The Eagles play on prime time against the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night. This matchup could feature the worst two teams in the NFL this year. Andy Reid’s job is being called for every five minutes, the Eagles are playing their second consecutive game with Michael Vick not behind the helms. It will also mark the Eagle’s first game without LeSean McCoy. One would think that Andy Reid would call a fairly simple game with a rookie QB (Nick Foles) and a rookie RB ( Bryce Brown). However, Andy Reid is known for his terrible game management and this year it has just gotten worse. I mean…look at last week. 44 Drop backs by your Quarterback, behind the most inept offensive line. Andy Reid just doesn’t get it. Wow…taking a look at Monday Night’s game against the Panthers, I can’t help but remember that Monday Night game when Jeff Garcia filed in for an injured McNabb and he torched them for 300 Yards and 3 TD’s as the Eagles rolled 28-10. I also remember that dreaded NFC Championship game against the Panthers at the LINC when McNabb was knocked out if the game and the Panthers rolled. I also remember the Sunday afternoon game against Carolina that was won by a last minute field goal by David Akers after John Carney hit a 53 yarder to tie the game. Well…many things have changed since these two teams had those memorable games. Neither Donovan McNabb or Jeff Garcia are with the Eagles any longer. Also missing are David Akers, Brian Westbrook, Tra Thomas and John Runyan. Jake Delhomme is no longer the Quarterback of the Panthers. Steve Smith is no longer the Dominant wide receiver he once was. Cam Newton is having a sophomore slump and looks nothing like the rookie of the year from a year ago. Yes…things In the NFL change in Fifteen Minutes just like GEICO. The Eagles are now starting a
Rookie Quarterback (Nick Foles) and a Rookie Running Back (Bryce Brown). As mentioned earlier…the Eagles
Wretched O Line is past inept. Their Defense gets torched by the big play at least once every game and the Eagles have the worst Turnover Ratio in the NFL. With all this being said, Andy Reid is still the coach of this team. That leads me to my next point…who should the Eagles pursue to be their new head coach. Well, I have a few candidates and they all have something in common. They are hard nosed and don’t take shit. My first choice would be Bill Cowher. Bill Cowher is a Defensive Minded Coach that the Eagle’s have lacked for some time. Cowher would instill a clock management running style pro offense that is predicated to make the Defense better by keeping it off the field and fresh. I don’t care how much money it would take, Cowher would be my first choice. The Eagles need a Defensive Identity once again. Buddy Ryan and Ray Rhoads were two of these types of coaches. The other choice would be John Gruden. John is more of an offensive minded coach but he preaches tough defense and he was very successful with Tampa Bay and the Oakland Raiders. My third pick for coach would be Bill Romanowski. He brings a font take any shit attitude to the field and would stress team defense. I’m sure there are others out there. One thing is certain though…Reid must go. This team needs a shakeup. Well…since the many changes between these two teams…I see Mondays game as a putrid version of NFL Football. Stay tuned till tomorrow when we will review Week #12 and the picks.




Wow….It’s Week 12…Thanksgiving a thing of the past…3 good games on Thursday…Black Friday madness…insane amounts of shoppers and money spent. It’s Sunday, November 25th. A day before the opening of Buck Season in Pennsylvania…over a million hunters will venture into the woods hoping to bag a big trophy buck (Myself Included). Anyways…there are Four Games left in the season and playoff implications are on the line in many games. At this point…the race is on for the best record in each conference and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Now to Week 12’s picks:

