are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins and New York Giants who are all 0-3.  The biggest surprise there are the Steelers and Giants, who have combined for five of the past ten Super Bowl Wins in the past ten years.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are probably the only team that is right on schedule for a record close to the preseason picks.

     Peyton Manning has set a record for a three game period by throwing 12 Touchdowns in the first three games.  The Denver Broncos seem to be the toast of the AFC and have unlimited weapons.  I would be buying a dog this week if I was the Eagles.  Any team that has to face this offense has to be scared out of its wits at this point.  The Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears are leading the NFC so far.  The teams that have good records, but have played poorly are the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints, who have both escaped with some very close wins.

     There were many standout players in Week #3 on both Offense and Defense.  Of course, like always there was expected and also surprises.  Let’s begin with the Quarterbacks.  Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Brian Hoyer all passed for over 300 Yards and 3 Scores.  Ben Rothlisberger, Geno Smith, Matt Stafford and RGIII also threw for over 300 Yards.  Demarco Murray of the Cowboys and LeSean McCoy of the Eagles lead the way at running back rushing for over 150 yards and a score.  Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Donnie Avery, Jimmy Graham, Calvin Jones and Julio Jones stole the show at receiver in Week #3.  So far the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos have been the most dominant defenses in the NFL.

     In the Fantasy Realm, my team won giving me a 2-1 Record so far.  Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson and Antonio Gates were my top three scorers.  A player that I left on the bench, that I was contemplating starting, Josh Gordon absolutely exploded.  But who would have took that chance with Brian Hoyer starting his first game at Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who had also traded their Franchise Running Back earlier in the week.  That is why Fantasy Football still remains mostly luck.  Its luck due to many factors.  Injuries can kill your team.  However, there is also skill involved in knowing the match ups. Savage’s team, The Deuce Droppers once again DROPPED A DEUCE.  His team is lighting it up thus far.  Many of our owners are eating crow for him drafting four Dallas Cowboys.  Well, that is all I have for my weekly recap.  Stay tuned for my blog on the Top 20 Running Backs of 1990-2010 and also my Week #4 picks and analysis.  Everyone enjoy this beautiful Tuesday afternoon.  THE ECHO BEACH LEAGUE is in full swing…HOLLA!ImageImage


Ok well I am back from a very refreshing vacation away from NEW JERSEY and day to day life. Anyways, Week #12 in the NFL saw Aaron and I both go 10-4. The standings through Week #13 with 4 weeks left are Jason- 93-64/ Aaron-90-67. So with Four Weeks Left we are neck and neck so this is anyone’s for the taking. In the NFL, Atlanta continues to be the toast of the NFC and appears to be on their way to a Divisional Title as well as Home Field Advantage throughout the playoffs. The 49ers, Bears, Giants, and Packers are also contenders. in the AFC, Houston looks to be on the same path as the Falcons. However, New England and Baltimore are RED HOT! On to my picks for Week #13.

1)New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons- The last time these two teams met, the Saints won a close one at home. Atlanta is the best team in the NFC and they are trying to lock up home field throughout the playoffs. The Saints on the other hand have been on a role after beginning the season 0-4. The Falcons are favored by 3.5 points at home so expect them to win at home…paybacks are a bitch.

2)Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears- The Bears have been dominant on both sides of the ball and they are set up well as the colder weather arrives. They run the ball with authority along with a deep passing game and they get after the quarterback with the best of them. Seattle on the other hand has been good one week and bad the next. Chicago is favored by 3 Points at home so I am taking the Bears to win and cover.

3)Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers- The PACK was embarrassed by the struggling Giants last week and appear to be slumping at the wrong time. Green Bay is favored by 8 points in this one, which I feel is very odd being that Adrian Peterson is the leading rusher in the league and the Packers have struggled on Defending the run. I am going against the grain and say that the Vikings will eke out a last minute upset in this one.

4) San Francisco 49ers @ Saint Louis Rams- The Niners are back to playing consistently on both sides of the ball. The Rams have been playing much better as of late. The 49ers are favored by 7.5 in this one on the road. I say the Niners win but the Rams will cover at home.

5) Arizona Cardinals @ New York Jets- Both of these teams have struggled and disappointed their coaches and fans after fast starts. The Cardinals are in a tailspin after starting the year at 3-1, and the Jets have been the circus of the AFC. The Jets are favored by 5 points in this one, and although Mark Sanchez has been terrible…they can run the ball. Arizona has been incompetent on offense. The Jets will win and cover.

