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I want to have a little fun today and I hope to get some participation and feedback.  This is one of those posts that will require audience participation so please pay attention.  Throughout the history of music, including all of the adaptations and changes, the concept of “cover music” has become a huge part of the art.  First, we have the typical “Cover Bands” that travel the circuit of bars and clubs and play all of the people’s favorites week to week.  We also have the traditional cover band, bands like “Youthanasia” (Megadeth Cover Band), that form and play everyone’s favorite band’s full catalogs.  Some of these bands mix in some occasional original material and some choose to stick to their idol.  “Cover Music” is and always will be an important part of the music industry.  And then finally, we have those bands that will mix in an occasional cover song or two on their studio albums.  Furthermore, some bands take it to the next level and release “Full Length Cover Albums” featuring different songs from bands ranging from the classic sixties, to modern day, and some even cover Holiday Favorites or even other music categories such as rap, pop, and R&B.

Through the years, there have been many great bands that have chose to release these full length “Cover Albums.”  Before Guns N Roses demise, they released a cover album called “The Spaghetti Incident” which was an album that consisted of mostly punk rock and classic hits from the seventies and eighties.  A few years back, Christian Heavy Metal band Stryper released the album called “The Covering”, which featured some Heavy Metal Classics, Hard Rock Classics and even one new song of their own. I must say, for any true Rock N Roll Fan, this is a must listen as this album is incredible.  Stryper covers a wide range of material and they nail every song.  Just this past year, Anthrax released an EP Cover Album named “Anthems” which featured music from AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Journey, and others.  I was not aware of this, but during Joey Belladonna’s hiatus from Anthrax, he formed a Journey Cover Band in New York City, playing all of the clubs and pounding out all of the Journey Hits.  “Anthems” is another must hear for any metal fan.  You actually get a greater appreciation for a band when they go outside of their “comfort” zone.  Anthrax and Journey???  You are saying to yourself…how could this be any kind of success.  Many others would expect an epic fail.  Well, Anthrax kicked ASS on this album and it was one of the best releases of 2013.

Ok, so let us get to my purpose of this post.  I thought it would be fun to look at some high profile bands and the songs that you as a music fan would love to hear covered by other bands.  Many bands that cover music choose to pick songs that the audience is familiar with so that it may get more airplay.  I am one of those old school metal fans that would rather hear rare songs covered.  I think it makes the whole idea more fun and interesting.  I would like to take a look at some high profile bands of today and yesterday and form a list of cover songs that would be good for the wave of the future.  This is all for fun folks, so if you disagree or have your own opinions please join in.  I want this to be a fun exercise.


Ok, the first band that I would like to focus on is Metallica.  Metallica, part of the BIG 4, is one of the most popular Metal Bands to ever grace the music scene.  Numerous Metallica songs have been covered throughout history by many bands.  There are even a few Metallica Tribute albums that have been released featuring material from a wide range and variety of bands.  Metallica has covered many songs themselves.  Some popular Metallica covers include “Whiskey in a Jar” and “Turn the Page.”  Also, “Am I Evil” and “Blitzkrieg.”  So this brings me to my next question…if there was any Metallica song that you would want to hear covered by another band, what would that song be??  For me, this is a very difficult choice because I have so many favorite Metallica Songs.  Many have already been covered.  I always like to look at underrated songs when I pick my choice.  Well due to the circumstances of Metallica’s popularity and the large amount of songs that have been covered in the past, I have to go with one of my personal favorites.  I would love to hear “The Shortest Straw” covered someday.  “Shortest Straw” appears on the AND Justice For All album.


     Pantera has always been one of my favorite all-time bands.  Pantera is another band that has a large group of cover and tribute bands so many of their songs have been covered by once again a wide variety of bands.  Avenged Sevenfold covered “Walk” a few years back.  This is another hard choice for me because there are so many excellent Pantera Classics.  For me, the song “Hollow” has always been a huge song that makes you realize that life is short.  In essence, for the band this song was actually a premonition in a cruel way, as Dimebag Darrell was murdered and this song very well could be about him.  So for me, due to the circumstances and the power of this song, I would love to hear it covered.  Another Pantera song that I would personally love to hear covered, an underrated but very heavy song, would be “The Great Southern Trendkill.”  This is actually the first Pantera song that I heard.


     Alice In Chains has always been one of my inspirations as far as bands go. Layne Staley definitely died too young, but the band has truly recovered and are very successful today.  This is again another hard choice.  There are so many great Alice In Chains Classics old and new.  “Man in the Box” would be the obvious song that people would probably want to hear.  For me, I think it would be so cool to hear a band cover “The Rooster.”  That song brings chills down my spine.


     For me, Guns N Roses has been one of my all-time favorite bands.  The artwork from Appetite For Destruction is engraved in my brain like it is 1987 again.  Guns N Roses is one of those bands that you always say to yourself…what could have been?  I have many favorite Guns N Roses songs that I enjoy hearing and they never get old.  However, the one song that always made a lasting impression on me and is my personal favorite is “Its So Easy.”  I even look at bands today that may be able to pull this cover off and I feel that Avenged Sevenfold could be the perfect choice.  If anyone is reading this and is friends with the band, tell them that would be an awesome addition to their next album.


     For those of you that have never heard Typonegative…you have no idea what you are missing.  Typonegative was one of those Metal bands that shared many styles and meshed them together to form an awesome sound.  I would say that Typonegative was a clash between gothic/dark metal and progressive.  Former lead singer, Peter Steele, who has passed away was an extremely talented singer and songwriter.  Typonegative was short-lived and I wish they were still around because they were quite a band to see live.  The song I definitely would love to see covered is “Christian Woman.”  This song is an awesome tune that will bring chills to your spine.


     Growing up in the eighties and nineties, Fuel was one of my favorite bands.  Fuel has since disappeared; however, they are returning shortly as they are in studio working on a new album.  There are many personal favorites that would be awesome to hear covered.  Some of these include ‘Shimmer”, “Bittersweet” and “Bad Day.”  However, if I had to pick one song that would be extremely fulfilling to hear covered it would be “Jesus or a Gun.”  I even think the perfect band to cover this would be BuckCherry.


