ImageWHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SUNDAY”S MARQUEE NFL MATCHUP TURNED OUT TO BE ANOTHER NO CONTEST.  These games are becoming all to familiar with any team that faces the Denver Broncos these days.  On Sunday, Peyton Manning threw another 4 Touchdown Passes, which gives him 16 TD’s in only Four Games.  Even more Impressive is the fact that he has yet to throw an interception.  Peyton man handled the Philadelphia Eagles.  No matter what the Eagles defense scheme was, Manning had an answer.  The Eagles stacked Eight Men in the Box and blitzed and Manning threw the quick out.  The Eagles played zone and Manning picked them apart over the middle.  The Bronco’s Trindon Holiday, one of the premier Return Men in the game, even ran back a 105 Yard Kickoff Return for a score.  Hell…The Bronco’s even converted a blocked punt into a score.

    Yesterday I posted about the Eagles chances of beating the Bronco’s and what they would have to do to have success.  #1) Put Pressure on Manning…Check.  Well, the Eagles did anything but put pressure on Peyton as he looked like a statue back in the pocket.  #2) Run the Ball and slow down the game…Check.  Well, the Eagles had their lowest rushing total of the season and the Time of Possession was a joke.  #3) Change the Game plan Chip Kelly-Make Adjustments…Check.  My suspicion was right as Chip Kelly didn’t adjust and continued to try and run the “Oregon Duck” to the T.  Whats wrong with this picture right now folks.  Andy Reid and the Chiefs are 4-0 and the Eagles are 1-3.  It makes you really wonder was the Eagles problem really Andy Reid.  Look, I am in no way saying that a change was not needed.  However, I don’t care what type of offensive scheme you use…West Coast, Read Option, Run and Shoot, RUN, Play Action, No Huddle, Hurry Up, Roll Out, Shotgun.  None of these schemes will work when your team does not have the personnel to execute.

     First of all…the Eagles could play the Jacksonville Jaguars right now and still have trouble winning a game.  The fact is, this Defense is absolutely Putrid.  That is putting it lightly.  OK…THIS DEFENSE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes I said it.  The Eagles Defense, which used to be the backbone of this team in all of their successful seasons may be the worst I have ever saw.  They could cut everyone on this Defense and start over for all that I am concerned.  The Eagles have plenty of star power on Offense.  Mike Vick can be a star when he has time to throw the ball.  LeSean McCoy is one of the most dynamic running backs in the game.  DeSean Jackson “DJAX” is a highlight film in the making.  However, this offensive line is putrid just like the defense.  When will Jeff Lurie realize that the problem on this team is personnel.  I do not care if you had Bill Bellicheck coaching this team…I don’t care if you had Mike Ditka coaching this team…John Madden Anyone???  Yeah.

     I am a huge fan of Chip Kelly.  I am even more enamored with the “Oregon Duck” offensive scheme.  However, what this team lacks is tenacity.  And they truly cannot defend my grand mom…God rest her soul.  In the offseason, I made it a cry out for the Eagles to go against the Grain and sign a Defensive Minded Coach.  This team needs to learn the fundamentals of the game such as tackling, pass rushing, audibles, etc.  The amazing thing is…if the Eagles had the Bears 85 Defense…they still would have got their ASS KICKED yesterday.  Peyton Manning now has 16 Touchdowns/0 Interceptions/1400 Yards Passing…and most importantly his team is 4-0.  Manning is on pace to have 64 Touchdowns this season…can you say WOWWWWWWWWW!  Knowshon Moreno has been very serviceable in the backfield as he scored a Touchdown yesterday as well.

     The most glaring mistake that I saw yesterday was the inability of Chip Kelly to adjust his game plan.  Sound familiar???  What is it with all of these high profile coaches and their egos?  Note to Chip…If you can slow the game down then it will limit the amount of time that Manning is on the field which in turn will limit his damage.  But no Chip…you keep doing the same thing with all of your different packages, no huddle, hurry up, shot gun, etc.  You have LeSean McCoy!!!  He should have had at least 30 Touches in the game yesterday.  Oh well…it appears that Peyton Manning is going out on top while the precious Birds are getting a crash course in growing pains.  Look, no one significant expected the Eagles to make the playoff this year.  However, in this NFC least they still very well could do that as bad as this division is.  The thing is though, if they do not adjust the game plan, especially during a game, then they will fail every time.  Meanwhile, as a FOOTBALL fan, we all can just marvel at the man named PEYTON MANNING.  Peyton is the MAN right now.  He is putting up ridiculous stats  right now.  The Broncos could go undefeated.  They are the best team in the league hands down.  So Eagles, now it is off to New York to face the 0-4 New York Giants who want blood.  So…as we look back and move forward…we know this team is a long way from competing with the big boys.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I recap Week 4 in the NFL and analyze the winners and losers in Fantasy Football.  Enjoy this beautiful Monday Folks…HOLLA.



So…the new soundtrack for Metallica’s Multi Million Dollar 3D Movie “Through the Never” is now out. I highly recommend this for any Metallica Follower. Also, Megadeth just released a new live version of Countdown to Extinction from last year’s tour! It’s pretty awesome so I would also recommend that for any true Metal fan.

Speaking of Megadeth…I just purchased Dave Mustaine’s new Dean Guitar…The Signature Dave Mustaine “ZERO”! This guitar is off the hook. Besides the out if this world graphics…the guitar has all of the essential gear to play your favorite metal music. It is also very light and has a unique shape. I am just starting to see the difference between a good guitar and average one. My first guitar was a BC Rich…no slouch. But you can tell that Dean puts a ton of effort into making the Dave Mustaine Guitars Rock! David Elleffson is also releasing a biography due out next month. This should be a very busy month of metal.




Finally, Metal Church has come out of retirement again and will be releasing a new album that is due out October 22,2013. Metal Church is underrated and has always been one of my FAVS. I will have a review for you when the album is released.