1) Oakland Raiders @ Cincinnati Bengals- The Bengals are favored by 8.5 points at home. Cincy is playing much better and Andy Dalton/AJ Green have been on a role. In contrast, Oakland has been terribly inconsistent. Their Defense has been suspect and their usual strength (running game) has been inept due to lingering injuries to Darren McFadden. My pick is the Bengals to win the game, but Oakland will cover the spread. Aaron on the other hand takes Cincy to win and cover and AJ Green will have his 10th straight game with a Touchdown Reception.
2) Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns- The Steelers are favored by 1.5, even without Rothlisberger. The Steelers are tough on Defense and will rely on their running game to control the clock. Cleveland will keep the game close, but the Steelers will win and cover the spread. Aaron agrees that the Steelers will win and cover, and he feels it will be a low scoring game.
3) Buffalo Bills @ Indianapolis Colts- The Colts are favored by 3 at home. Andrew Luck may be the rookie of the year in the NFL and is showing the team that they made a move in the right direction. The Bills get Fred Jackson back and have a great 1-2 punch in the running game with Jackson and Spiller. I’m gonna take the Bills to win outright behind their strong running game. Aaron believes that Indianapolis will win at home and cover the spread. He expects a big game from Reggie Wayne.
4) Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs- Denver is favored by 10.5 on the road. Peyton Manning continues to dominate the AFC and already should be cemented as the comeback player of the year in the NFL. The loss of Willis McGahee could be bigger than expected, though as he really has brought balance to the Denver Offense. Denver will win, but KC will cover the spread. Aaron and I both agree on this one.
5) Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars- The Titans are favored by 3.5 on the road. Chris Johnson has resurrected his career and the Titans have looked good at times. Jacksonville on the other hand has been the worst team in the NFL. However, the Jaguars are due and Aaron and I are both taking the Jags to win outright.
6) Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears-
The Bears are favored by 6.5 at home
and are getting Jay Cutler back. The Vikings are still in the playoff hunt, but Chicago’s Defense will be too much. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall will be back to the grind. Chicago wins and covers…Aaron and I both concur.
7) Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Atlanta is favored by 1.5 on the road. Aaron says The Falcons will win and cover. I’m taking Tampa Bay at home behind another big game by Josh Freeman. Atlanta is due for a
8) Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins- The Seahawks are favored by 3 on the road. I’m taking Seattle, who continues to impress the league. Expect Marshawn Lynch to pound the ball and get 100 yards/2 Touchdowns. Aaron feels that Seattle will be jet lagged by the trip and Miami will upset.
9) Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers- Baltimore is favored by 1 so this game could go either way. Aaron and I both are taking Baltimore to win and cover with an inconsistent Philip Rivers struggling week in and week out.
10) San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints- The Niners are favored by 1.5 on the road. Aaron is taking the Niners in a tough game while i am going to say that The Saints continue their hot streak…as they try to become the first team in NFL history to start a season 0-4 and then make the playoffs. Drew Brees is a Beast!
11) Saint Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals are favored by 1.5 at home. Aaron and I are both taking the Rams to win against an Arizona team that has been in disarray after a strong start. The Rams win by at least a touchdown.
12) Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants- The Giants are favored by a field goal. Eli has been inconsistent and their wide receivers have disappeared. Aaron and I are taking the Pack to destroy the NY Football Giants.
13) Carolina Panthers @ Philadelphia Eagles- Carolina is favored by 3 points and we both agree Carolina in a route!!!

Five to Start;
1) Brandon Marshall
2) Steelers Defense
3) AJ Green
4) Reggie Wayne
5) Josh Freeman



So Week #11 of the NFL Season is in the books. This season is winding down. So Far the best teams are pulling away from the pack, Atlanta in the NFC and Houston in the AFC. Week #11 saw Aaron go 9-5 against the spread….while I had my best week yet going 12-2. So far this years standings are as follows:
Jason: 83-60
Aaron: 80-63

So we are still neck and neck as this race is going down to the wire. Here are my NFL Power Rankings as of today.
1) Atlanta Falcons
2) Houston Texans
3) San Francisco 49ers
4) Denver Broncos
5) Baltimore Ravens
6) Green Bay Packers
7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8) Chicago Bears
9) New England Patriots
10) New York Giants….