     When everyone thinks of the most popular Glam Metal Bands of the Eighties, they think Motley Crue, Poison, Warrant, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Cinderella, Stryper etc.  However, growing up, my personal favorite was RATT.  RATT had an excellent set of musicians, Warren Demartini may be one of the most underrated guitarists of all-time.  When you think RATT, the two songs that come to mind are “Round and Round” and “Lay it Down.”  But if i would want to hear one of their songs covered it would definitely be “Body Talk.”  When I hear Body Talk the adrenaline rush I get is amazing.  Just listen to the song and it immediately brings me to the scene in Karate Kid, where the main character is in his fast car with the girl.


     Wow, this for me is the most difficult of all because Megadeth is my all-time favorite band.  I own every album, DVD, book, and tons of merchandise.  I even own a Dave Mustaine signature guitar.  All my fans know my fascination with Megadeth, so this would definitely be my hardest to pick.  However, I do have a song in mind that is underrated.  It may not be one of their greatest hits, but it surely kicks ass with Megadeth’s throttle tempo.  Its a song that has always done it for me.  The song is called “Scorpion”, and its off of The System Has Failed album.  I have never even heard this song live but I always request it at every live show that I attend.  Maybe someday, some band somewhere will bring this track to the forefront.


     What fun would this post be without me including a local band.  Overkill in my mind makes the Big 6, behind Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Testament.  Overkill has never went mainstream and has been pounding out aggressive thrash metal for over 30 Years.  Overkill has had many successful albums as well as singles.  For me, I would love to hear the song “Solitude” covered.  Solitude is featured on the album Horroscope, one of Overkills greatest pieces.  Solitude is as close to a ballad as you can get from one of Metal’s pure thrash kings.

Metal Church

     Metal Church, another 80’s Thrash Giant, just released Generation Nothing, which I voted as my #1 Metal Album release of 2013.  Metal Church, through all of the lineup changes has always been an awesome metal force in the metal community.  As I look at their catalog, there are so many songs that I would love to hear.  However, the song that comes most to mind, is the self-titled “Metal Church”.  The song Metal Church is heavy before its time and I could see a band like Lamb of God cranking the song up as if it were on steroids.

Ok, my list could go on and on forever.  I could probably write a novel of all the music that I would love to hear covered.  However, I would be grey and old by that time.  Oh yeah thats right…I am old.  Anyone that remembers these bands is an old head lol.  So, what are your favorite bands?  What songs would you love to hear covered.  Cover Music will continue to be an important part of the Metal Community forever.  As I am writing this, many other tunes are coming to mind.  Iron Maiden-Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter, Stryper-To Hell With the Devil, Motley Crue-Too Young to Fall in Love, ok…stop Bird…you are getting off track.  Ok, so we are seven days from Christmas, what albums have you asked for this season.  In my next post, I will feature some of the most anticipated album releases of 2014.  Until next time…enjoy your Thursday.  ROCK ON and LONG Live METAL!



As 2013 comes to a close, it is time to rate the Top 10 Metal Albums of this year.  As I have mentioned so often before, there are so many styles of Heavy Metal, too many to possibly cover all genres.  For purposes of this piece, we will be looking at Heavy Metal (Thrash, Speed, Power, Modern, Hardcore).  Death Metal and other variations will not be looked at when picking the Top Albums.  Those albums may be discussed at a later date.  Before we get to my list, let us take a look back to 2012 and some of the music that was released last year and some of the most anticipated Metal Albums.

2012 was a very busy year in the Heavy Metal community.  Lamb of God released “Resolution” in January.  Resolution was the followup album to Wrath, which was one of Lamb of God’s best releases yet.  In March 2012, Impending Doom released “Baptized in Faith” and Soulfly countered with “Enslaved.”  Overkill, part of the “Big Six” released “The Electric Age”, its second album in successive years.  The Band Accept showed the world “Stalingrad.”  My favorite album that was released in 2012 was Testament’s “Dark Roots of Earth.”    Testament went the extra mile on this album and even covered a few songs from other popular bands including Iron Maiden’s “PowerSlave.”  This was Testament’s best album in years and my personal favorite.  Kreator released “Phantom Antichrist” and HellYeah released “Band of Brothers.”  As I Lay Dying put out “Awakened.”  The most anticipated album of the year was SoundGarden’s “King Animal”, which marked the return of the original band lead by Chris Cornell.

2013 was an even better year for Heavy Metal Music.  There were many new releases as well as compilations and movie soundtracks.  Def Leppard released Viva Hysteria, which was a CD/DVD combo that included a concert in Vegas that Def Leppard played in the Summer.  Iron Maiden also released Maiden England and Judas Priest released Epitaph.  Both of these were live concerts on DVD and also included a jacket chronicling both bands history.  Well here we are, I am now ready to give you my Top 10 Metal Albums of 2013.  Without further a due, here are my TOP 10.




On November 5th, Stryper released their first studio album in over fifteen years.  This album is actually very underrated.  No More Hell to Pay really showcases Stryper’s talent as a Metal Band, albeit Christian Metal.  The lead singer Michael Sweet is extremely dynamic on the album as he hits a wide range in tone and ferocity.  The album starts out with the track “Revelation” which is self explanatory.  The album then stars the Title Track “No More Hell to Pay” which is similar to the epic hit To Hell With the Devil.  This track laments Strypers musical talents al the way across the board and the guitar solos are off the hook and plentiful.  Stryper also covers the popular gospel song, “Jesus is Just Alright” which was originally recorded but the Byrds and more recently by the Doobie Brothers.  No More Hell to Pay rounds out Number Ten on this list.




