Remembering Darren Daulton

Almost 20 Years Ago…The Philadelphia Phillies took the city of Philadelphia on a magical run that ended in Toronto…with a loss in Game 6 of the World Series. Those of us who watched that season can remember all of the important moments that lead this team to its first World Series since 1983. Well, although that team was not able to bring home a championship…they did manage to take over the entire Philly Sports scene and during the playoffs they actually became America’s Team.

In 1992, “Dutch” as he was referred to, led the Major Leagues with 109 RBI. Daulton had 105 RBI in 1993 which was third in the league that year. During his 14 Year Career that was riddled with injuries, Daulton managed a career .245 Average, 147 HomeRuns (92-27/93-24) and 588 RBI (92-109/93-105). Of course, 1992 and 1993 were Daulton’s most prolific offensive seasons. He probably would have had many more seasons like those had he not suffered all of the knee injuries. During his total career, Daulton had a reported 14 Knee Surgeries. Knees are an important part of a Catcher’s game so that should speak volumes about his toughness.

Eventually, Daulton was traded and had a few more seasons after that. He actually was able to go out on top winning a World Series with the Florida Marlins. Daulton has been rated the 25th Best Catcher of all time in Bill James historical baseball abstract. The three time all star was a player that was loved by the fans and media alike. He would never back down from an interview. He is said to be responsible for starting a “fraternity” on that 93 Phillies Team that took care of off the field problems on their own. This Fraternity was called “Macho Row.”

Darren Daulton was the epitome of a Baseball Iron Man. Through all of the Knee Injuries he continued to rehab and come back. Actually, He won a Silver Slugger Award in 1992 and the Comeback Player of the Year Award in 1997. Well…today some very sad news about Daulton was announced. “Dutch” has been diagnosed with two brain tumors. He is scheduled for surgery. This recent determination has come as a shock to many in the sports community. It was said he was not feeling well the past few weeks and saw a doctor. Now this. This is extremely sad news.

MLB I’m sure has A Heavy Heart for Daulton today as this news was announced. We can only hope that the surgery is successful. All of our prayers and thoughts go out to Daulton as this tragedy unfolds. Anyways…I chose to remember Daulton for that magical 1993 Season where he carried the Phillies to the World Series. God…please heal this man. Prayers and thoughts abound. I will keep everyone posted.