Bottom Feeders:
1) Philadelphia Eagles
2) Cleveland Browns
3) Jacksonville Jaguars
4) Carolina Panthers
5) Saint Louis Rams

Week# 11 Featured some more key injuries as Willis McGahee of the Denver Broncos went down with a torn MCL and will likely miss the rest of the season. In Philly, Andy Reid made yet another huge coaching mistake as he had LeSean McCoy, the team’s running back and arguably MVP playing in the last two minutes of a blowout to the Washington Redskins. Well, McCoy suffered a concussion and will miss substantial time. And probably the worst injury as far as a team goes, The New England Patriots lost All-Pro Tight End Rob Gronkowski to an arm injury on a PAT at the end of the game. Injuries are a major part of the game and sometimes they really do make a difference in the fate of a teams playoff chances. Injuries definitely effect Fantasy Football Leagues in tremendous ways. My pick of RJ3 as a fantasy standout last week stood true as did my pick of Nick Foles as a Fantasy goat. If course, Nick Foles is in a no win situation.
Now to Thursdays Picks….There will be 3 Games played tomorrow on Thanksgiving, one extra than the traditional Thanksgiving special.
1) Houston Texans @ Detroit Lions- The Texans were lucky to escape with a win in Overtime last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Houston is making the big play at will this year and their defense is playing big as well. They are favored by 3 points in the road in Detroit. The Lions always play well on Thanksgiving, but I cannot see them beating the best team in the AFC. The Texans will win and cover but expect the game to be Competitive. Megatron will have a huge game and this matchup will favor two of the top receivers in the league in Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson.

2) Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys are favored by 3 points at home. This is an excellent Divisional Rival game with huge playoff implications. The Redskins will hang in there but Dallas will pull away in the end. Dallas wins and covers.

3) New England Patriots @ New York Jets- The Jets have been a circus, despite their win last week. New England just lost one of their best weapons. However, they are always able to recover from key injuries and this is the time they usually make their run. The Patriots are favored by 6.5 on the road and I say they win and cover. Expect Tom Brady to shine and take over the game.

Stay tuned for Aaron’s picks. Ok…as far as Fantasy Football goes my team won and my record went to 5-6. I still have a slight chance to make the playoffs, but I must win out. I lost Willis McGahee, my 3rd starting running back to miss significant time this year. Peyton Manning continues to be my leader and Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall are the top of the list as far as wide receiver points go. Hopefully I can even up my record this week and edge closer to the playoffs. Till next time….HAPPY TURKEY DAY everyone!