Super Collider is Megadeth’s 14th Studio Album and was the followup to Thirteen which was also produced by Johnny K.  This album is actually the first from Megadeth to be released on Dave Mustaine’s own label.  The album debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200, which was actually the highest for any Megadeth album since Youthanasia.  “Kingmaker” is the first and best track on the album.  Megadeth also covers the Thin Lizzy hit “Cold Sweat”.  David Dramain also makes a guest appearance on one of the tracks.  Unfortunately, despite selling over 80,000 copies of the album thus far, it has received mostly criticism.




Disarm the Descent is the sixth studio album for the Metalcore Band Killswitch Engage.  The album was released in April 2013 and is the first album to feature Jesse Leech on vocals since 2002.  “The Hell in Me” and “Beyond the Flames” are both huge hits.  In the albums first week, it reached #7 on the Billboard 200 as well as #1 on the Hard Rock Album Chart.  This was the band’s first studio album since 2009 with their self titled album.  Killswitch Engage definitely cracks the Top 10 with this masterpiece.




Blackout the Sun is Sevendust’s Ninth Studio Album and first since 2010.  This album is a darker vibe that still produces Sevendust’s classic melodies.  It has even been described as being a Greatest Hits album of songs never heard before.  Most popular Reviews gave this album 5 Stars out of 5.  The album begins with a ballad instrumental “Memory” and then continues on with an all out onslaught of good song after good song.  For those of you that have never heard Sevendust, Blackout the Sun is a must for your archives.




The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is the 5th Studio Album for the band Alice In Chains.  This album is the followup to Black Gives Way to Blue.  The album was actually put on hold for some time after guitarist Jerry Cantrell had shoulder surgery.  The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200.  The best songs on the album (all released as singles) are “Hollow”, “Stone” and “Voices”.  The album also made #1 on the US Top Hard Rock Albums.




13 was Black Sabbath’s first studio album since 1995’s “Forbidden.”  13 marks the return of the original Sabbath lineup with Ozzy Osbourne.  The album sold 155,000 copies in its first week of release and reached #1 on the Billboard 200.  This album was unexpectedly brilliant, harmonic, In the second week of release, the album fell to the 5th spot on the charts.  “End of the Beginning” and “God is Dead” are classic Sabbath dark riffs.  Black Sabbath has even toured around the entire continent in support of the new album.  The song “Zeigeist” is like a modern day version of “Planet Caravan”. “God is Dead” has the same style as “War Pigs”.  This album is classic Sabbath at it’s BEST.




Through the Never is the live interactive album that lets you know that Metallica is Truly Back.  For those of you that have not heard the album as of yet, I suggest you go buy it.  And after you listen to the CD, go see the 3D Movie.  You will definitely have a greater appreciation for one of the World’s most famous bands.  I kind of liken the movie to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.  The only difference is that they merge the story with a live concert.




Hail to the King is Avenged Sevenfold’s greatest piece of work to date.  This is their sixth studio album and is the first album that does not contain any contributions from the late Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, their talented drummer that passed away a few years back.  Arin llJay is the new drummer and he actually joined the band during the previous tour and was good enough to remain in the band.  Hail to the King has enjoyed both critical and commercial success reaching #1 on the Billboard 200 in America as well as topping the charts in the U.K.  In this album, the Band goes back to an old school metal approach instead of their usual complicated metal core style.  The album received “generally favorable” reviews.  Unfortunately, they mimicked the styles of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Guns N Roses, Metallica and Pantera so well that many believe they lost their own “metal identity.”  Nonetheless, the album is a Bad Ass, in your face metal onslaught that goes from opening to close like a book.  I highly recommend this album for any true old school Metal Fan.




For those of you that are not familiar with the band, Volbeat, you really don’t know what you are missing.  Volbeat is a Danish Metal Band that was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies is the fifth studio album released by the band and is by far their BEST!  The album features 14 Tracks, including 2 Tracks with guest singers.  “Room 24” is a Metal Classic and features King Diamond in a special guest appearance.  “Lonesome Rider” features Sarah Blackwood.  Volbeat is known for their fusion of Metal, classic Rock, Heavy Metal and Groove Metal.  The new album stays true to form, but Volbeat takes it to the next level.  This is also the 1st album with Lead Guitarist, Rob Caggiano, formerly of Anthrax.  My personal favorites on the album are “Lola Montez” and “The Hangman’s Body Count.”  “Room 24” is also BADASS.  Volbeat was very close to Number One, but their is one album that I rate higher.


metal church generation nothing cd


Most of you are probably like, “who the hell is Metal Church?”  Well Metal Church is an American Heavy Metal Band that was formed in 1980, in San Francisco California.  Their first album, “Metal Church” was formed in 1984.  Kurt Vanderhoof, the lead guitarist is the only member that has stood the test of time.  Metal Church has had three lead singers: David Wayne (The Original-He has since passed away), Mike Howe, and now Ronny Munroe.  The band has had multiple breakups and their last album was “This Present Wasteland”.  This Present Wasteland was their Ninth Studio Album and was a major disappointment.  The band broke up after this and the future of Metal Church was bleak.  That was until this past years, when a few of the Band Members bumped into each other and collaborated on the new album. This album has zero filler and keeps you completely on edge.  The album has received a 4/5 on every major review.  From the first song “Bullet Proof” to the last track “Media Horse”, Metal Church pounds out awesome music.  Ronny Munroe has a tremendous voice and he kills the lyrics.  This is just one of those rare albums that has every song as a hit.  There is no drop off.  Seriously, if you have not heard the album, buy it.  If I am wrong, I will refund your money.


Bullet For My Valentine- Temper/Temper, Device-Device, Hatebreed-The Divinity of Purpose, Anthrax-Anthems (Cover Album), Ugly Kid Joe (Stairway to Hell E.P.), Queensryche- Both with Geoff Tate and without, Skid Row-United World Rebellion Chpt.1, Children of Bodom-Halo of Blood, Five Finger Death Punch-The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Motorhead-Aftershock, Trivium-Vengeance Falls.

So this was my Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums of 2013.  Who is yours.  And we have a lot to look forward to in 2014.  Until next time, this has been your host “DA BIRD,” HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL MY FANS!