6)Carolina Panthers @ Kansas City Chiefs- As if its not bad enough that the Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL up till now. Now they must deal with a terrible tragedy which saw one of their players, unnamed as of yet, murder his girlfriend in front of her mother and their 3 month old baby and then proceed to the Chiefs practice facility where he shot himself after coaches and players pleaded for him to surrender. It’s another sad, sad, sad day in the NFL, which seems to have the most tragedies as far as the sports world goes. Carolina is coming off their Monday Night Win against Philly. They are favored by 3 but its hard to pick a game under these circumstances.

7)Indianapolis Colts @ Detroit Lions- The battle of 2 Dome teams in close proximity. 2 Teams having different seasons. Detroit has been a disappointment thus far as Indy has been a surprise. Detroit is favored by 6 points at home but I’m Going with Andrew Luck and the Colts to win this one on the road to go to 8-5.

8)Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills- The Bills are favored by 6 points at home. The Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the NFL and have been decimated by injuries. The Bills have one of the most potent rushing attacks so expect them to pound the ball in the cold. The Bills win and cover.

9)New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins- The Fish have been better as of late and these games always seem to be close and entertaining. LOOK OUT…New England has put the league on notice the past few weeks…they are making their run. The Pats are favored by 7.5 in this one and I say they win easily and cover.

10)Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans- The Titans lost last week to a horrible Jaguars team. Houston is seeking the Division as well as home field advantage in the playoffs. The NFL’s most balanced team is favored by 6.5 points on the road. Houston wins easily by double digits.

11)Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Denver Broncos- Peyton Manning is the hands down COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR in the AFC. Denver has been potent in offense and their defense continues to improve. Denver is favored by 7.5 against the surprise Buccaneers. If Tampa was at home I would say they would cover, but this game is in Denver so take Denver and the points.

12)Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens are one of the top teams in the AFC after being decimated by injuries on the Defensive side of the ball. Ray Rice is the best Third Down Back in the game and their still Nasty on D. The Steelers are much different without Big Ben. He is one of the best leaders at the quarterback position in the NFL. They struggle without him. Baltimore is favored by 8 points and will win and cover at home in this one.

13)Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders- This is a battle of two of the worst teams in the NFL. Darren McFadden is once again healthy for the Raiders. Both of these teams are bad and Cleveland is favored by 2.5. I say Oakland wins outright at home.

14)Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers- Ok so both of these teams expected to make the playoffs. Well, it doesn’t look like they will accomplish this fact. Phillip Rivers is having his worst statistical season of his career and the Bengals only bright spot has been Wideout AJ Green. The Bengals are also favored by 2.5 points and that’s a safe bet, Bengals win and cover.

15)Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles- C’MON….broken record. Well again…I have to do a better job of putting my players in positions to make plays. What is the over/under on the times you have heard this phrase leave Reid’s lips after a loss?!!!! Anyways, this will be the last game that Andy will coach the Eagles against the Cowgirls as he will likely be replaced at the end of the season. The Cowboys are favored by 10.5 points at home and this should be another blowout against a horrible Philly Team.

16)New York Giants @ Washington Redskins- RJ3 has been incredible…better than advertised. The Redskins will be a force to reckon with once they surround him with more weapons. The Giants broke out of their slump last week with a big week against the PACK. The Giants need this game to stay ahead of the Cowboys in the NFC Least. Anyways…The New York Football Giants will win and cover the 3 points.

Stay tuned to Aaron’s Picks later in the day. Anyways, as far as Fantasy Football goes my team has won 3 straight to go to 6-6. My best players have been Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Alfred Morris. The Giants Defense was my best waiver pick up. Aaron continues to lead the Division as anyone who has Brady always has a good chance to compete for the Division.

Power Rankings
1) Atlanta Falcons, 2) Houston Texans, 3) New England Patriots, 4) San Francisco 49ers, 5) Baltimore Ravens, 6) Denver Broncos, 7) Chicago Bears, 8) New York Giants, 9) Green Bay Packers, 10) Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bottom Feeders
1) Kansas City Chiefs, 2) Philadelphia Eagles, 3) Oakland Raiders, 4) Carolina Panthers, 5) Cleveland Browns.

*****More NFL NEWS to Follow******




So Week #11 of the NFL Season is in the books. This season is winding down. So Far the best teams are pulling away from the pack, Atlanta in the NFC and Houston in the AFC. Week #11 saw Aaron go 9-5 against the spread….while I had my best week yet going 12-2. So far this years standings are as follows:
Jason: 83-60
Aaron: 80-63

So we are still neck and neck as this race is going down to the wire. Here are my NFL Power Rankings as of today.
1) Atlanta Falcons
2) Houston Texans
3) San Francisco 49ers
4) Denver Broncos
5) Baltimore Ravens
6) Green Bay Packers
7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8) Chicago Bears
9) New England Patriots
10) New York Giants….