Well…here we are. David and Goliath. Peyton Manning VS Michael Vick. The 3-0 Denver Broncos VS Philadelphia Eagles. The Plethora of weapons on both sides of the ball on both teams. This game has the chance to be an offensive fantasy gem. Records could be set in this game under the scope of these dynamic offenses.

Peyton Manning has thrown 12 Touchdowns and 0 Interceptions in 3 Games. He has over 1,000 yards passing already. He has Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Demarious Thomas, Julius Thomas. He has a great offensive line. He has a decent above average running back in Knowshon Moreno who can also catch the ball out of the backfield. Denver is a powerhouse. Denver is Goliath.

The Eagles come into this game at 1-2. They have shown flashes of brilliance and this “Oregon Duck” offense has not even began to break the surface. Mike Vick has had two good games and one terrible game. Last season, Vick was horrible every week. In order for the Eagles to beat the Denver Broncos, there is only one way in my estimation that they can win this game. They cannot get into a shoot out with Manning…he will pick them apart.

Expect a steady dose of LeSean McCoy. McCoy needs to get 30-35 Touches in this game. Vick needs to run the ball also. If they can have early success with the run and run the ball through the halftime. Then it will set up the play action pass. So as we get about Four Hours from game time…My plea to Chip Kelly is run the ball. Control the clock. Please do not be stubborn like your predecessor Andy Reid. I know you live and breathe this offense. But in order to win this game…you must run the ball and keep Manning off of the field as much as possible. This is the ONLY way the Eagles win this game. Mark my words. It can be done…it all depends on Chip Kelly and his ego. Think outside of the box for once. Andy Reid never did that while he was here. In conclusion, McCoy-McCoy-McCoy and Brown-Brown-Brown. RUN THE BALL!!!





So here we are…Week #4 of the NFL Season…the First Bye Week. This is when your bench and reserves come in handy. The Packers and Panthers are on a bye so for those of you that have Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton…it’s time to take your backup QB for a Test Drive.


Ok…so here are my Week 4 Fantasy Start Ems and Sit Ems.

QB-Peyton Manning, Matt Stafford, Ben Rothlisberger, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo

RB-Bilal Powell, LeSean McCoy, Matt Forte, Demarco Murray, Jamal Charles

WR-Calvin Johnson, Any Denver Receiver, DeSean Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Denarius Moore

TE-Jason Witten, Julius Thomas, Antonio Gates

K-Steven Gostikiwski, Matt Prater, Matt Bryant

D-Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore


QB-Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Matt Cassel

RB-CJ Spiller, Doug Martin, Rashard Mendenhall

WR-Miles Austin, Vincent Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Victor Cruz

TE-Rob Gronkowski, Tony Gonzalez, Owen Daniels

K-Randy Bullock

D-New York Giants
****Good Luck to all of my Fantasy Friends**** Until Next time…



REVIEW: Van Halen – The Best of Both Worlds (2004)

VHBOBW_0001VAN HALEN – The Best of Both Worlds (2005 Warner)

Musically, I can find very little fault with this collection. How can I? When you think about it, musically Van Halen are above reproach. In the 1970’s, they were without equal. No other band could boast such a series of excellent albums, a charismatic and innovative frontman like Dave Lee Roth, or (obviously) a unique guitar mutilator like Edward Van Halen. Van Halen defined the term “party rock”, but they also rocked with intelligence. They combined challenging arrangements with near-impossible guitar work, clever lyrics, an excellent image, musical influences dating back to the 1920’s, and music heavier than that of many of their rivals.

So how could this compilation possibly fail if the music is that strong? This album is completedly torpedoed by the sequencing of the songs.  That factor alone makes The Best Of Both Worlds a struggle to…

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Week #4 is the first week of the BYE.  Carolina and Green Bay are the first two teams to reap the benefits of a week off. Both the Panthers and Packers are underperforming so far, although the Panthers just blew out the New York Football Giants in a Week 3 Ass Kicking.  The Packers have not been their usual selves on offense.  They have shown flashes but they are no where near what we have saw Aaron Rodgers do in the past.  Both of these teams will take this time to get healthy and regroup.  Anyways, THE SAV and Myself are back with our Week 4 Picks as we both try to right the ship after a few poor weeks.  So here are my picks for Week 4:



This game is being played in London and will pit a battle of two winless teams.  The Steelers and Vikings are both 0-3 at this point and are both at must win points of the season.  The Steelers are favored by 2.5 Points.  Adrian Peterson is off to a decent start, however he is nowhere near the top of his game.  Also, there is more turmoil as Christian Ponder has reportedly been benched and Matt Cassel will get the start in his place.  For the Steelers, they have been poor in the trenches both rushing the ball and defending the run.  Ben Rothlisberger should be able to lead the Steelers up and down the field against an overrated Vikings pass defense.  The Steelers win 20-17 and cover.  ENJOY LONDON!!!!!!!!! This is what you miss out on!





Baltimore is struggling on Defense as expected.  Ray Rice is also questionable as he was held out of practice most of the week.  The Ravens, despite their struggles are 2-1.  The Bills on the other hand are not playing their game.  Their patented Rushing Attack has been atrocious.  Going into the season, the Bills were rated as one of the Top Rushing Teams in Football.  CJ Spiller, a Top 5 Fantasy Pick, has been a bust so far.  Fred Jackson is also grinding gears in the backfield.  Baltimore is favored by 3 points in this game and I am going to take the favorite here as well…Ravens 17- Bills 10.





The Bengals are favored by 3.5 here on the road.  The Bengals, who many experts picked to have a shot at the Super Bowl during the pre season has not found their identity on either side of the ball.  Their Defense in particular has been a disappointment thus far.  In contrast, Brian Hoyer had a surprise effort in his NFL debut throwing for three touchdowns.  The Browns have been a bite confusing, as they traded away their Franchise Running Back Trent Richardson to the rival Colts.  However, Josh Gordon is back from his suspension and has potential to be a super star on this team.  Last week he had a breakout game.  I see the Browns in an upset here…21-17.