Welcome to my next installment of my list of TOP 20 NFL Players at their position post 1990.  These type of lists are always debatable and many times controversial.  During the drafting of my Top 20 Quarterback List…I failed to set certain parameters which raised a few eyebrows.  For example…I did not include Aaron Rodgers on the list because in my parameters he is too new.  The players on this list must have played at least five seasons between 1990-2010.  Please believe me…when all is said and done Aaron Rodgers will be on the Top 20 List of all-time Quarterbacks without a doubt.  However…my lists are made to inspire debate and as I said must meet the parameters.  Likewise…I left Joe Montana off of the Quarterback list due to him playing the final years of his career out from 1990-1994.  John Elway and Dan Marino were on the list for their dominance during most of the Nineties Decades.

Quarterback lists, no matter all-time, fantasy wise, or present day and modern, will always be much easier than a Running Back or Receiver list if not for anything else but the fact that there are less of them…and there are less stars at this position as well.  Some players on this list will also belong on the all-time list.  Some players will be long forgotten now but were known to make huge impacts on the game at one point in time.  Another parameter that I use is Statistics vs Championships.  These categories are not weighted one way more than the other; however, they have to be the main reason for a player making the list.  For example, while doing the Quarterback List I had a really hard time ranking Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  Although Manning has better career statistics, he has less Championships than Brady.  This was the tie breaker.  Some skeptics will state that you cannot use the Championship Category as a parameter because Football is a “Team” sport.  To these people…I say BULLSHIT.  No matter what…certain star players belong ranked higher than others due to their shear leadership in guiding their teams to Championships.  So…let us begin the controversy and review my Top 20 Ranking.  Remember…this is the TOP 20 Post 1990.

20)  westbrook2BRIAN WESTBROOK (Philadelphia Eagles 2002-2009/San Francisco 49ers 2010)

Brian Westbrook just cracks the TOP 20.  Brian played Nine Seasons where he was a star for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was drafted in 2002 as a Third Round Pick and went on to have a very productive career with the Eagles.  Statistics: 6,335 Career Rushing Yards, 4.6 Yard Per Carry Average, 41 Rushing Touchdowns, 442 Receptions, 3,940 Receiving Yards, 30 Receiving Touchdowns.  Brian was one of the prototypical running backs like Marshall Faulk that could catch the ball just as well as run it.  Unfortunately, Westbrook never won a Super Bowl as the Eagles lost in 2004, his only trip there.  However, 10,000 Yards From Scrimmage and 71 Touchdowns is no joking matter.

19)   Jerome-Bettis-2Jerome Bettis  (LA/Saint Louis Rams-1993-1995/Pittsburgh Steelers-1996-2005).  Jerome Bettis, nicknamed “THE BUS” cracks the list at number 19.  Jerome Bettis is a One Time Super Bowl Champion, 6x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, Sixth Leading Rusher of all time, and 3x Player of the Year for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Statistics: 13,662 Rushing Yards, 3.9 Yards Per Carry Average, 200 Receptions, 1,449 Receiving Yards, 94 Touchdowns.  Jerome Bettis has the distinction of Winning a Super Bowl in his hometown Detroit and going out on top as he retired after the 2005 Season.


18)  jamal-lewis-ravens  Jamal Lewis (Baltimore Ravens- 2000-2006/Cleveland Browns 2007-2009).  Jamal Lewis was the Fifth Player taken in the 2000 Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.  He busted onto the scene and immediately made an impact for the Ravens.  In fact, the Ravens won the Super Bowl in only his second season when they beat the New York Giants in 2001.  Jamal Lewis was named the AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2003.  Lewis had an outstanding season in which he rushed for 2,066 Yards which is the third highest total ever by a Running Back in a season behind Eric Dickerson and Adrian Peterson.  Lewis also rushed for the single game high of 295 Yards which stood as the record until Adrian Peterson rushed for 296 Yards in 2007.  Statistics: 10,607 Yards Rushing, 4.2 Yards Per Carry Average, 58 Touchdowns.  He finished his career with the Cleveland Browns where he was released in 2010 and consequently retired.

17)  eddie_georgeEddie George (Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans-1996-2003/Dallas Cowboys-2004).  Eddie was the 14th pick in the 1996 Draft by the Houston Oilers.  During his career, George was a 4x Pro-Bowler and he also won the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award in 1996.  George was highly recruited as he also won the Heisman Trophy as the best College Player in 1995.  He was the NFL Rookie of the Year in 1996 and lead the Tennessee Titans as their starting tailback straight through 2003.  George became only the second NFL Running Back to join the 10,000 Yard Club without missing one game to injury.  The only other back to accomplish this feat was Jim Brown and only Walter Peyton started more consecutive games in a season than George.  He was a true Iron Man in a day of injury riddled running backs.  Statistics:  10,441 Yards Rushing, 3.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 78 Touchdowns.


16)  20070213greenactionAhman Green (Seattle Seahawks-1998-1999/Green Bay Packers-2000-2006/Houston Texans-2007-2008/Green Bay Packers-2009).  Ahman Green was one of those Running Backs that had star power, but he did it quietly.  Green was a 4x Pro-Bowler, 2x All-Pro, NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2003, and lead the league in Rushing in 2003.  Green remains the Green Bay Packers all-time rusher.  Green was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 1998 and had two years of over 6.0 Yards Per Carry and 4.6 Yards Per Carry.  However, he had a hard time cracking the starting lineup and generating playing time behind Ricky Watters.  Green was trade to the Packers in 2000 where he went onto win 4 Consecutive Pro Bowls.  He also became only the second player besides Bo Jackson to have two runs of over 90 Yards in the same game.  He set the Packers all-time season rushing record with 1,883 in 2003.  Statistics: 9,205 Rushing Yards, 4.5 Yards Per Carry, 60 Touchdowns, 108 Receptions, 1,994 Yards Receiving.

