On Tuesday, Anthrax released their LP cover album called “ANTHEMS.” To start off…I give Anthrax credit for stepping away from their comfort zone and taking a break from the Thrash Metal that they are so known for. This album has a great mix of covers from 70’s and 80’s bands.

First of all…the sound quality is TOP NOTCH! Scott Ian and Rob Caggliano kick major ASS on Guitar as they both provide lead and rhythm on the entire album. As always, the entire band does a great job on backing vocals. Frank Bello hits it hard on the BASS! Charlie Bennante overpowers on the Drums. And Joey Belladonna absolutely kills it on lyrics.

The album begins with the first track Anthem from RUSH. Joey Belladonna does a tremendous job on vocals with all of these songs. Honestly, he has a very underrated voice. Actually, his voice kind of sounds like Sammy Hagar on a few tunes, especially Anthem and Keep on Running. Scott Ian and Coglianno are so impressive and Bennante and Bello set the pace.

The second track TNT is an AC/DC classic. Their version is very similar to the original…with a little heavier rhythm section. Belladonna does his best AC/DC impression on the vocals and Caggliano and Ian rip it up on the solos. Excellent cover that has never been covered on a major label to my knowledge. It was very close to the vest, even the ending.

Smokin by BOSTON another stellar classic. Anthrax is able to kill this song in every aspect. The Drums are awesome and the BASS makes your back tingle. Scott Ian says this is his personal favorite along with their next cover of Keep on Runnin from Journey. One would say…what business does Anthrax have covering a Journey song? Well, once again they kill it. This album is so good you would never peg Anthrax for a Thrash Metal band if you didn’t already know what they were about.

The final two covers are Big Eyes from Cheap Trick and Jailbreak from Thin Lizzy. These two songs are probably the best two on the album, however the entire album is a masterpiece. Honestly, all of the material is phenomenal. My buddy has posted a link to their cover of Jailbreak on Facebook. Sick, sick, sick!!! I rate this album a 9/10 and a must have for any Rock fan. You don’t even have to be an Anthrax fan to enjoy this cover. They end the album with their own song Crawl which is off the Worship Music album and is one of their signature songs on the disc. They also have a remix of the song. If you are a fan of ROCK go buy ANTH