The Jaguars may lose every game this season.  They are horrible in all facets of the game.  The Colts are 2-1 and are favored by 8.5 Points.  I see Indy pounding the ball with Trent Richardson and setting up the play action pass from Andrew Luck to Reggie Wayne and the other Colts weapons.  The Colts will dominate both sides of the line of scrimmage.  The final score…Colts win 28-10.





The Seahawks come into this game only favored by 2.5.  I am sure if this game was in Seattle the spread would be double digits.  I mean, Houston has a good team, but the Seahawks have been a machine on all sides of the ball.  Their special teams is ranked at the top.  They have the best defense.  Marshawn Lynch is a beast carrying the rock.  Russel Wilson is picking up where he left off.  The Texans will be missing their Number One wide Receiver Andre Johnson.  I see the Seahawks winning fairly easily by a score of 34-20.





Tampa is in Turmoil.  Meanwhile their season is hanging in the balance.  Their Franchise Quarterback, Josh Freeman has asked to be traded.  Now their are reports that he will be inactive this week.  Vincent Jackson, their best Wide Receiver is out with an injury as well.  The Cardinals are not performing as well as expected coming into the season and have some injuries themselves.  Larry Fitzgerald has been pedestrian like.  However, the Cardinals bring it on Defense.  With a new Quarterback starting his first game, the Cardinals will put eight in the box to stop Doug Martin (the one bright spot), and force the passing game.  Tampa is only favored by 2.5 and I can only see this as a home field advantage.  I am going Arizona to win the game outright 21-16.





The Bears are one of the Top teams in the NFC.  The Lions have the prolific offense and they are getting another weapon, Reggie Bush back from injury.  The Bears are 3 Point Underdogs on the Road.  There is much history here between these two bitter rivals.  There is a new hatred towards each other.  The Defensive stalwart SU always brings it and knows how to pressure Jay Cutler.  Expect a steady dose of Matt Forte.  The Lions are favored but I am going to say the Bears will remain undefeated by winning in solid fashion 27-17.





The Upstart Chiefs are the talk of the NFL right now.  Former Eagle’s head coach Andy Reid has inherited a very talented team.  Reid has shown that he can have success with the right players…5 NFC CHAMPIONSHIPS…4 in a row.  I mean, no matter how bad the Eagle’s fans wanted him out of there, he is a great coach.  This team is so balanced and I see Alex Smith as the dink and dunk quarterback Reid hoped that McNabb would grow into.  Jamal Charles is one of the best Running Backs in Football and to boot the Chiefs have the League’s Number One Defense.  The Giants are in shambles.  Just like any other sport…its hard for a team to have success forever.  I just see the Giants on a downward spiral.  Their defense is banged up and they do not pound the rock.  The Chiefs who are favored by 4 will win the game as well as cover as they beat the road dog Giants 20-10.





Both of these teams come into this game at 2-1.  The Titans are growing behind Jake Locker.  The Jets on the other hand are playing behind Geno Smith, a rookie.  The Titans are favored by 3.5 Points at home.  However, I feel that in order to win this game the Titans need to get back to basics.  Chris Johnson is still an above average running back that plays better with more carries.  For the Jets, Bilal Powell a virtual no name is one of the top rushers in the NFL.  Last week he rushed for 147 Yards and a Touchdown.  I am taking the Jets to pull this one out on the road 16-14.





The Dallas Cowboys will be playing this game without their number 2 Wideout Miles Austin who is out again with a hamstring injury.  However, they have plenty of other weapons.  Tony Romo is actually off to his best start of his career completing 70 Percent of his passes.  San Diego has been inconsistent and they have been burned through the air.  They are giving up the most points and yards to wide receivers at this point.  Dallas wins 28-24 and covers the 2 Point Spread.





These teams are both struggling but the Redskins are in dire straights.  Expect both big games from Alfred Morris and RGIII.  The Redskins are favored by 3.5 Points and will win 21-10.





This is the prime game of the week.  Two High Octane Offenses.  I don’t care who has the better defense…this game is going to be a shootout.  The Broncos are favored by 11 at Home.  I see the Broncos winning 42-35 so they do not cover.





WELL…The Patriots win again folks.  Matty Ice has been Ice Cold.  The Atlanta rushing game is hurting without Jackson and Roddy White is Shotty.  Pats win and upset the favored Falcons.






The Saints are favored but I am going Dolphins.  Fish to 4-0.






Welcome to my next installment of my list of TOP 20 NFL Players at their position post 1990.  These type of lists are always debatable and many times controversial.  During the drafting of my Top 20 Quarterback List…I failed to set certain parameters which raised a few eyebrows.  For example…I did not include Aaron Rodgers on the list because in my parameters he is too new.  The players on this list must have played at least five seasons between 1990-2010.  Please believe me…when all is said and done Aaron Rodgers will be on the Top 20 List of all-time Quarterbacks without a doubt.  However…my lists are made to inspire debate and as I said must meet the parameters.  Likewise…I left Joe Montana off of the Quarterback list due to him playing the final years of his career out from 1990-1994.  John Elway and Dan Marino were on the list for their dominance during most of the Nineties Decades.