Philly Needs an Overhaul

My how things have changed the past few years. I can remember back as recently as 2010 when the Flyers were in the Stanley Cup, The Phillies made the NLCS, The 76ers made the playoffs and the Eagles had a stellar season behind Michael Vick. Fast Forward 2 years! The NHL is probably going to skip a season (already half way into the labor dispute and lockout), The Phillies missed the playoffs and finished close to the basement in the NL East, The Sixers are still inconsistent and not close to winning a championship and the Eagles???? The Eagles?? Well, the Eagles are fading fast and are in a state of disarray. At 3-7 now, the Eagles are well on their way to their worst record since 1998 when Andy Reid took over this team, 14 seasons ago. When Andy Reid arrived in Philly, the Eagles were a team with some talent that needed a good leader and strategist. When Andy Reid and the Eagles drafted Donovan McNabb in 1998, the tables were turning. Jim Johnson built one of the most powerful defenses in the Eagles history. Five straight NFC Championships, One Superbowl, Countless memories followed as the Eagles closed down the VET, moved into the LINC, Grew into one of the real powerhouses in the NFL. The Eagles were the NFC version of the New England Patriots…without the Superbowl wins lol. The Eagles were a very successful team and provided Philadelphia with many great memories. However, the past few seasons have been inconsistent and disheartening to say the least. A few seasons back, the Eagles signed Michael Vick and traded Donovan McNabb. McNabb took most of the blame for the Eagle’s failure in the 11 years under his reign. Yes, McNabb was not the most accurate quarterback the Eagles ever had. McNabb did blow it in the Superbowl. McNabb did get injured a lot. Nonetheless, McNabb holds every Eagles quarterback record in history. He was the winningest quarterback they ever had. McNabb was a good leader at one point in his career. Let us not forget, the NFL is a team game (just ask the New England Patriots and New York Giants). After McNabb was traded, Michael Vick had one good season and all of the experts were saying…see…it was McNabb’s fault. These experts failed to place any blame on the team’s coach, Andy Reid. Jim Johmson’s untimely passing was another turning point in the Philadelphia Eagles history. The Defense has not been the same and the Eagles made Juan Castillo the Defensive Coordinator last year. No one could argue that the Eagles did not have talent on that side of the ball. I mean, they signed Namdi Asomgha to one of the largest contracts for a Cornerback in the history of the NFL. They also boasted the NFL’s sack leader and a very good defensive line. Fast forward to 2012…Juan Castillo is fired and he takes the blame for the Philadelphia Eagles failures. Well, Castillo is gone and this defense is playing even worse. It’s truly time for Jeff Lurie to throw loyalty to the side and replace Andy Reid now. This version of the Philadelphia Eagles is pathetic. It is obvious that Andy Reid has lost this team. The team lacks respect for him and there is no leadership. They have the arguably the worst offensive line in NFL history. Michael Vick showed his true colors, that he really is not the Quarterback that will take this team to Championship. Now LeSean McCoy, their superstar running back, the one weapon that this team has that really is one of the best in the NFL, has received a concussion after taking a hard hit in the last two minutes of a game. The Eagles, who were losing by 30 points to the Washington Redskins were finished. Andy Reid, when asked why McCoy was still in the game, answered “We were trying to win the game.” C’MON Andy….get real!!!! You have lost your marbles. This team is finished. The time for rebuilding is now. Why wait until the end of the season. This team needs a drastic change now. Andy Reid is done. Forget all of the good things he has done for this team. The goal of any NFL franchise is to WIN the Superbowl! Well, in 14 seasons under Reid the Eagles have exactly one appearance (a loss to the Patriots) in a Superbowl. If this was any other company or corporation, Reid would have been replaced a long time ago. Well, Reid is still here. Jeff Lurie has let loyalty reign above results. This is a huge mistake. Lurie, I hope that you will finally listen to the fans…we really are not stoopid. We really are NFL fans and we DO understand the game. It is so obvious that Andy Reid has lost this team and a change is necessary. Why are you waiting…Andy Reid should be with his family anyway, after losing his son earlier this season. Please restore the good feeling in Philly again. Bring the Eagles back to respectable again in the NFL. Andy Reid must go. This is not personal, this is an anomaly. It is time for this team to rebuild from the top on down. If I’m Lurie, everyone goes except LeSean McCoy!!! He is the only true talent that is untouchable. We need a DEFENSIVE minded coach again. Defense really does still win Championships. As good as the Patriots Offense has been under their dominance the past fifteen years, Their Defense has truly been their backbone. We need a change. This does not just go for this Football Team. The Baseball Team also needs to rebuild. After their World Series win in 2008, this team has still had playoff success but if you really look close at the team they have gotten old. They have declined tremendously both in talent and success. It’s ashame, after the Phillies traded for and signed Roy Halladay, it looked like they may be on their way to a dynasty. Then the Four Aces…Halladay, Lee, Hammels, and Oswalt. Fast forward, Oswalt is gone, Halladay was injured and had his worst season in ten years, Lee was inconsistent and not the dominant force he had been the previous five years, only Hammels was good as promised. Chase Utley is done. Ryan Howard is on a decline. They do not have a young nucleus. This team also needs to rebuild. Charlie it’s been nice knowing you. Back to the Eagles, C’MON!!! Nick Foles first start in the NFL, and you make him drop back 43X!!!!! Four Sacks, countless rushes and hurries! Reid…you will never get it!!!! Quarterbacks have changed, lines have changed, defenses have changed. The one mainstay is Reid. Now it is time for Jeff Lurie to give this city some hope! Please hear the voice of the FAN!





Week # 10 saw some pretty good players go down with injuries.  Fred Jackson (Running Back) of the Buffalo Bills went down with a concussion as did the Philadelphia Eagle’s (Starting Quarterback) Michael Vick.  Most NFL experts, as well as novices had to see this coming with Michael Vick.  Philly’s Offensive Line may be the worst NFL line in NFL History.  Michael Vick had been sacked, hit, knocked down, or pressured on Ninety Percent of his pass attempts.  If this is not an NFL Record, I would be shocked.  Anyways, The Eagles will be starting Rookie Quarterback Nick Foles in Vick’s place.  Andy Reid has been bashed mercilessly this past week and there is even a FIRE ANDY REID site on Facebook.  The Eagles have not been the only  disappointing team this season in the NFL.  The Dallas Cowboys, even with their big win in Philly last week have also been underachievers.  Week #10 was my bye week as Aaron went 6-6 with his picks against the spread.  This has put Aaron and I in a virtual tie with six weeks left in the season.  Thursday Night saw the Bills beat the Dolphins so I take a 1-0 lead going into Sunday’s games.  Without further a-due here are my picks for Week 11:

1) Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins-  The Eagles are 3 point underdogs on the road.  Even though this is a Divisional Game, this line surprises me a bit.  Washington has been inconsistent, but they have a good defense and a good running game.  RJ3 is due for another big game.  If Michael Vick were playing in this game, I do not think it would make much of a difference.  The Eagle’s are pathetic this season and have no signs of improvement.  Im going to take Washington to win the game and beat the spread.

2) Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions-  Green Bay has not been the dominant team of the past few seasons, but they are still dangerous in the NFC.  Aaron Rodgers is a yearly MVP canidate and the Packers are coming off a Bye Week.  Green Bay has to be getting healthy on both sides of the ball.  Detroit on the other hand, has been up and down.  Their offense continues to put up a lot of points.  Their Defense cannot stop anyone, however.  The Packers are favored by 3 in this one on the road and I think Rodgers has a huge game…the Packers win on the road easily and beat the spread.

3) Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons-  Arizona is also coming off a Bye Week.  The Falcons lost there first game last week against their divisional rival New Orleans Saints.  The Falcons are favored by 9.5 points at home.  Yes, they are due for a bounce back game, but the Cardinals have a stellar defense and are healthy.  I think the Cardinals will keep this game close…The Falcons win and the Cardinals cover the spread.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers-  The Bucs are only favored by 1.5 Points on the road.  The Buccaneers have been my surprise team this season and their Defense gives teams fits.  Freeman has been better than average at Quarterback, putting up big numbers on a weekly basis.  The Panthers are Division Rivals and have been very disappointing to say the least.  Im going to take the Buccaneers to win and cover the spread.

5) Cleveland Browns @ Dallas Cowboys-  The Cowboys are coming off a big win against the Philadelphia Eagles on the road.  Dallas has become a more consistent team on offense and continues to improve defensively.  The Browns are not a terrible team, but I cannot see them winning more than four games.  They are 7.5 point underdogs in this one.  I say Dallas wins by double digits and covers the spread.

6) New York Jets @ Saint Louis Rams- The Jets have been a circus and are still 3.5 point favorite in St Louis.  The Rams have been playing much better football lately and Running Back Steven Jackson is starting to get back to where he was a few years back.  Im going against the grain on this one and taking the Rams to beat the Jets outright.  The Jets are the Eagles of the AFC.

7) Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots-  The Patriots have been more inconsistent this season than they have in many many years.  They are favored by 9.5 points at home against a surprise Colt’s team.  Andrew Luck is showing the league that he is no fluke and that he doesn’t win by just luck, but also raw ability and talent.  I would love to say that the Patriots will dominate and win big, but they have not shown this element this season.  Im taking the Patriots to win, but the Colts will Cover.

8) Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans-  The Texans are the best team in the AFC and the Jags are the worst.  Houston is coming off a BYE week and they are favored by 15 points.  That is one of the highest spreads this season.  The Texans will win, but Jacksonville will find a way to cover the spread.

9) Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs-  The Chiefs are underdogs by 3.5 Points in this one.  The Bengals have played better lately and Andy Dalton had a huge breakout game against the New York Giants.  Although the Chiefs are home and better, I say the Bengals will win this one outright on the road.

10) New Orleans Saints @ Oakland Raiders-  The Raiders have been bit by the injury bug while the Saints continue to turn their season around.  The Saints are favored by 5 Points on the road in this one and I say they win by a touchdown.

11) San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos- The Broncos are 7.5 Point favorites at home against the disappointing Chargers.  These games are usually tight, but look for Peyton Manning take his comeback season to another level.  The Broncos win and cover the spread.

11) Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers- The Ravens are favored by 3.5 points on the road.  The Ravens are a powerhouse on Offense and have dominated teams defensively, despite losing All Pro Ray Lewis.  I think the Ravens will have no problem against an overrated Steelers squad.

