NFL HALFWAY POINT: Winners, Losers, Fantasy Studs and Duds, Contenders and Pretenders


     Wow, Time flies when we are having Fun.  Yes, we are officially at that time of the year again where everything gets complicated in the world of sports.  The NBA is back.  The most easy answer to the question: If you were able to pick anyone in the NBA today to build your franchise around…who would it be?  92 Percent of people that were asked this question in a recent poll voted Lebron James.  The NHL is in full swing and the Toronto Maple Leafs are off to the races.  The Philadelphia Flyers on the other hand are creating many angry faces.  The World Series culminates tonight in Boston with Game Six between the Saint Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox are hoping to clinch a championship in front of their home town fans for the first time since 1918.  Standing Room Tickets are going for $1,000 on EBAY.  Let us all hope that the Cardinals can win game six and force a Game 7 on Halloween Night.  Don’t forget, there is also a Football Game on Thursday Night with the Cincinnati Bengals playing the Miami Dolphins.  And as this very exciting time comes around again, we are officially at the halfway point of the NFL Season.

     First of all, I would like to analyze the season thus far and give you my list of Winners and Losers.  Well, who would have saw the Kansas City Chiefs going 8-0 after a dreadful 2012 season in which they finished dead last in the NFL.  This is an amazing turnaround.  Yes, many people will argue that Andy Reid stepped into the perfect situation.  However, I would argue that he had better Offensive Superstars in Philly and the one difference maker has been the Chief’s Defense.  Jamal Charles has been nothing less than spectacular.  However, Reid had LeSean McCoy in Philly so one could argue that there is no difference here.  Dwayne Bowe is the Chief’s best wide receiver and he has just been about average.  DeSean Jackson has been and is still one of the best wide receivers in the league.  And Michael Vick, injuries and all, will always be a better Quarterback on paper than Alex Smith.  However, they do not play this game on paper.  Yes, the Chiefs have been efficient on offense, barely turning the ball over, while creating many turnovers on Defense.  The Chiefs are ranked #1 on Defense and have the best turnover ratio.  So the Chiefs take first place on my winner board.

     The Denver Broncos have been nothing less than spectacular.  Peyton Manning leads the entire league with 2,919 Yards Passing, 29 Touchdowns/6 Interceptions/and 119.4 Quarterback Rating.  The Broncos are 7-1, there only loss coming to Peyton’s former team the Indianapolis Colts.  The Broncos are loaded with weapons: Demariyous Thomas (685 Yards-3rd in NFL/6 Touchdowns-9th in NFL), Wes Welker(9 Touchdowns-1st in NFL, 555 Receiving Yards-19th), Eric Decker(669 Yards-6th in NFL/4 Touchdowns-20th NFL) and Julius Thomas(8 Touchdowns-3rd NFL/39 Catches-451 Yards) at the Tight End position.  Take that receiving core and Add Running Back Knowshon Moreno into the mix.  Knowshon Moreno(457 Yards-11th/Touchdowns-8 Rushing/2 Receiving-1st in NFL).  That is a scary bunch of players.  Denver does not have the best Defense, but they have shown they can outscore any opponent, even the Dallas Cowboys who they beat two weeks ago, 51-48.  In that game, Tony Romo threw for over 500 Yards and 5 Touchdowns while the Dallas Offense put up well over 600 Yards of Offense.  No Problem Peyton Manning said, as he lead the Broncos to that winning score.

     The Seattle Seahawks have picked up where they left off in 2012.  The Seahawks are the best team in the NFC with a record of 7-1.  Ironically, the Seahawks only loss also came to the Indianapolis Colts.  Seattle is first place in the NFC West and are probably the most balanced team in the NFL as far as Offense and Defense.  Second Year Quarterback Russell Wilson has a 99.0 Quarterback Rating with 1,628 Yards Passing, 13 TD/4INT and another 339 Yards and 1 Rush TD.  Marshawn Lynch has 601 Rushing Yards and 6 Touchdowns, both good enough for 4th in the League.  Lynch has chipped in another 181 Yards Receiving and a TD through the air.  The Seahawks are Second in Total Defense and 15th in Offense.  However, they have the goods to go far in the playoffs.