Quarterback lists, no matter all-time, fantasy wise, or present day and modern, will always be much easier than a Running Back or Receiver list if not for anything else but the fact that there are less of them…and there are less stars at this position as well.  Some players on this list will also belong on the all-time list.  Some players will be long forgotten now but were known to make huge impacts on the game at one point in time.  Another parameter that I use is Statistics vs Championships.  These categories are not weighted one way more than the other; however, they have to be the main reason for a player making the list.  For example, while doing the Quarterback List I had a really hard time ranking Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.  Although Manning has better career statistics, he has less Championships than Brady.  This was the tie breaker.  Some skeptics will state that you cannot use the Championship Category as a parameter because Football is a “Team” sport.  To these people…I say BULLSHIT.  No matter what…certain star players belong ranked higher than others due to their shear leadership in guiding their teams to Championships.  So…let us begin the controversy and review my Top 20 Ranking.  Remember…this is the TOP 20 Post 1990.

20)  westbrook2BRIAN WESTBROOK (Philadelphia Eagles 2002-2009/San Francisco 49ers 2010)

Brian Westbrook just cracks the TOP 20.  Brian played Nine Seasons where he was a star for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was drafted in 2002 as a Third Round Pick and went on to have a very productive career with the Eagles.  Statistics: 6,335 Career Rushing Yards, 4.6 Yard Per Carry Average, 41 Rushing Touchdowns, 442 Receptions, 3,940 Receiving Yards, 30 Receiving Touchdowns.  Brian was one of the prototypical running backs like Marshall Faulk that could catch the ball just as well as run it.  Unfortunately, Westbrook never won a Super Bowl as the Eagles lost in 2004, his only trip there.  However, 10,000 Yards From Scrimmage and 71 Touchdowns is no joking matter.

19)   Jerome-Bettis-2Jerome Bettis  (LA/Saint Louis Rams-1993-1995/Pittsburgh Steelers-1996-2005).  Jerome Bettis, nicknamed “THE BUS” cracks the list at number 19.  Jerome Bettis is a One Time Super Bowl Champion, 6x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, Sixth Leading Rusher of all time, and 3x Player of the Year for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Statistics: 13,662 Rushing Yards, 3.9 Yards Per Carry Average, 200 Receptions, 1,449 Receiving Yards, 94 Touchdowns.  Jerome Bettis has the distinction of Winning a Super Bowl in his hometown Detroit and going out on top as he retired after the 2005 Season.


18)  jamal-lewis-ravens  Jamal Lewis (Baltimore Ravens- 2000-2006/Cleveland Browns 2007-2009).  Jamal Lewis was the Fifth Player taken in the 2000 Draft by the Baltimore Ravens.  He busted onto the scene and immediately made an impact for the Ravens.  In fact, the Ravens won the Super Bowl in only his second season when they beat the New York Giants in 2001.  Jamal Lewis was named the AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year in 2003.  Lewis had an outstanding season in which he rushed for 2,066 Yards which is the third highest total ever by a Running Back in a season behind Eric Dickerson and Adrian Peterson.  Lewis also rushed for the single game high of 295 Yards which stood as the record until Adrian Peterson rushed for 296 Yards in 2007.  Statistics: 10,607 Yards Rushing, 4.2 Yards Per Carry Average, 58 Touchdowns.  He finished his career with the Cleveland Browns where he was released in 2010 and consequently retired.

17)  eddie_georgeEddie George (Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans-1996-2003/Dallas Cowboys-2004).  Eddie was the 14th pick in the 1996 Draft by the Houston Oilers.  During his career, George was a 4x Pro-Bowler and he also won the NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award in 1996.  George was highly recruited as he also won the Heisman Trophy as the best College Player in 1995.  He was the NFL Rookie of the Year in 1996 and lead the Tennessee Titans as their starting tailback straight through 2003.  George became only the second NFL Running Back to join the 10,000 Yard Club without missing one game to injury.  The only other back to accomplish this feat was Jim Brown and only Walter Peyton started more consecutive games in a season than George.  He was a true Iron Man in a day of injury riddled running backs.  Statistics:  10,441 Yards Rushing, 3.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 78 Touchdowns.


16)  20070213greenactionAhman Green (Seattle Seahawks-1998-1999/Green Bay Packers-2000-2006/Houston Texans-2007-2008/Green Bay Packers-2009).  Ahman Green was one of those Running Backs that had star power, but he did it quietly.  Green was a 4x Pro-Bowler, 2x All-Pro, NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2003, and lead the league in Rushing in 2003.  Green remains the Green Bay Packers all-time rusher.  Green was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 1998 and had two years of over 6.0 Yards Per Carry and 4.6 Yards Per Carry.  However, he had a hard time cracking the starting lineup and generating playing time behind Ricky Watters.  Green was trade to the Packers in 2000 where he went onto win 4 Consecutive Pro Bowls.  He also became only the second player besides Bo Jackson to have two runs of over 90 Yards in the same game.  He set the Packers all-time season rushing record with 1,883 in 2003.  Statistics: 9,205 Rushing Yards, 4.5 Yards Per Carry, 60 Touchdowns, 108 Receptions, 1,994 Yards Receiving.

15)  AAGN243~Corey-Dillon-Super-Bowl-XXXIX-looks-For-Room-To-Run-In-Fourth-Quarter-PostersCorey Dillon (Cincinnati Bengals-1997-2003/New England Patriots-2004-2006).  Dillon was drafted by the Bengals in 1997 with the 43rd pick in the draft of the second round.  Corey Dillon was one of the most consistent Running Backs of his time averaging almost 1,000 yards per season for 10 seasons.  He was a 4x Pro-Bowler and he won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2004.  In 2000, Dillon broke the then single-game rushing record of 275 Yards by Walter Peyton, rushing for 278 Yards.  In the 2004 Super Bowl, Dillon had 106 Total Yards and a Touchdown and was one of the main reasons the Pats beat the Eagles.  Statistics: 11,241 Rushing Yards, 4.3 Yards Per Carry Average, 82 Rushing Touchdowns.  Dillon was another Star Running Back that lead a quiet NFL career.