12) Chicago Bears @ San Francisco 49ers-  The 49ers are favored by 6.  The Bears win this one on the road.




So we are now in Week #11…Thursday Night Football. Aaron and I are tied with identical records. Miami is 3 point underdog on the road against the Buffalo Bills. Aaron is going with the road team and taking the Dolphins. The Dolphins with a 4-5 record still have a chance to make the playoffs. Yes, they have been up and down and inconsistent (1-2) after their bye, but the AFC East is still wide open. The Bills on the other hand were expected to rise up and challenge the Patriots. This has not happened, though and the Bills are (3-6). The Bills still have a slim chance to make the playoffs, but they are in a must win situation at home tonight against the Dolphins at home. I’m taking the Bills at home, not because they are better than the Dolphins, but because they need the game more than Miami. Also, the Bills almost took the Patriots to task while the Dolphins lost big time to the Titans. Chris Johnson ran all over the Dolphins. The Bills have a solid running game, but they took a serious blow last week when they lost Starting Running Back Fred Jackson to a head injury. The Bills are blessed to have CJ Spiller on their bench, who has split time with Jackson all season. These games are always tight and entertaining and the Bills will win and beat the spread. I’m saying 24-17 Buffalo Final. This should be a fun divisional matchup and I do expect Miami to play much better than they did Sunday against the Titans. Now to the state of the rest of the NFL. There were a few quarterback injuries in week #10 with Michael Vick and Jay Cutler going down. The Eagles and Jets are the NFL circus of the NFC/AFC respectively. In the NFC, the Falcons continue to lead the league in Power Rankings, but they did come back down to earth with a loss to their Division Rival New Orleans Saints. My Power Rankings going into Week #11 are as follows:
1) Atlanta Falcons
2) Houston Texans
3) Baltimore Ravens
4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5) Chicago Bears
6) New York Giants
7) Denver Broncos
8) Green Bay Packers
9) San Francisco 49ers
10) New England Patriots

The NFC dominates the power rankings through this week. As mentioned, the Philadelphia Eagles are in disarray and now have lost starting quarterback Michael Vick to a concussion. Their makeshift minor league offensive line has not helped their season at all and Andy Reid continues to be the talk of the town. Most experts agree that Reid has lost this team and that it’s time for this franchise to rebuild from the top to the bottom. In the AFC, the New York Jets are making headlines even with their horrible play. A few anonymous players have come out and bashed back up quarterback Tim Tebow saying that he is “terrible” and he is “more of a wildcat than a quarterback.” These statements have come amid a disappointing 2012 season behind Mark Sanchez even though Tim Tebow has not had a chance to succeed or fail. What a disaster the other New York team has on its hands. Now they are bashing each other towards players that have not even contributed to their record this season. This is a pathetic situation and Rex Ryan has his hands tied with this one.
In MLB news, it has to be the feel good story of the season with RA Dickey being formally announced as the National League CY Young Award winner yesterday. RA Dickey has been a tremendous story this season and rightly deserved to win this award. The goat of the week has to be the Florida Marlins who just made a horrible trade and fire sale of star players. And Hockey has made the news…even with the NHL being off due to the Labor Dispute. A High School team in Pennsylvania has made news as they refuse to sing the National Anthem before its teams games. This is a travesty to our Nation. More sports news to come later in the week.