    The New Orleans Saints appear like they are back and prepared to shock the NFL.  The Saints are 6-1.  They have the Sixth Ranked Offense and 12th Ranked Defense.  They are Second in creating Turnovers to the Chiefs.  Drew Brees is second to Manning with 19TD/5INT, 2,290 Yards and 109.2 Quarterback Rating.  Star Tight End Jimmy Graham has 40 Receptions for 630 Yards and 8 touchdowns.  He has been unstoppable.  Their Defense has been even more of a surprise.  Right now, the Saints lead the South by 2.5 Games over the surging Carolina Panthers.  This team is actually my sleeper pick to win the Super Bowl.

     The Cincinnati Bengals are my Fifth winner.  This team actually on paper is the most balanced of the list with the 8th Ranked Defense and 9th Ranked Offense.  Andy Dalton is coming into his own and has a legitimate receiving core with AJ Green and Marvin Jones.  Dalton has 183 Completions (Good Enough For 65.5Percent), 16TD/7INT, and 2,249 Yards Passing.  AJ Green is second only to Megatron in receiving yards with 734 and also has 5 Touchdowns.  His counterpart, Marvin Jones had a 4TD game on Sunday and is becoming an extra threat for teams to account for.  Marvin Jones has 379 Yards Receiving and a whopping 7 Touchdowns.  Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard have provided the lightning and thunder in the backfield rushing for over 700 Yards and 5 TD’s.  The Bengals are another dark horse in the league.

     Ok, that is the TOP 5…The Honorable Mention is the Indianapolis Colts (5-2), New England Patriots (6-2), San Francisco 49ers (6-2), Green Bay Packers (5-2) and the Detroit Lions (5-3).  The Colts have beaten the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.  Their two losses have come to the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers, so going by their tough schedule, they appear to be in this race until the end.  Miami and New Orleans are the only tow teams that the Patriots have beaten with winning records.  The Pats have been uncharacteristic on Offense and really are lucky to be leading their Division.  The 49ers have dominated after an early season struggle.  They held Houston to 3 Points, Tennessee to 17, and Jacksonville 10.  I mean, those are three bad teams but their Defense still has been on fire.  Kaepernick and Gore are playing top notch and Anquan Boldin and vernon Davis are having excellent seasons catching the ball.  Their two losses have come to Seattle and Indy.  Green Bay, despite all of their injuries are still leading the Division behind Aaron Rodgers.  And Finally, the Detroit Lions come in as another sleeper in the NFC.  They are 3rd in Total Offense.  Their Defense is 25th.  However, with Calvin Johnson, they are in  every game as they proved this past Sunday beating the Dallas Cowboys in the last minute of the game.

     Ok, now the fun part.  The worst team in the league is definitely the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jags may go 0-16.  They are 32nd in Offense, worst in the league and 28th on Defense.  The only four teams that have allowed more yards are the Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.  Hmmmmm…Notice something ironic.  Three of the Four worst Defenses come out of the NFC East.  When was the last time you remember this division this bad.  The NFC Least is Putrid and I say the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and New York Giants are my next three losers.  These teams have been horrible, none of them performing up to their Talent.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are my Sixth Loser at 2-5.  Pittsburgh has been downright horrible and very inconsistent.  I cannot remember a Steeler’s team that has played this bad in recent memory.  Of Course, rounding up the list of Losers is the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Buccaneers have been terrible and are the only other team besides the Jaguars without a win.  They even cut their Franchise Quarterback, talk about controversy.  


     Ok, the halfway point of the season is also a time to analyze the best and worst performers in Fantasy Football.  I will provide a list of the Top 20 Performers Thus Far and this is of course in a PPR League, so some players may be ranked higher than others:

1) Peyton Manning (QB)- 322 Fantasy Points- At this point Manning is on a record setting pace both in Fantasy and on the GridIron.