14)  maurice-jones-drew-new-contract-with-jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars-2006-Present).  Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the smallest running backs in the NFL today.  At 5’7″, and 210 LBS., he is what you would call a spark plug.  Drew is a 3x Pro-Bowler, 2x NFL Running Back of the Year, the 2011 Rushing Leader, the Jaguars single season leader in all-purpose yards with 2,250 Yards in 2011.  Jones-Drew has had some injuries, but not withstanding there is no doubt that if he was on a better team, he not only would have better stats, but also probably a Championship.  With his career still in effect, he ranks higher on this list.  Statistics: 7,483 Rushing Yards, 4.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 64 Rushing Touchdowns, 295 Receptions, 2,579 Yards Receiving, 11 Receiving Touchdowns.  Maurice Jones-Drew gave the Jaguars one of the most potent one-two punches of the past decade along with Fred Taylor.

13)  Houston Texans v Jacksonville JaguarsFred Taylor (Jacksonville Jaguars- 1998-2008/New England Patriots-2009-2010).  Taylor was the Ninth Pick of the 1998 Draft.  He is the all-time rushing leader for the Jaguars as well as Attempts.  Taylor is in the same boat as Jones-Drew in that he was a star running back for a bad team.  Statistics: 2,354 Attempts, 11,695 Yards Rushing, 4.0 Yards Per Carry Average, 290 Receptions, 66 Rushing Touchdowns, 8 Receiving Touchdowns.  Taylor is a member of the Jaguars all-pride team with Mark Brunell.

12) Chris-JohnsonChris Johnson (2008-Present Tennessee Titans).  Johnson was the 24th Pick of the Draft by the Titans in 2008.  He is a 4x Pro-Bowler, AP Offensive Player of the Year in 2009, won a rushing title in 2009, NFL RECORD Yards From Scrimmage in a Season-2,509, Single Season 2,000 Yard Club.  Johnson has only been playing for 6 Seasons and has amassed over 7,000 Yards Rushing and 9,000 All Purpose Yards.  He has been injured the past two seasons which is all the more reason why he is this high on the list.  Statistics: 7,054 Yards Rushing, 4.7 Yards Per Carry Average, 44 Rushing Touchdowns, 15 Receiving Touchdowns, 9,054 All Purpose Yards.  If Johnson continues at this pace he could either move up or down on the list…its all up to him.

11)  NFL: SEPT 13 Washington Redskins at NY GiantsClinton Portis (Denver Broncos- 2002-2003/Washington Redskins-2004-2010).  Portis was a second round pick of the Denver Broncos from the Miami Hurricanes.  He was then traded to the Washington Redskins when he fell out of favor in Denver.  Clinton enjoyed a solid NFL Career that saw him make 3 Pro Bowls and win the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2002.  Statistics: 9,923 Rushing Yards, 4.4 Yards Per Carry Average, 75 Touchdowns, 90 Total Touchdowns.

10)  Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars - December 11, 2005Edgerrin James (Indianapolis Colts-1999-2005/Arizona Cardinals-2006-2008/Seahawks-2009).  “EDGE” as he was nicknamed burst onto the NFL scene as the 4th Round Pick of the Colts in 1999.  He is a 4x Pro Bowler, 4x All-Pro, 2x Rushing Champion, Super Bowl Champion, 2008 NFC Champion, 11th All-Time Rusher, NFL 2000’s Decade Team.  He also played college football for Miami just like Portis.  Some critics blasted the Colts for drafting James over Ricky Williams who had won the Heisman Trophy.  He became the Colts All-Time Leading Rusher after 2006 when he won a Super Bowl with them.  The following year he left the team for the NFC.  He again reached the Super Bowl with the Cardinals where they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Statistics: 12,246 Rushing Yards, 4.0 Yards Per Carry Average, 80 Rushing Touchdowns, 101 Total Touchdowns.

9)  tiki-barberTiki Barber (New York Giants 1997-2006).  Tiki Barber was a standout for the Giants from day one of his career.  He was drafted in 1997 in the second round.  Many critics blasted the Giants saying that Barber was too fragile and that he would never last in the NFL.  My…how wrong they were.  Tiki was a 3x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, and he is also the Giants all-time leading rusher.  Statistics: 10,449 Yards Rushing, 4.7 Yards Per Carry Average, 56 Rushing Touchdowns, 586 Receptions, , 5183 Yards Receiving, 12 Receiving Touchdowns.  He is also the Giants all-time receiving player.  During his career, Barber amazed fans and analysts and coaches with his durability.  In his final game as a pro, he rushed for 137 Yards and a Touchdown in a playoff loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.  At the end of the game, Brian Dawkins embraced Barber and called him a “Warrior.”

8)  davis_terrellTerrell Davis (Denver Broncos-1995-2002).  Davis was not like any other Running Backs on this list in that he did not have notoriety coming out of college.  In fact, Davis almost went un drafted as he was taken in the sixth round.  He is a 3x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, 2x Super Bowl Champion, 2x NFL AP Player of the Year, 1998 NFL MVP, and a member of the 2,000 Yard Season Club.  Statistics: 7,607 Yards Rushing, 4.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 169 Receptions, 1,280 Receiving Yards, and 65 Touchdowns.  In Super Bowl XXXII, Davis rushed for 157 Yards and had three touchdowns.  Davis is higher on this list due to his importance in carrying his team to the next level.  His performance also helped Denver break an 0-13 Year Slump by the AFC in Super Bowls.

7)  Ricky-WattersRicky Watters (San Francisco 49ers-1991-1994/Philadelphia Eagles-1995-1997/Seattle Seahawks-1998-2001).  “FOR WHO? FOR WHAT?”  I will never forget that quote…nor will any Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Ricky Watters made that comment after one game when he was asked why he did not stretch out for a pass in an Eagles loss.  Ricky was a 2nd Round Pick of the Niners out of Notre Dame.  During his career, he was a 5x Pro Bowler, 3x All-Pro, and Super Bowl Champion.  Statistics: 10,643 rushing Yards, 4.1 Yards Per Carry Average, 4,248 Receiving Yards, 9.1 Yards Receiving Average, 78 Touchdowns.  Watters was a durable back and he always ran the ball hard.  He was also a good back out of the back field.  He also won a National Championship with Notre Dame.  He is one of two running backs to rush for 1,000 yards with three different teams along with Willis McGahee.  He scored three touchdowns in the 49ers 49-26 Super Bowl win against the San Diego Chargers.