15)  AAGN243~Corey-Dillon-Super-Bowl-XXXIX-looks-For-Room-To-Run-In-Fourth-Quarter-PostersCorey Dillon (Cincinnati Bengals-1997-2003/New England Patriots-2004-2006).  Dillon was drafted by the Bengals in 1997 with the 43rd pick in the draft of the second round.  Corey Dillon was one of the most consistent Running Backs of his time averaging almost 1,000 yards per season for 10 seasons.  He was a 4x Pro-Bowler and he won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2004.  In 2000, Dillon broke the then single-game rushing record of 275 Yards by Walter Peyton, rushing for 278 Yards.  In the 2004 Super Bowl, Dillon had 106 Total Yards and a Touchdown and was one of the main reasons the Pats beat the Eagles.  Statistics: 11,241 Rushing Yards, 4.3 Yards Per Carry Average, 82 Rushing Touchdowns.  Dillon was another Star Running Back that lead a quiet NFL career.

14)  maurice-jones-drew-new-contract-with-jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars-2006-Present).  Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the smallest running backs in the NFL today.  At 5’7″, and 210 LBS., he is what you would call a spark plug.  Drew is a 3x Pro-Bowler, 2x NFL Running Back of the Year, the 2011 Rushing Leader, the Jaguars single season leader in all-purpose yards with 2,250 Yards in 2011.  Jones-Drew has had some injuries, but not withstanding there is no doubt that if he was on a better team, he not only would have better stats, but also probably a Championship.  With his career still in effect, he ranks higher on this list.  Statistics: 7,483 Rushing Yards, 4.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 64 Rushing Touchdowns, 295 Receptions, 2,579 Yards Receiving, 11 Receiving Touchdowns.  Maurice Jones-Drew gave the Jaguars one of the most potent one-two punches of the past decade along with Fred Taylor.

13)  Houston Texans v Jacksonville JaguarsFred Taylor (Jacksonville Jaguars- 1998-2008/New England Patriots-2009-2010).  Taylor was the Ninth Pick of the 1998 Draft.  He is the all-time rushing leader for the Jaguars as well as Attempts.  Taylor is in the same boat as Jones-Drew in that he was a star running back for a bad team.  Statistics: 2,354 Attempts, 11,695 Yards Rushing, 4.0 Yards Per Carry Average, 290 Receptions, 66 Rushing Touchdowns, 8 Receiving Touchdowns.  Taylor is a member of the Jaguars all-pride team with Mark Brunell.

12) Chris-JohnsonChris Johnson (2008-Present Tennessee Titans).  Johnson was the 24th Pick of the Draft by the Titans in 2008.  He is a 4x Pro-Bowler, AP Offensive Player of the Year in 2009, won a rushing title in 2009, NFL RECORD Yards From Scrimmage in a Season-2,509, Single Season 2,000 Yard Club.  Johnson has only been playing for 6 Seasons and has amassed over 7,000 Yards Rushing and 9,000 All Purpose Yards.  He has been injured the past two seasons which is all the more reason why he is this high on the list.  Statistics: 7,054 Yards Rushing, 4.7 Yards Per Carry Average, 44 Rushing Touchdowns, 15 Receiving Touchdowns, 9,054 All Purpose Yards.  If Johnson continues at this pace he could either move up or down on the list…its all up to him.

11)  NFL: SEPT 13 Washington Redskins at NY GiantsClinton Portis (Denver Broncos- 2002-2003/Washington Redskins-2004-2010).  Portis was a second round pick of the Denver Broncos from the Miami Hurricanes.  He was then traded to the Washington Redskins when he fell out of favor in Denver.  Clinton enjoyed a solid NFL Career that saw him make 3 Pro Bowls and win the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2002.  Statistics: 9,923 Rushing Yards, 4.4 Yards Per Carry Average, 75 Touchdowns, 90 Total Touchdowns.

10)  Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars - December 11, 2005Edgerrin James (Indianapolis Colts-1999-2005/Arizona Cardinals-2006-2008/Seahawks-2009).  “EDGE” as he was nicknamed burst onto the NFL scene as the 4th Round Pick of the Colts in 1999.  He is a 4x Pro Bowler, 4x All-Pro, 2x Rushing Champion, Super Bowl Champion, 2008 NFC Champion, 11th All-Time Rusher, NFL 2000’s Decade Team.  He also played college football for Miami just like Portis.  Some critics blasted the Colts for drafting James over Ricky Williams who had won the Heisman Trophy.  He became the Colts All-Time Leading Rusher after 2006 when he won a Super Bowl with them.  The following year he left the team for the NFC.  He again reached the Super Bowl with the Cardinals where they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Statistics: 12,246 Rushing Yards, 4.0 Yards Per Carry Average, 80 Rushing Touchdowns, 101 Total Touchdowns.

9)  tiki-barberTiki Barber (New York Giants 1997-2006).  Tiki Barber was a standout for the Giants from day one of his career.  He was drafted in 1997 in the second round.  Many critics blasted the Giants saying that Barber was too fragile and that he would never last in the NFL.  My…how wrong they were.  Tiki was a 3x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, and he is also the Giants all-time leading rusher.  Statistics: 10,449 Yards Rushing, 4.7 Yards Per Carry Average, 56 Rushing Touchdowns, 586 Receptions, , 5183 Yards Receiving, 12 Receiving Touchdowns.  He is also the Giants all-time receiving player.  During his career, Barber amazed fans and analysts and coaches with his durability.  In his final game as a pro, he rushed for 137 Yards and a Touchdown in a playoff loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.  At the end of the game, Brian Dawkins embraced Barber and called him a “Warrior.”

8)  davis_terrellTerrell Davis (Denver Broncos-1995-2002).  Davis was not like any other Running Backs on this list in that he did not have notoriety coming out of college.  In fact, Davis almost went un drafted as he was taken in the sixth round.  He is a 3x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, 2x Super Bowl Champion, 2x NFL AP Player of the Year, 1998 NFL MVP, and a member of the 2,000 Yard Season Club.  Statistics: 7,607 Yards Rushing, 4.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 169 Receptions, 1,280 Receiving Yards, and 65 Touchdowns.  In Super Bowl XXXII, Davis rushed for 157 Yards and had three touchdowns.  Davis is higher on this list due to his importance in carrying his team to the next level.  His performance also helped Denver break an 0-13 Year Slump by the AFC in Super Bowls.