2) Drew Brees (QB)- 242 Fantasy Points- Brees has been hot as of late, he tossed 5TDs last week.

3) Matt Stafford (QB)- 241 Fantasy Points- Stafford is having another excellent season and now has Reggie Bush along with Megatron.

4) Tony Romo (QB)- 229 Fantasy Points- Romo is having a career year thus far.

5) Aaron Rodgers (QB)- 214 Fantasy Points- Rodgers is always in the Top 5 Every Year.

6) Andy Dalton (QB)- 212 Fantasy Points- Dalton is somewhat of a surprise to be this high on the list.

7) Philip Rivers (QB)- 205 Fantasy Points- Rivers is another Steady Performer Week after Week.

8) Matt Ryan (QB)- 199 Fantasy Points- Ryan has struggled but that is more due to injuries to his weapons.

9) Cam Newton (QB)- 189 Fantasy Points- Newton is having another solid year and has been hot as of late.

10) Jamal Charles (RB)- 187 Fantasy Points- Charles is the First Non Quarterback on the list…thats saying something.

11) Russell Wilson (QB)- 184 Fantasy Points- Wilson is not having a sophomore slump!

12) Andrew Luck (QB)- 180 Fantasy Points- His production may drop off with the loss of Reggie Wayne for the season.

13) Sam Bradford (QB)- 179 Fantasy Points- Bradford was having a stellar year before his season ending injury.

14) Colin Kaepernick (QB)- 170 Fantasy Points- Consistent Performer.

15) Calvin Johnson aka Megatron (WR)- 169 Fantasy Points- Calvin leads all Receivers and don’t forget he missed two games with injuries.

16) RG GriffinIII (QB)- 163 Fantasy Points- Griffin has been hampered by injury.

17) Jay Cutler (QB)- 161 Fantasy Points- Cutler has been out with an injury.

18) Wes Welker (WR)- 159 Fantasy Points- Welker is on the Best Offense with the Best Weapons and still cracks the Top 20.

19) Knoshown Moreno (RB)- 158 Fantasy Points- Moreno is on fire and reaping the benefits of playing with Manning.

20) Dez Bryant (WR)- 155 Fantasy Points- Dez has been the most consistent Receiver week to week.

Now the worst of the worst…not by points but just sheer disappointment…

Marques Colston, Roddy White, Ryan Matthews, Tom Brady, Doug Martin, Trent Richardson, CJ Spiller, Dave Wilson, Miles Austin, Mike Williams, Robert Meachem, Joshua Cribbs, Mike Wallace, Maurice jones-drew, Kembrell Thompkins, Tayvon Austin.

****Best Fantasy Sleeper Picks****

Well, I took Josh Gordon with the very last pick in my draft and he is now my Number Two Receiver.  I would say he is the best.  Other Sleepers include Andy Dalton, Knowshon Moreno, Antonio Gates, Ruben Randel, TY Hilton, and Brandon Gibson.

Now for some of the best Free Agent/Waiver Picks:

Julius Thomas, Terrance Williams, Giovanni Bernard, Alshon Jeffery, Kendall Wright, Chris Clay, Ted Ginn, and Billal Powell.

Ok, last but not least…Contenders and Pretenders:

Contenders- Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions.

Pretenders- New England Patriots, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers.

MVP- Peyton Manning, Offensive MVP-Peyton Manning, Defensive MVP-Tamba Hali, Best WR- Calvin Johnson, Best Running Back- Jamal Charles, Best TE-Jimmy Graham, Best Defense- Houston Texans, Best Kicker- Matt Prater.

****Stay Tuned, I will have my Thursday Pick Tomorrow and I will Reveal My Next Installment, in the meantime…Go Saint Louis!!!!!!!!!!!!










Ok…all of my metal fans I must apologize for my hiatus from writing about all of the GREAT Music we love to hear.  I have been spending most of my time featuring articles on the NFL and other sports, due to the opportunity that I have had to write for the established website…  I want to continue to thank the web site’s generous offer that was made to give me an opportunity to showcase my talent.  However, my true passion is Metal.  I continue to take guitar lessons and hope to some day be able to play in a band, cranking out all of my favorites.