6)  Priest Holmes (Baltimore Ravens-1997-2000/Kansas City  Chiefs-2001-2007).   Priest Holmes was an un drafted free agent that signed with the Ravens in 1997.  Little did anyone know that he would go on to have one of the most successful careers for a running back ever.  He was a 3x Pro-Bowler, Super Bowl Champion, and 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year.  Statistics: 8,172 Yards Rushing, 4.6 Yards Per Carry Average, 89 Touchdowns.  In 2003, Holmes broke Marshal Faulk’s record of 26 Touchdowns with 27, which was subsequently broken by Shaun Alexander with 28 and then Ladainian Tomlinson with 31.  Holmes career was cut short due to a spinal injury.  If Holmes had played a full career, there is no telling what he could have accomplished.

5)  2004088205Shaun Alexander (Seattle Seahawks- 2000-2007/Redskins-2008).  Alexander had a short career like Earl Campbell but that did not stop him from becoming one of the greatest running backs ever.  He put up some ridiculous numbers.  3x Pro Bowler, 2x NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and NFL MVP in 2005.  Statistics: 9,453 Yards Rushing, 4.3 Yards Per Carry Average, 100 Rushing Touchdowns, 10 Receiving Touchdowns.  Alexander never won a Super Bowl but he was the talk of the NFL for a good six seasons.

4 )  ladainian-tomlinsonLadanian Tomlinson (San Diego Chargers-2001-2009/New York Jets-2010-2011).  Stats say it all: 13,684 Yards Rushing, 4.3 Yards Per Carry Average, 145 Rushing Touchdowns (Including Single Season Record of 31, and 972 Points scored.  WOW!!!!!  In 2003, he became the first player to rush for 1,000 Yards and have 100 Receptions the same season.  Tomlinson is one of the all time greats as well…hands down.  Adrian Peterson is on pace to break Tomlinson’s records.  He was the sixth fastest player to 8,000 Yards.

3)  SANDERSBarry Sanders (15,269 Yards Rushing, 5.0 Yards Per Carry Average, 109 Touchdowns.  The Numbers speak for themselves.  Barry may have been the best pure running back of all-time.

2)  marshall-faulk-large1Marshall Faulk (12,280 YARDS RUSHING, 4.3 YARDS PER CARRY, 6,875 YARDS RECEIVING, 136 TOUCHDOWNS)

1)  Emmitt_Smith_Dallas_CowboysEmmitt Smith-  Emmitt is the Martin Brodeur of Running Backs.  He has every record that can be held.  Yes…He did play for an awesome offensive line but he also talked the talk and walked the walk.  18,355 Yards Rushing, 164 Rushing Touchdowns, 515 Receptions, 3,224 Yards Receiving, 11 Receiving Touchdowns.  Pro Football Hall Of Fame, 8x Pro Bowler, Career Rushing Yards Leader, Career Touchdown Leader, Career 100 Yard Rushing Games-78, 3x SUPER BOWL CHAMPION, 2x SUPER BOWL MVP, 4x Rushing Leader, Offensive Rookie of the Year.  Emmitt is the best on my list.

*****Honorable Mention- Adrian Peterson (New), Curtis Martin (Longevity), Ricky Williams, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson, Charlie Garner, Warrick Dunn, Thomas Jones.




Ok…It’s been a hectic week and we are already at the Thursday Night Game. The San Francisco 49ers are 3.5 Point Favorites. The Rams have been better than expected. The Niners have had their asses handed to them the past two weeks. Just found some up to date info that Vernon Davis, who’s Injured, will be a game time decision. Also, Patrick Willis and Nhamdi Asghamua may also miss the game. The Niners have allowed 24 points in eight of its last nine games. They have allowed 140 Yards rushing a game and six rushing Touchdowns this season. Last year their Defense only gave up Six Rushing Touchdowns and only 3 in 2011. So, this game is really a snake in the whole. The 49ers have a must win game tonight so Frank Gore will be important as will the defense. I am taking the 49ers to win 23-17. Stay tuned for THE SAV and his pick. Be back soon!



    Week #3 saw both DA BIRD and SAV go 8-8 with our picks.  So at this point, I am still leading the season with a 26-22 Record, while Savage is now 21-27.  This year has been anything but easy to pick so far…as the league seems more even this year.  The Haves and Have Nots are a small portion of the entire league.  In the NFC…The Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, and New Orleans Saints are all 3-0 so far.  In comparison, The New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all 0-3.  Yes, that’s not a mistake folks…the Giants and Redskins are both 0-3.  There is no misprint.  The NFC LEAST has become like the OLD NFC WEST.  The NFC at this point is anyone’s division and it appears that a team could even win the division with a 7-9 record as bad as these teams are at this point.

     Now…let us travel to the AFC.  The New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, and Kansas City Chiefs are all 3-0 in the early going.  The Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars are both 0-3.  So if we do the math…there are Seven Unbeaten Teams and and Six teams without a win yet.  The surprises so far has been the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins in the AFC and the New Orleans Saints in the NFC.  As far as disappointments thus far are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins and New York Giants who are all 0-3.  The biggest surprise there are the Steelers and Giants, who have combined for five of the past ten Super Bowl Wins in the past ten years.  The Jacksonville Jaguars are probably the only team that is right on schedule for a record close to the preseason picks.

