Winners and Losers/More Fantasy Fallout

Ok….well Week #2 was a crazy week and also a disappointment for me in Fantasy and also picking winners and losers. In Week #1 I was 11-5 with my picks. Week #2 was a whole different story with more than a few upsets and also outcomes that no one saw coming (a la New England only suffering it’s 2nd Home Loss in 4 Years….wow what an accomplishment to say the least and kudos to Arizona for taking the Patriots to task. My record in Week #2 was 7-9 and I was bit by a few of the upsets. Aaron was also 7-9 after going 8-8 in Week #1. So the standings after 2 weeks:
Jason: 18-14
Aaron: 15-17.
I guess both of us have some flaws in our game lol. I mean…we can only get better from here. In other news…my Fantasy Team got completely destroyed!!!!! It was so embarrassing…one of those weeks that you get beat so badly and wish you never joined the league lol. Anyways, it wasn’t that my team did horrible…I scored over 100 points for the 2nd week in a row…(119) to be exact. However, my opponents team Franky beat me by almost 100 points…he finished with 206 a league season high…Wow! His team went off! I mean…all of his players scored more than 15 points a piece besides his kicker who had 11 points. It was the battle of the Manning Brothers and his Manning (ELI) torched me for 35 points. Peyton on the other hand only had 15. This brings up an important debate. Year in and year out Eli Manning continues to be passed up in all varieties of Fantasy Football Leagues. The crazy thing is that he may be the most consistent Quarterback in Fantasy Football over the past 5 years. This year he dropped to the 9th round where Frank stole him in my opinion. I mean…Eli couldn’t have had a worse First Half…however he threw for 241 yards in the 2nd half alone and ended the game with over 500 yards passing…a career record for Manning. Manning every year puts up solid fantasy points week in and week out and no one seems to ever think highly of him. In my opinion…he is the most underrated fantasy player today. Last year he set a record for 4th Quarter Touchdown Passes and this year he is on the same pace. Not only did Frank benefit from having Eli, but he also had Victor Cruz who put up 34 points of his own with his 190 yards and 2 TD’s along with 11 receptions and also his other sleeper Percy Harvin, who had over 100 yards in the return game along with being the Vikings number 1 target in the passing game! I mean…even Franks Defense, the Green Bay Packers put up 26 points…wow. Well…I’m not giving up because I have been down this road before. A few years back I went 0-3 and ended up in the Final Championship Game only to lose. However, anything is possible. So far…I have been hit by the injury bug in a minimal way…however my star players have not performed up to par. Injury Notes: Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants left the game and did not return. Steven Jackson of the Rams was not used in the 2nd Half which brought up a controversy of wether he was benched or if he had a “groin injury”…as his coach lamented. The play that he may have benched for was when he apparently thought he had scored a touchdown, but was ruled down at the 1….he celebrated and received a misconduct penalty for celebrating. He did not return after this play. In other major injury news…the Patriots list Aaron Hernandez until at least October with a leg injury. That is a big blow to fantasy owners. Jeremy Maclin reagrated his injured groin and may miss some time. The list of injuries continues and will be updated daily. Stay tuned for tomorrow, where Aaron and I will have our picks and I will share my start ems and sit ems. This is turning into a crazy season already. I’m looking forward to next weeks action, which actually begins Thursday with this years addition of Thursday Night Football. Till next time this is DA BIRD saying good night and be safe!