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SPORTS N’ METAL (9/01/12-03/27/14)

I just want to take the time to thank and give praise to all my family, friends, and fans that have supported me the past year and a half with my Blog…Sports N’ Metal.  Up until this past February, I was on my own independent site on WordPress.Com.  Well in February…An excellent opportunity presented itself where I was asked to join forces with Philly Rock Radio, an up and coming Internet Radio Station that plays classic metal to modern metal…all things hard rock and metal.  Anyways, I want to give a special thanks to Johnny E and Kevin L for allowing me this opportunity to expand my talents.  Who knows…the sky is the limit.  I would love to be writing or reporting for ESPN or That Metal Show or Hair Bangers Live someday.  Once again, thank yo ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  12,000 views is a huge accomplishment.  I feel that doing this in an 18 Month Period is an even larger accomplishment.  Anyways, you can continue to follow me now on Philly Rock Radio.  I will continue to post on Word Press from time to time \m/

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