     Peyton Manning has set a record for a three game period by throwing 12 Touchdowns in the first three games.  The Denver Broncos seem to be the toast of the AFC and have unlimited weapons.  I would be buying a dog this week if I was the Eagles.  Any team that has to face this offense has to be scared out of its wits at this point.  The Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears are leading the NFC so far.  The teams that have good records, but have played poorly are the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints, who have both escaped with some very close wins.

     There were many standout players in Week #3 on both Offense and Defense.  Of course, like always there was expected and also surprises.  Let’s begin with the Quarterbacks.  Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Brian Hoyer all passed for over 300 Yards and 3 Scores.  Ben Rothlisberger, Geno Smith, Matt Stafford and RGIII also threw for over 300 Yards.  Demarco Murray of the Cowboys and LeSean McCoy of the Eagles lead the way at running back rushing for over 150 yards and a score.  Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Donnie Avery, Jimmy Graham, Calvin Jones and Julio Jones stole the show at receiver in Week #3.  So far the Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos have been the most dominant defenses in the NFL.

     In the Fantasy Realm, my team won giving me a 2-1 Record so far.  Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson and Antonio Gates were my top three scorers.  A player that I left on the bench, that I was contemplating starting, Josh Gordon absolutely exploded.  But who would have took that chance with Brian Hoyer starting his first game at Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns who had also traded their Franchise Running Back earlier in the week.  That is why Fantasy Football still remains mostly luck.  Its luck due to many factors.  Injuries can kill your team.  However, there is also skill involved in knowing the match ups. Savage’s team, The Deuce Droppers once again DROPPED A DEUCE.  His team is lighting it up thus far.  Many of our owners are eating crow for him drafting four Dallas Cowboys.  Well, that is all I have for my weekly recap.  Stay tuned for my blog on the Top 20 Running Backs of 1990-2010 and also my Week #4 picks and analysis.  Everyone enjoy this beautiful Tuesday afternoon.  THE ECHO BEACH LEAGUE is in full swing…HOLLA!ImageImage


    Wow, this NFL season has been exciting so far to say the least.  There have already been many story lines that have been written and there are many more to come.  First of all…after the upset on Thursday…Andy Reid and the upstart Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0.  Thursday Night’s game was special for Reid, who coached the Philadelphia Eagles for Fourteen Seasons, and this was his first game against his old club.  Even making the night more special, was the retirement ceremony of Donovan McNabb’s Number at Halftime.  Remember, It was Andy Reid that took Donovan McNabb with the third pick in the 1998 Draft…amidst much criticism.  No one can forget that day when over 100 members of the Eagle’s Dirty Thirty made their way to New York City and proceeded to boo radically when the Eagles drafted #5, as Donovan refers to himself now.  The majority of Eagles fans that season thought they should draft Ricky Williams.  Well, the rest is history.  Donovan McNabb (Love him or hate him) is the best quarterback to ever suit up for the Eagles in history.  He holds just about every passing record, including wins and playoff games and wins.  The only thing that escaped Andy Reid and his protege, #5 was a Super Bowl Ring.  And that folks is the only reason that Andy Reid is now the Head Coach of the Chiefs.

     Anyways…Andy Reid received much praise by the Philadelphia Faithful, much to the dismay of the National Media, who had hoped for the usual drama that occurs surrounding this city and it’s sports lure.  Remember, Santa Claus…J.D. Drew and the Batteries…The horror stories of the Philadelphia Fans.  Well, Philly showed the Nation that they can play with dignity and that the fans could show restraint.  However, the Eagles Offense was also restrained…as Michael Vick reverted back to the Vick of old, the turnover machine.  It is pretty ironic that the Eagles were playing under such a big microscope and with Andy Reid present in the building, Vick appeared to be the same Vick as last year that struggled in Andy’s porous offense and the offensive line looked like swiss cheese once again.

     Ok, there have been many more story lines in the NFL already.  We had Peyton Manning and the 7 TD Performance in Week 1.  Trent Richardson, the Cleveland Browns star running back traded to the Indianapolis Colts, just two weeks into the season.  The Manning Bowl with Peyton coming out on top.  The Seattle Seahawks completely annihilating the San Francisco 49ers at home on a Monday Night in the “LOUDEST STADIUM” today.  The slow start of Tom Brady and the Patriots.  The  list can go on and on.  That is why there is a sixteen week season and byes, as well as the playoffs.  And just like the past few years, this league is anyone for the taking’s thus far.  So here we are…it’s that time again.  THE BIRD vs SAVAGE.  So far, THE BIRD is winning the points total as far as record against the spread.  However, Aaron took the Chiefs to win outright on Thursday, while I took the Eagles with a final score of 31-27.  My…oh my…how wrong was I.  The Eagles had better learn to play defense soon or else they will be 2-14 like the Chiefs last year.  I am scared to watch the Eagles next game, next Sunday at Denver.  Anyways, without further a due…here are my Week #3 Picks:

1) San Diego Chargers @ Tennessee Titans- The Chargers are underdogs on the road, despite their past week beating of the Eagles.  The Titans are favored by three points.  Philip Rivers does look composed and more focused this season.  The Chargers passing game has been the strength thus far.  However, The Titans have a good secondary and they can play the run well also.  Antonio Gates can be a beast, but I am going to go with the safe pick this week with the Titans winning the game and beating the spread.  Just a hunch.  Titans-20-Chargers-16.

2)  Cleveland Browns @ Minnesota Vikings- The Browns just traded their star running back and are starting their third string quarterback.  I would say this is a team in much disarray.  The trade is a move that signals that they are already giving up on this season (wusses).  In contrast, the Vikings still feature Adrian Peterson, the best running back in the game.  The Vikings are favored by seven and I can see this game getting ugly if they can get an early lead.  Vikings win and beat the spread.