In recent years, there has been a Heavy Metal Resurgence throughout the World.  I mean don’t get me wrong, there are many decent new bands out there that have tons of talent.  Right now, I am a huge fan of Avenged Sevenfold (AX7), Bullet For My Valentine, Volbeat, Lamb of God, and many more.  Honestly, those of you that know me are aware that my musical passions are not relegated to just Metal, but I enjoy a wide variety of music.  Nonetheless, my true passion will always remain Thrash.  My favorite band will always be Megadeth, with Iron Maiden coming in at a close second.  Growing up in the mid to late nineties, my roots remain the BIG Four, as well as those other bands that may not be as known, but still play KICK ASS METAL.  I have always said if there was a Big Five, Testament would be #5.

Anyways, in this post I want to focus on a few bands that all started around the same time as Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer and have just as much talent, just less notoriety.  The Bands I will feature in this addition are Overkill, Metal Church, and Iced Earth.  These bands have many similarities, musically and personally.  Each of these three bands are Thrash Kings, just as the Big Four.  Each of these bands have been through numerous lineup changes throughout their long careers.  Moreover, they feature a hardcore approach to thrash which portrays an “In your Face” style of metal and they all use a power metal approach when it comes to Vocals.

OverKill was the earliest band to form out of the three so we will feature them first.  Overkill was actually assembled in 1980, out of New Jersey, near Newark which is iconically referred to as “Ironbound.”  As mentioned, they are one band that has changed lineups frequently with the two constants being Lead Vocalist Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and Bassist D.D. Verni.  OverKill has a world renowned mascot known as “Chaly”.  Chaly is a skeletal bat with a skull-like face, horns, wings, and green eyes.  The mascot has appeared on most of their album covers.  This mascot is similar to Iron Maiden’s “Eddie” and Megadeth’s “Vic Rattlehead.”  OverKill has released 16 Studio Albums, Two EP’s, two live albums, and an album of Cover Songs.

OverKill’s catalog is as follows: Feel the Fire(1985), Taking Over(1987), Under the Influence(1988), The Year’s of Decay(1989), Horrorscope(1991), I Hear Black(1993), W.F.O.(1994), The Killing Kind(1996), From the Underground and Below(1997), Necroshine(1999), Bloodletting(2000), Killbox 13(2003), ReliXIV(2005), Immortalis(2007), Ironbound(2010), The Electric Age(2012).  The Electric Age, their latest release actually had the highest position on the Billboard TOP 200, coming in at 77 on the charts.  OverKill is currently in studio working on a brand new studio album.  OverKill’s rise to success came during 1987-1991 releasing four albums during that time period, the last one being Horrorscope.  Horrorscope just happens to be my favorite album from the local band.  I have yet to see this band live, but I am definitely going to see them next time around.  Their latest release “The Electric Age”, was an absolute masterpiece and I give it an 8/10 rating.  Overkill, although not as well known, has had a huge influence on the Thrash/Speed Metal genre.


     Similar to OverKill, Metal Church is an American Heavy Metal Band that was formed in San Francisco, CA at the end of 1980.  Metal Church used a Thrash approach and added a bit of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal aesthetics.  Metal Church combined tight music with screeching lyrics similar to OverKill’s style.  In fact, if you listen to the bands, no matter who has been on vocals, the singers sound similar.  Guitarist Kurt Vanderhoof was the founding member of the group and has been it’s sole contributor for it’s entire existence.  Metal Church’s classic lineup included vocalist David Wayne, Guitarist Kurt Vanderhoof, Guitarist Craig Wells, Bassist Duke Erickson, and Drummer Kirk Arrington.  This lineup composed the Band’s first two albums, “Metal Church” and “The Dark.”  Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield urged Elektra to sign Metal Church their label.