7)  Ricky-WattersRicky Watters (San Francisco 49ers-1991-1994/Philadelphia Eagles-1995-1997/Seattle Seahawks-1998-2001).  “FOR WHO? FOR WHAT?”  I will never forget that quote…nor will any Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Ricky Watters made that comment after one game when he was asked why he did not stretch out for a pass in an Eagles loss.  Ricky was a 2nd Round Pick of the Niners out of Notre Dame.  During his career, he was a 5x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, and Super Bowl Champion.  Statistics: 10,643 rushing Yards, 4.1 Yards Per Carry Average, 4,248 Receiving Yards, 9.1 Yards Receiving Average, 78 Touchdowns.  Watters was a durable back and he always ran the ball hard.  He was also a good back out of the back field.  He also won a National Championship with Notre Dame.  He is one of two running backs to rush for 1,000 yards with three different teams along with Willis McGahee.  He scored three touchdowns in the 49ers 49-26 Super Bowl win against the San Diego Chargers.

6)  Priest Holmes (Baltimore Ravens-1997-2000/Kansas City  Chiefs-2001-2007).   Priest Holmes was an un drafted free agent that signed with the Ravens in 1997.  Little did anyone know that he would go on to have one of the most successful careers for a running back ever.  He was a 3x Pro-Bowler, Super Bowl Champion, and 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year.  Statistics: 8,172 Yards Rushing, 4.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 89 Touchdowns.  In 2003, Holmes broke Marshal Faulk’s record of 26 Touchdowns with 27, which was subsequently broken by Shaun Alexander with 28 and then Ladainian Tomlinson with 31.  Holmes career was cut short due to a spinal injury.  If Holmes had played a full career, there is no telling what he could have accomplished.

5)  2004088205Shaun Alexander (Seattle Seahawks- 2000-2007/Redskins-2008).  Alexander had a short career like Earl Campbell but that did not stop him from becoming one of the greatest running backs ever.  He put up some ridiculous numbers.  3x Pro Bowler, 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and NFL MVP in 2005.  Statistics: 9,453 Yards Rushing, 4.3 Yards Per Carry Average, 100 Rushing Touchdowns, 10 Receiving Touchdowns.  Alexander never won a Super Bowl but he was the talk of the NFL for a good six seasons.

4 )  ladainian-tomlinsonLadanian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers-2001-2009/New York Jets-2010-2011).  Stats say it all: 13,684 Yards Rushing, 4.3 Yards Per Carry Average, 145 Rushing Touchdowns (Including Single Season Record of 31, and 972 Points scored.  WOW!!!!!  In 2003, he became the first player to rush for 1,000 Yards and have 100 Receptions the same season.  Tomlinson is one of the all time greats as well…hands down.  Adrian Peterson is on pace to break Tomlinson’s records.  He was the sixth fastest player to 8,000 Yards.

3)  SANDERSBarry Sanders (15,269 Yards Rushing, 5.0 Yards Per Carry Average, 109 Touchdowns.  The Numbers speak for themselves.  Barry may have been the best pure running back of all-time.

2)  marshall-faulk-large1Marshall Faulk (12,280 YARDS RUSHING, 4.3 YARDS PER CARRY, 6,875 YARDS RECEIVING, 136 TOUCHDOWNS)

1)  Emmitt_Smith_Dallas_CowboysEmmitt Smith-  Emmitt is the Martin Brodeur of Running Backs.  He has every record that can be held.  Yes…He did play for an awesome offensive line but he also talked the talk and walked the walk.  18,355 Yards Rushing, 164 Rushing Touchdowns, 515 Receptions, 3,224 Yards Receiving, 11 Receiving Touchdowns.  Pro Football Hall Of Fame, 8x Pro Bowler, Career Rushing Yards Leader, Career Touchdown Leader, Career 100 Yard Rushing Games-78, 3x SUPER BOWL CHAMPION, 2x SUPER BOWL MVP, 4x Rushing Leader, Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Emmitt is the best on my list.

*****Honorable Mention- Adrian Peterson (New), Curtis Martin (Longevity), Ricky Williams, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson, Charlie Garner, Warrick Dunn, Thomas Jones.




Megadeth and Iron Maiden are Co-Headlining a select tour to a few cities across the United States. Whoever is lucky enough to be in a city where this show is playing is in for a treat. Iron Maiden is still kicking ASS to this day. They probably bring more energy to a show than any other band. And then we have Megadeth, who continues to improve every year. Megadeth has become a Top Notch Metal band!

Dave Mustaine and Bruce Dickinson both bring excitement to the front man position. These two bands together is an excellent opportunity for any die hard Metal fans. This tour is going on through September and follows Megadeth’s Gigantour that was the biggest show this summer. Anyone that had a chance to go…I urge you to pay the money to see two of the best metal bands today play together. I wish I had the chance! ROCK ON FOLKS!



Thursday Night Football was delayed close to half an hour. The delay did nothing to stop Peyton Manning from having one of the most prolific Quarterback Performances in NFL History. He tied a league record with Seven Passing Touchdowns, 470 Yards Passing, and 27 Completions. I am sure there have been better Quarterback games as far as all statistics…but don’t forget…it’s not just statistics that matter.

Peyton Manning had an incredible year last season, that ended in disappointing fashion. Manning was the comeback player of the year along with Adrian Peterson after both players missed the past season with injuries. Well, as good as Manning’s season was last year, he has a chance this year to demolish the numbers he put up last year. He may have the most weapons that he ever had. I mean, with Indy he had Marvin Harrison, Edggerin James, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. However, this year his offense boasts Demariyous Thomas and Eric Decker and Wes Welker. That’s three receivers capable to put up 10 Touchdowns and 1,000 Yards. And now add Tight End Julius Thomas to that mix.