Bottom Feeders:
1) Philadelphia Eagles
2) Cleveland Browns
3) Jacksonville Jaguars
4) Carolina Panthers
5) Saint Louis Rams

Week# 11 Featured some more key injuries as Willis McGahee of the Denver Broncos went down with a torn MCL and will likely miss the rest of the season. In Philly, Andy Reid made yet another huge coaching mistake as he had LeSean McCoy, the team’s running back and arguably MVP playing in the last two minutes of a blowout to the Washington Redskins. Well, McCoy suffered a concussion and will miss substantial time. And probably the worst injury as far as a team goes, The New England Patriots lost All-Pro Tight End Rob Gronkowski to an arm injury on a PAT at the end of the game. Injuries are a major part of the game and sometimes they really do make a difference in the fate of a teams playoff chances. Injuries definitely effect Fantasy Football Leagues in tremendous ways. My pick of RJ3 as a fantasy standout last week stood true as did my pick of Nick Foles as a Fantasy goat. If course, Nick Foles is in a no win situation.
Now to Thursdays Picks….There will be 3 Games played tomorrow on Thanksgiving, one extra than the traditional Thanksgiving special.
1) Houston Texans @ Detroit Lions- The Texans were lucky to escape with a win in Overtime last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Houston is making the big play at will this year and their defense is playing big as well. They are favored by 3 points in the road in Detroit. The Lions always play well on Thanksgiving, but I cannot see them beating the best team in the AFC. The Texans will win and cover but expect the game to be Competitive. Megatron will have a huge game and this matchup will favor two of the top receivers in the league in Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson.

2) Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys are favored by 3 points at home. This is an excellent Divisional Rival game with huge playoff implications. The Redskins will hang in there but Dallas will pull away in the end. Dallas wins and covers.

3) New England Patriots @ New York Jets- The Jets have been a circus, despite their win last week. New England just lost one of their best weapons. However, they are always able to recover from key injuries and this is the time they usually make their run. The Patriots are favored by 6.5 on the road and I say they win and cover. Expect Tom Brady to shine and take over the game.

Stay tuned for Aaron’s picks. Ok…as far as Fantasy Football goes my team won and my record went to 5-6. I still have a slight chance to make the playoffs, but I must win out. I lost Willis McGahee, my 3rd starting running back to miss significant time this year. Peyton Manning continues to be my leader and Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall are the top of the list as far as wide receiver points go. Hopefully I can even up my record this week and edge closer to the playoffs. Till next time….HAPPY TURKEY DAY everyone!



Ok.  Well I already ranted enough about the state of the Philadelphia Eagles in my previous post so I will not even go into any details about this subject.  Week #10 saw my team on a Bye and Aaron was solo as far as picks go.  Aaron went a modest 6-6, which moved him and I into a virtual tie for the year so far, both of us with a 78-51 Record ATS.  Aaron actually picked the Eagles to beat the Cowboys, a result that was far from the outcome.  We are coming down the stretch so with six weeks left…it’s anyone’s win for the taking.  As I have stated in many previous blogs….this NFL season has been full of surprises both on an individual performance basis, as well as on a team level.  Of course, my trend continued as I lost another tight one in Fantasy.  The New York Giants Defense and Miles Austin both killed me.  Both the Giants and Austin had been my most consistent performers to date.  Well, this week they cost me.  I also lost Fred Jackson, once again to an injury after compiling a stellar 26 Point Day (ughhhhhh!!!!!).  I have had no luck at the Running Back position, which continues to be my weak link in Fantasy.  So with this loss….my record drops to 4-6 with 3 weeks left.  I would probably have to win out at this point in order to have a chance of making the playoffs.  Aaron on the other hand won this week and moves to 7-3.  Last year Aaron won the league as well as the points total.  My team is really putting up good numbers, but I keep getting bad breaks by starting one or two of the wrong players.  Peyton Manning is at the top of the points charts as far as quarterbacks go.  I probably have the best Wide Receiver core in the league with Marshall, Megatron and Miles Austin.  Jason Hanson is at the top for Kickers, The Giants are at the top in defense, and Jason Witten is at the top in Tight Ends.  My weak link is definitely at Running Back where I have had some key injuries.  Oh well, thats how Fantasy works.  It takes some luck and good health.  Well as far as Power Rankings go….here is my Top 10:

1) Atlanta Falcons

2) Houston Oilers

3) Chicago Bears

4) Baltimore Ravens

5) Denver Broncos

6) Chicago Bears

7) Seattle Seahawks

8) New England Patriots

9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10) Pittsburgh Steelers

*****Honorable Mention: New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers.

Stay tuned to Thursday for the pick of the week and more Fantasy News.Image