By the time their second album, “The Dark” was released in 1986, they were touring with high profile band’s Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax.  The Band’s very first music video, “Watch the Children Pray”, was an instant classic and received frequent airplay on MTV and Headbanger’s Ball.  Then in 1988, after much success, the band replaced vocalist Wayne with former Heretic frontman Mike Howe and Guitarist John Marshall also joined the band.  Then unfortunately, the band disbanded after releasing three more albums and signing with Epic Music.  Metal Church cited poor management and poor record sales as the reason for breaking up.  

In 1998, the band had a brief reunion, producing the Live Album, “Masterpeace.”  In 2001, Wayne again left the band stating irreconciable differences with the other bandmates.  Wayne and original guitarist Wells formed the band “Wayne”, and their first and only album was released “Metal Church”, which raised many eyebrows, including founder Vanderhoof.  Metal Church reunited once again in 2004 and released “The Weight of the World” with new vocalist Ronny Munroe.  Then on May 10th, 2005 David Wayne died after complications from a car accident at 47.  In 2006, the band released their eight studio album, “Light in the Dark”, which featured a re-recording of “Watch the Children Pray” as a tribute to David Wayne.  Then in 2008, Metal Church released their last album, “This Present Wasteland”, their most technical album ever.  Although this album did not receive much acclaim, I myself as a huge Metal Church fan rank it at the top.  Ronny Monroe is incredible, and he can hit all those high notes that Wayne once did.  

Their catalog is as follows: “Metal Church”(1984), “The Dark”(1986), “Blessing in Disguise”(1989), “The Human Factor”(1991), “Hanging in the Balance”(1993), “Masterpeace”(1999), “The Weight of the World”(2004), “A Light in the Dark”(2006), “This Present Wasteland”(2008).  This Present Wasteland has remained my all-time favorite Metal Church album up until recently.  That’s because, two weeks ago Metal Church released their Tenth Studio Album “Generation Nothing.”  The present lineup includes Lead singer Ronny Monroe, guitarist Kurt Vanderhoof, Drummer Jeff Plate (Played on The weight of the World/Light in the Dark), Steve Unger on Bass, and Rick Van Zandt on Lead Guitars.  Generation Nothing is Top Notch, I give the album a 9/10 Rating.  The album begins with the song “BulletProof” which is a Power Metal Thrasher and then goes right into Dead City which is another classic Thrash Song.  Generation Nothing is like a Metallica song from the Black album.  My favorite song is Track Four “Noises in the Wall” which combines the sound of Metallica, Megadeth and Iron Maiden.  You can actually hear all of the styles on this album.  “Suiciety” and the “Hit’s Keep on Coming” are also classic speed thrash Metal to the Bone.  Buy this album and you will not be disappointed.  


     ICED EARTH is the third band that I want to discuss today.  Iced Earth is an American Power Metal Band that was formed in Tampa, Florida in 1985.  Jon Shafer (Guitarist) and Greg Seymour (Drummer) were the founding members.  Their debut album was released in 1990.  Iced Earth merges a few different styles of Metal together including Thrash Metal, Power Metal, and Progressive Metal.  After releasing their first two studio albums, they disbanded from 1992-1995.  Iced Earth then returned with lead vocalist Matt Barlow and released four studio albums between 1995-2001.  “Burnt Offerings”(1995), “The Dark Saga”(1996), “Something Wicked This Way Comes”(1998), “Horror Show”(2001).  Burnt Offerings is probably their most famous album as well as heaviest.  The last track, “Dante’s Inferno” is over sixteen minutes long and covers the story from the famed poem.  

    Iced Earth has been described as being a dynamic metal band with sounds from everything from Pink Floyd to Slayer.  They also use a lot of Iron Maiden galloping rhythms.  They use many lyrical themes including religion, history, fantasy, literature and films.  They have also released several concept albums, Night of the Stormrider (1991), The Dark Saga-based on the comic book character Spawn (1996), Something Wicked This Way Comes, Framing Armegeddon:Something Wicked Part 1, and The Crucible of Man: Something Wicked Part 2.  These three albums were a trilogy of sorts as far as Concept Albums go, keeping the story on and on.  