Last night was just the beginning of how good this Denver offense can be. The Icing on the cake would be a trip to the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning finally did win the BIG game with Indy…after years of falling short. This year he has a legitimate chance of winning his second Super Bowl with his second team, which would be Denver’s first since John Elway won back to back in the nineties. Peyton Manning showed Baltimore that he can still put up ridiculous numbers. I think it’s safe to say that Denver’s Defense lost that playoff game last year against the Ravens, not Peyton Manning.

This was just Week #1 in the NFL…however every team must be aware of how dangerous the Denver Bronco’s Offense can be. The Defense can only get better. Well, anyone that has Peyton Manning on their fantasy team has to be smiling from ear to ear. Look out NFL. Until next time…are you ready?!





June. 21st…The Official First Day of the Summer. There are so many things that come to mind when we think of the Summer. School’s out for Summer…the kids are done school until September. Graduations…the newest year class of graduates, including Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, and Graduate School. Jeans and long sleeve shirts are shed for shorts, t-shirts, bikinis, swim trunks, bare skin, and sun dresses.

Sunglasses are on, sports cars, convertible tops down, car washes and waxes, sneakers and shoes replaced with sandals and flip-flops, summer sun and heat takes over the everyday weather patterns, barbecues daily on the grill, vacations galore, trips to the shore and beach, and numerous other changes.

In the world of sports it’s another exciting time of the year. The NBA and NHL are winding down…an NBA champion already crowned, an NHL Stanley Cup Winner yet to be determined, the NHL Draft and Free Agent Frenzy, and buy-out periods. MLB is almost halfway over…the All Star Game…teams with big leads…teams with disappointing seasons…injury bug alive and well…and the sprint towards the stretch run and post season. Finally, we have the NFL rookie, mini, and training camp still to come.

Summer is also a huge time period in the world of music. Many brand new CD’s have already been released. Festivals are happening just about every weekend. American Tours are firing on all cylinders. Even bands that have not played in years are making one more go around. Anyone that is a fan of metal and sports has to love the beginning of summer. The beginning of summer is the start of these worldly passions.





On the Eve of Black Sabbath’s new album release, I couldn’t help but delve into my catalog. Of course, the first album that i grabbed was the debut self titled album, “Black Sabbath.” Black Sabbath is single handedly responsible for laying the foundations of what we know today as “Heavy Metal.” Black Sabbath, a four member band, was formed in Birmingham, England in 1968. Their debut album is regarded as a true Heavy Metal Classic today. Their Debut album was released in 1970. Black Sabbath has went through numerous lineup changes throughout the course of 45 Years. The Band’s first lineup is the classic lineup, and probably the best one to don the bands name. Tony Iommi (Lead Guitar), William Ward (Bass Guitar), Terence Butler (Drums) also known as GEEZER, and John Osbourne (Lead Vocals) otherwise known as the legendary “Ozzy”.

The Band’s self titled album “Black Sabbath” was in 1970 under the Warner Brother’s label. The album was masterful and full of blues and rock molded together in a way that was never heard before. The first song, also called “Black Sabbath” has been called the most evil song in Metal by Rob Halford (Judas Priest) another Heavy Metal legend. Black Sabbath uses power chords and medleys that produce a dark eerie sound. The debut album consisted of five songs: 1)Black Sabbath, 2) The Wizard, 3)WASP/BEHIND THE WALL OF SLEEP/BASICALLY/ N.I.B., 4) Wicked World, and 5) A BIT OF FINGER/SLEEPING VILLAGE/WARNING. That same year they released “Paranoid”, which is full of hits. The most notable are “Iron Man”, “Paranoid”, “Fairies Wear Boots,” and “Hand of Doom.”

One of my favorite Black Sabbath albums is actually their third album, “Master of Reality”, which was released only 1 year later, also under the Warner Brother’s label. The album track listing was as follows:
1) Sweet Leaf
2) After Forever
3) Embryo
4) Children of the Grave
5) Orchid
6) Lord of this World
7) Solitude
8) Into the Void.
Master of Reality went one step further than the debut album, taking on an even heavier pointed sound. Tony Iommi became one of the first lead guitarists to play numerous solos throughout the songs as well as in the beginning and end. Sweet Leaf starts out with a voice that sounds like its coughing and gasping for air. Children of the Grave is a more speedy song than the original slow riff composition of Sabbath songs. THe album cover is totally black except for the drastic purple letters, Master of Reality.

There are so many classic hits from this lineup. “Black Sabbath”, “War Pigs”, “Paranoid”, “Iron Man”, “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, “Sweet Leaf”, “Lord of this World”, “The Wizard”, “Fairies Wear Boots,” “Behind the Wall”, “Spiral Architect”, “Into the Void”, “Snow Blind,” “Nativity in Black,” and many more. Tonight, this Monday Evening I am having my own Black Sabbath marathon. Eight albums from beginning to end. I am listening to the classic lineups albums straight through from the debut “Black Sabbath” to “Never Say Die”, which was the last album featuring Ozzy. After Ozzy left for his solo career, Black Sabbath found another brilliant front man, Ronnie James Dio. Dio was a much better singer than Ozzy and his voice brought a more modern sound to Sabbath. The first album with Ronnie James Dio was “Heaven and Hell.” The title track was a number one hit. Dio was around for another 8 albums, while also going solo. There is no doubt that Sabbath was at its best with Ozzy; however, there are not too many bands that have changed lead singers and kept the same star power. AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath are the most notable that I can think of in the modern era. Nonetheless, Black Sabbath will always best be known as the “Fathers of Heavy Metal.”