3)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New England Patriots-  The Patriots are far from the team that many of us are used to.  Tom Brady has been un Brady like.  The Patriots have not been sharp and are barely winning games.  The once potent offense has disappeared and there are many question marks.  In my mind, there is no doubt that the loss of Wes Welker hurts this team.  I mean, you can say all you want about Edelman…but he is not WELKER.  The Buccaneers still have not totally shown their true colors.  Doug Martin can pound the ball and Josh Freeman has two very talented receivers in Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams.  However, there has been talk that Freeman is requesting a trade.  This cannot be good for the morale or the locker room.  The Patriots have to come out firing sometime and I feel this is the week.  Patriots win and beat the spread.

4)  Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens-  Despite the losses on defense for the Baltimore Ravens, this game should be a very close game and it will probably come down to turnovers.  The Texans are stronger this season with Andre Johnson and Arian Foster and they have been better in close games.  Although the Texans are favored by 2 Points…I am not ready to give up on the Ravens.  Baltimore wins at home and gets their swagger back.

5)  Saint Louis Rams @ Dallas Cowboys-  The Cowboys are favored by 3.5 Points.  However, the NFC East is 0-5 outside of the Division.  The Rams have shown that they can put up some offense and also have a good secondary.  If the Cowboys are going to win they will have to run the ball with Demarco Murray.  The Cowboys do present some matchup mismatches with Jason Witten, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Murray on offense.  All four players are good in traffic and are good after the catch.  I am going to stick with the law of averages and take the Rams in an upset.

6)  Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints-  The Saints have been much more consistent this season and still run that high octane offense.  Their defense is also much improved.  Drew Brees is due for a breakout game and Marques Colston and Jimmy Graham should be able to stretch the weak secondary of the Cardinals.  It is also still unknown if Larry Fitzgerald will play in this game.  The Saints are favored by 7.5.  The NFL is much more close these days so I am going to take New Orleans, but they will not beat the spread.

7)  Detroit Lions @ Washington Redskins-  This game is so hard to get a beat on right now that its a Pick Em.  The Redskins have yet to get their offense in sync as of yet, while RGIII continues to heal from his offseason surgery.  Alfred Morris did have a nice game in Week 2 so look for the Skins to try and control the clock, especially against the pass happy Lions.  Matt Stafford has many weapons at his disposal with Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush.  The Lions also bring it on Defense all day.  I would love to pick the Lions, but I see this as a dire game for the Skins in front of their home crowd.  The Redskins win this one in a nail biter.

8)  Green Bay Packers @ Cincinnati Bengals-  The Packers are favored by a field goal.  However, they will be missing their starting running back Eddie Lacy, Safety Morgan Burnett and Cornerback Casey Hayward.  Green Bay does have all of the hoopla and star power on offense, however if any team has a Front Seven that can neutralize Aaron Rodgers and the passing game its the Bengals.  I am taking the Bengals to win as home underdogs.

9)  New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers-  The Giants were just embarrassed by the Broncos at home.  They are only favored by 1.5 Points on the road.  This tells me that the consensus is that this Giants team is lacking the dominance it once had in the NFC.  If Carolina can get a consistent rushing game against the Giants and take pressure off Cam Newton, he could be in for a big day.  I am taking the Panthers to beat the Giants in easy fashion.

10)  Atlanta Falcons @ Miami Dolphins-  The Fish are finally getting some recognition around the league.  Miami is actually favored by a field goal at home.  Atlanta will be without their star tailback, Steven Jackson, for at least two weeks.  They have also not been protecting Matt Ryan the best.  The Dolphins are playing two dimensional football and they still pack power on Defense.  They are good at rushing the passer and should be able to neutralize the Falcon’s Air Game.  The Dolphins win this one and beat the Spread.

11)  Indianapolis Colts @ San Francisco 49ers-  The Niners are favored by 10!!  Wow, ten points.  The Colts just upgraded their rushing attack to go along with Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne.  The Niners are coming off that ASS KICKING.  I really feel that the Colts are underrated.  Nonetheless, the Niners will win the game but they will not cover.  They win by six or seven tops.

12)  Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks-  The Seahawks are favored by 19.5 Points.  Right now, the Seahawks look like the best team in football and the Jaguars are definitely the bottom feeders.  Seattle has a balanced attack with Marshawn Lynch at Tailback and Russell Wilson behind the Gun.  However, the true strength of this Seahawks team is their DEFENSE.  There will be at least five turnovers in this game and possibly three defensive scores as the Seahawks demolish the JAGS.  Seahawks win 41-10.

13)  Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets-  The Jets are favored by 2.5 Points at home.  If this game was on the road the Bills would be favored.  The Jets have not shown me anything this season and Rex Ryan will be done before the season in my opinion.  The Bills have yet to get going with their power running game.  CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson have only been a little above average.  The Bills continue to struggle with their passing game as well.  However, this could go either way so I am taking the Bills to win on the road.

14)  Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers-  This game should be a grind them out type of Sunday Night Football Game.  The Bears are really impressive as Jay Cutler continues to work magic with Brandon Marshall.  Matt Forte is off to his best start of his career as far as overall numbers.  The Steelers have been inconsistent thus far and Rothlisberger looks out of sync.  I am going Bears to win 24-17 as they are favored by two.

15)  Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos-  What more can we say so far about the Broncos besides they are the toast of the AFC.  They are favored by 15.5 Points.  Despite how good the Broncos are playing right now, the Raiders are a much improved team and I do not see them getting blown out.  Denver wins but does not cover.


And as I close, I wish all of my followers and fans alike good luck with Fantasy Football this week.  Week 3 is usually the week where teams either start to falter or take off.  We shall See.  LeSean McCoy already had a huge game as did Jamal Charles.  What other running backs will enjoy success?  Sunday is right around the corner.  And also, stay tuned as I will continue my series on TOP 20’s, this time picking the TOP 20 Running Backs from 1990-2010.ImageImageImageImage