     Iced Earth’s Catalog includes: “Iced Earth”(1990), “Night of the StormRider”(1992), “Burnt Offerings”(1995), “The Dark Saga”(1996), “Something Wicked This Way Comes”(1998), “Horror Show”(2001), “The Glorious Burden”(2004), “Framing Armegeddon: Something Wicked Part 1″(2007) which featured Tim “Ripper” Owens on vocals, “The Crucible of Man: Something Wicked Part2.”(2008), “Dystopia”(2011).  Iced Earth is currently in studio working on their next album which is due out in 2014.  The Band recently released the name of the new album, “Plagues of Babylon” which will be part concept album and part individual album.  I highly reccomend Iced Earth for anyone who is a fan of multi-style and themed bands that play Metal.  This band is highly influenced by Iron Maiden.  Well folks, I surely hope you enjoyed my review of three great bands.  When Iced Earth and OverKill both release their new albums in 2014, I will have my reviews.  Until next time droogies…ROCK ON!!!!!!iced-earth-band









     Week #8 of the NFL Season provided more than it’s share of story lines and highlights.  First of all…Did I read the Box Score correctly?  Did my eyes truly see what my brain dictates?  Any fan of the NFL has to know where I am going with this.  Yesterday we not only witnessed history, but we also witnessed what is referred to as “MEGATRON.”  The Dallas Cowboys-Detroit Lions Game from yesterday will be an instant classic forever.  First of all, it was amazing enough to witness Calvin Johnson haul in Fourteen Passes for 329 RECEIVING YARDS.  By the way, his 329 Yards was the second highest single game total to the Ram’s Flipper Anderson’s 336 Yards, and that game went to overtime.  But what made yesterday’s game even more impressive was the circumstances, the pre game drama/hype, Dez Bryant’s circus act on the sideline, the Cowboy’s almost near win, and the last minute comeback that was lead by the Lion’s Matt Stafford.  

     Calvin’s 14th Reception was indiciative of the way the entire game went.  Calvin began the day with an 87 Yard Reception.  He had six catches of over 20 Yards on the day.  He only scored one touchdown but barely missed two more.  He lost a fumble while going in the end zone and also was tackled at the one on the last drive, before Quarterback Matt Stafford punched in the winning touchdown on the ground, with fourteen seconds left.  Pretty ironic eh…14 Receptions for Calvin Johnson and the Game Winning Touchdown was scored with fourteen seconds left…just saying.  On the day, Johnson single handedly had more yards on offense than Dallas, Washington, Minnesota, Miami, New England, New York Giants and Jets, Philly, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Atlanta, Carolina and Tampa Bay had all day.  He also had more receiving yards than all but three quarterbacks had passing (Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Matt Stafford…his own lol.)  Finally, take note that this was Johnson’s Sixth 200 Yard Receiving Game in only his past 27 Games.  The Great Randy Moss only had ONE 200 yard game ever in fifteen years!  There have only been four receivers to ever eclipse 300 Yards Receiving and two of them are Johnson and Anderson.

     I hate to focus on this one game, but its hard not to after watching history.  The Cowboys came into the game leading the NFC least and would go two games up on Philly with a win.  We will get to Philly next.  Dez Bryant, the Cowboys stud receiver, had yapped earlier in the week that he could do anything Calvin could do.  Well, I guess Johnson made hime eat crow.  Bryant had an excellent game for any receiver’s standards, over 125 Yards Receiving and two touchdowns.  However, Bryant was shown that he is no Decepticon.  And Calvin Johnson did all of this without showboating or any other kind of bravado.  In contrast, Bryant was observed yelling numerous times at Quarterback Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and the coach.  Bryant was carrying on for some reason, I guess he did not like getting upstaged by Johnson after he talked all of that smack.  Anyways, Bryant is good but he also had another receiver, Terrance Williams go for 100 Yards and a score, and the Cowboy’s star Tight End Jason Witten was double teamed nearly the entire game, giving Bryant many one on one opportunities.  Wow…what a game, they will be talking and writing about this performance for decades.