Tomorrow, June 11th, 2013 they will release their brand new album “13”. 43 Years after the release of “Black Sabbath.” Amazing…truly amazing. I cannot wait to pop the new CD and blast it at full volume. Black Sabbath has truly stood the test of time. Its amazing that Ozzy, Tony, and Geezer are still able to play at the level they do. They are even going tour, which is absolutely mind blowing. I just wish that DIO was still alive to see this day. I am sure that he would be extremely proud of his former band. Never forget Metal Fans all over…the bands you listen to and follow today…the bands that take up most of your listening time…would not be around today if it was not for BLACK SABBATH. Let us give Black Sabbath the credit due and let us honor them on this eve of yet another “Black” album. Long Live Black Sabbath!20121109-140309.jpg20121211-020537.jpg


Ok…so the Phillies have finally reached the .500 mark after some very inconsistent behavior in the first half of the season. First it was Roy Halladay going on the disabled list after some of his worst outings of his career. His ERA when he went on the DL over 8.00. Then it was Chase Utley going down after having an excellent month and a half. Utley looked like he was rejuvenated and was playing his best baseball since 2009.

Their starting Center Fielder, Ben Revere, who they acquired after giving up their best pitching prospect Vance Worley, is hitting under .250 with less than ten stolen bases. This is horrible production from a player who was supposed to bring swagger to the lead off spot. Then there is Michael Young, who the Phillies picked up in the off season to fill their void at third base. Yes…Young is 36 but he was projected to bring a stellar bat to Citizens Bank. Well, after hitting .350 for the first three weeks of the season, his average has now dipped to .257.

And probably the most disappointing aspect of the season so far, Cole Hamels with Nine losses and one win going into today. Also, an over 4.00 ERA. All this without getting more than 2.25 Runs a game on offense during his starts. Actually, that’s the third worst in MLB. Ouch! All of these very disheartening aspects and the Phillies were still one game under .500 going into today’s game against the Marlins. This is truly a testament to how well other aspects are going for the Phillies.

Today, The Phillies won 6-1 after winning 7-4 last night in extra innings on a walk off Grand Slam from John Mayberry. Today they were tied 1-1 going into the bottom of the seventh with Cole Hamels coming out of the game. Then wham…a two run triple for Ryan Howard and Bam…a Two Run Home Run by Dominic Brown.

Brown is finally coming into his own and is the hottest hitter in the Major Leagues right now. He has 10 Home Runs in Fourteen Games and now is second in the league with 18 Home Runs and 46RBI. Brown has been on fire and is finally showing why the Phillies would not trade him for anyone. He was their only “Untouchable Prospect.” Fans were getting weary after two seasons of disappointing call ups for Brown. Now he is their starting Left Fielder and is carrying this team on his BACK.

Ryan Howard has ten Home Runs and 30 RBI, despite seeing his production drop. And Freddy Galvis has been stellar on offense and defense in Chase Utley’s stead. In a cruel twist in events, Cliff Lee, who could not buy a win last year, is 7-2 with a 2.45 ERA and 88 Strikeouts. He is in the Top 10 in every pitching statistical category. If he keeps up this pace, Lee will be a CY Young Candidate.

The Phillies are now .500 and are looking up. They are only 5.5 games back of the Division Lead. If the Phillies can keep playing this way, they should be in great shape. Halladay is on track to come back healthy which would be like getting a star at the trade deadline as long as his shoulder is fully healed. Well, well, well. I would never have predicted this two weeks ago. The Phillies are Hot. And it’s not even the All Star Break Yet. Keep it up Boys.




There is not much that Judas Priest has not done in the realms of Metal. The roots of Heavy Metal came from Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Priest. Judas Priest has been rocking venues all over the world for over Forty Years. No matter what type of music you are accustomed too nor what your musical interests are, you have to respect Judas Priest as a legend in the Music world.

Rob Halford is the front man and there is no doubt that he has one of the most talented voices in Heavy Metal. Years back…Halford took a hiatus from Priest and did his own solo albums. However, they came back with a bang with Angel of Retribution. Their latest work of art was a Two Disc set called Nostradamus, which was a Concept Album based on Nostradamus who was a well known prophet in the dark ages, who predicted many future events and tragedies.

Nostradamus is an incredible work of art that was not a huge seller but remains extremely underrated to this day. However, Priest has been touring all over the world for the past three years. They concluded their most recent tour called Epitaph almost a year ago. On May 26th, 2012 Priest played at the Hammersmith Apollo Theater in front of over 100,000 fans. This concert was put to video and has 23 Songs and over 2 Hours of Music.

Priest covered their entire catalog from their grand beginnings to the latest album, Nostradamus. KK Downing has left the band but Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner rock the house. This DVD is extremely powerful and shows Priest at their absolute best! Rob Halford sounds just the same now as he did over forty years ago when he began fronting the very loud band. Any Priest fan must purchase this Concert and you will be treated to two hours of Metal Magic!



The End of May Is approaching fast, and June is right around the corner. There are so many current events that are in full blown attack. We have the Jodi Arias Murder Trial, The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, the Ongoing War and Terror in Syria, the Obama Health Care Reform Referendum, The Oklohoma Tornado, the Boston Massacre II, and many other current events. The NHL is down to the Final Four after skipping half of a season. MLB is in full swing and this year it’s anyone’s crown. NFL training camp is also right around the corner.

However, there is nothing more vivid than the news and notes and stories coming out of the Heavy Metal Community. Alice In Chains just released their new album on Tuesday. Saturday is the debut of That Metal Show with a guest appearance from Vinnie Apiece. Then we have both Megadeth and Black Sabbath releasing brand new studio albums this Tuesday. Also, Gigantour, The Rock Star Energy Concert in California, The Metal Hall of Fame.

June will also see a new biography from Pantera, which will cover the career of the Super Bands journey, including the tragic death of its star guitarist, Dimebag Darrell. Judas Priest is releasing a Blu Ray DVD called “Epitaph” which will include 22 Tracks from their latest tour in Europe. We have Gigantour, Metallica’s 3D Movie, Rock Star Energy Show, as well as many other concerts. Pantera is also contemplating a reunion tour with star Guitarist Zack Wylde. There are so many stories that are about to arise in the Metal Community. Finally, we have many other new albums that are due out. Also, there will be many huge shows in 2013.

Slash is working on a new album, Slayer is still mourning the loss of their Star Guitarist, Jason Newsted is about to embark on tour with Metallica, so many stories…lets get excited Metal Fans! Let me see your Liighhhterrs! As Ozzy says it best!