     Ok, 10 in a row.  What does that stand for you ask?  10 Straight Home Losses for the Philadelphia Eagles would have been the correct answer.  Yes, the Eagles lost their tenth straight home game, which has to even more show how futile this team is right now.  Already down Nick Foles with a concussion, Michael Vick left the game in the Second Quarter with another injury.  It is not known how long that Vick will be out.  However, one thing that is known is that Matt Barclay is nowhere near the Quarterback of the future for this team.  The Eagles came into this season with high hopes and expectations after the firing of Andy Reid and the hiring of Chip Kelly.  Well, who would have known that Kelly’s Eagles would be 3-5 and sinking fast, while Andy Reids’ Chiefs are 8-0, atop the AFC.  Kansas City is trying to go from worst to first.  Forget that Andy Reid had to be let go.  This has to be stinging Eagles fans to the core, seeing Reid coach a team with a mediocre Quarterback to a perfect record.  Well, I have ONE WORD…Defense.  The Chiefs have the best and the Eagles have the worst.  I do not care how good your offense is, without a Defense you will fail.

     Let’s put this in perspective.  The last time the Eagles won a game at home was 383 Days ago, when they beat the New York Giants.  The last eight Game home losing streak for the Birds was 70 years ago!!  As mentioned on Comcast Sports Net in Philly, 142 Million Babies have been born, 35.6 Million Commercial Airlines have flown and landed, Peyton Manning has thrown 49 Touchdowns and the Sixers have made over 518 Three Pointers.  Wow.  This has gotten ugly.  And in case you have not noticed, this team is getting better no time fast.  They are going no where on a freight train, this train has totally gone off the track.  The Eagles will be lucky to finish .500 this year while the Kansas City Chiefs are on their way to the Playoffs.  Playoffs?  Are we talking about playoffs?  Yes Andy Reid is on the road to victory.  As the high flying Eagles have been grounded. 


     Let’s take a look at some off the other highlights of yesterday pass.  Drew Brees threw for 300 Yards and 5 Touchdowns as the Saints rolled to another win to go to 6-1.  The 49ers smoked the Jacksonville Jaguars in London.  And no, it was not raining this game.  The Denver Broncos scored 38 unanswered points as they demolished the Washington Redskins.  Peyton Manning once again had 300 yards passing and threw four touchdowns.  He even uncharacteristicaly threw 3 Interceptions.  The Bengal’s other wide receiver not named AJ Green had four touchdown receptions.  Yes thats right…Marvin Jones their third receiver had four scores.  Quarterback Andy Dalton had five total touchdown passes, tying a career high.  So, last week was the week of injuries and this week was the week of infamy.  The Miami Dolphins jumped out to a 17-3 lead against the New England Patriots before crumbling to the ground.  They also lost star wideout Brandon Gibson for the season.  Man there have been a shit ton of injuries in the past two weeks, especially at wide receiver.  

     Green Bay smoked the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football.  They actually ran for three scores.  Washington lost RG III to an injury once again.  The Bronco’s lost star Tight End Julius Thomas to a foot injury, but it was confirmed today that there are no major issues and he should be back.  New orleans Saint’s Tight End Jimmy Graham had two touchdowns on one leg.  Matt Stafford ran in the game winning score to sink the Cowboys after faking a spike and waltzing into the end zone, a la Dan Marino.  The Chiefs remained unbeaten.  There were so many incredible moments Sunday, I am sure I have missed some.  Frank Gore had two  more touchdowns to take the league leading rushing total to eight.  Gore is also third in rushing yards.  


     In conclusion, Sunday was a record setting day for the Detroit Lions.  Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson were a two man wrecking ball.  Dez Bryant needs to eat more wheaties because he just got punk’d. And then we had the Baseball Game.  For the second night in a row, the World Series ended in a way that had never been saw before.  The previous night, the Saint Louis Cardinals had been awarded the win as the winning run was tagged out at home after obstruction by the third baseman.  HUH??? Yes, this is actually a rule.  And then last night, with one on and no one out, Carlos Beltran (one of the all-time greatest post season hitters) up to bat, and the baserunner is picked off at first to end the game.