Ok.  Well I already ranted enough about the state of the Philadelphia Eagles in my previous post so I will not even go into any details about this subject.  Week #10 saw my team on a Bye and Aaron was solo as far as picks go.  Aaron went a modest 6-6, which moved him and I into a virtual tie for the year so far, both of us with a 78-51 Record ATS.  Aaron actually picked the Eagles to beat the Cowboys, a result that was far from the outcome.  We are coming down the stretch so with six weeks left…it’s anyone’s win for the taking.  As I have stated in many previous blogs….this NFL season has been full of surprises both on an individual performance basis, as well as on a team level.  Of course, my trend continued as I lost another tight one in Fantasy.  The New York Giants Defense and Miles Austin both killed me.  Both the Giants and Austin had been my most consistent performers to date.  Well, this week they cost me.  I also lost Fred Jackson, once again to an injury after compiling a stellar 26 Point Day (ughhhhhh!!!!!).  I have had no luck at the Running Back position, which continues to be my weak link in Fantasy.  So with this loss….my record drops to 4-6 with 3 weeks left.  I would probably have to win out at this point in order to have a chance of making the playoffs.  Aaron on the other hand won this week and moves to 7-3.  Last year Aaron won the league as well as the points total.  My team is really putting up good numbers, but I keep getting bad breaks by starting one or two of the wrong players.  Peyton Manning is at the top of the points charts as far as quarterbacks go.  I probably have the best Wide Receiver core in the league with Marshall, Megatron and Miles Austin.  Jason Hanson is at the top for Kickers, The Giants are at the top in defense, and Jason Witten is at the top in Tight Ends.  My weak link is definitely at Running Back where I have had some key injuries.  Oh well, thats how Fantasy works.  It takes some luck and good health.  Well as far as Power Rankings go….here is my Top 10:

1) Atlanta Falcons

2) Houston Oilers

3) Chicago Bears

4) Baltimore Ravens

5) Denver Broncos

6) Chicago Bears

7) Seattle Seahawks

8) New England Patriots

9) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10) Pittsburgh Steelers

*****Honorable Mention: New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers.

Stay tuned to Thursday for the pick of the week and more Fantasy News.Image


I don’t normally do this and this is very much out of character for me. What I mean is that I don’t normally blog about the Eagles solely…and I never blog during a game that is still in progress. However, As a Die Hard Eagles fan since I was born…I cannot take anymore of this team. I don’t care who the quarterback is at this point. The offensive line this team is starting couldn’t beat my Atco little league team down the street. This defensive line has no spark. This team hasn’t had a punt or kick return for a touchdown in two years. This team cannot ever make big plays. These are all characteristics that the Eagles possess. But this is not the problem with this team. 14 years and counting. What is the significance of that number. The significance is that the Eagles have been coached by Andy Reid for 14 years and they have still yet to win a SuperBowl. That is the ultimate goal in the NFL. Please do not give me injuries as an excuse. Please do not blame McNabb, Westbrook, Dawkins, or any of the other star players that have donned the green and black! When Jim Johnson passed away…a huge piece of this team was taken away. The heart and soul of the Eagles team has always been its defense. The past two years the defense has been brutal. Last year it sucked. This year it’s even worse. Juan Castillo was already fired but he is just the scapegoat. Andy Reid put together this team and he must be held accountable for its record…success and failure. For the record…I am an Andy Reid fan and I do believe that he is definitely one of the best coaches this franchise has ever had. However….He has lost this team. There is no heart! There is no leadership! There is no game plan. There is no adjustments. There is no hope. Right now this team needs to rebuild from the top to the bottom. The only players that I would keep going into next year would be LeSean McCoy, Trent Cole, Demarco Ryan’s, Domenic Cromartie, and Nick Foles. Scrap the rest of the team. Rebuild means draft smart, sign key free agents, build dormant offensive and defensive lines. Well to start the rebuilding process…Lurie should get the ball rolling today and cut his losses. Fire Reid. Set an example. These players deserve to be humiliated. They have quit on their boss. They have lost all rhyme or reason. Fire Reid today. Why wait. To save Face! Hell No!!!! Reid Must Go! Lurie…stop being loyal it gets you nowhere. I hope that enough people will support this petition to get rid of Reid. He must be gone tomorrow. Do not let him coach another game. Start the rebuilding today! We as Fans deserve much better. This has gotten out of hand and this team is pathetic. Reid is the problem and has been for years. His stubbornness has cost the Eagles many chances to go further. He is to proud to beg. It took losing Michael Vick getting knocked out to run the ball! C’MON! You have one of the best running backs in the game and barely use him. Sorry…but it’s time for you to go Big Red. Maybe you could just so yourself a favor and resign. Ok…now I feel much better. Had to get that off my chest!!!! Hopefully Monday the 12th will be Reid’s swan song.




Ok… Well we are well past the halfway point in the season now. Teams are vying for playoff position, byes, and home field advantage. Remember, due to the storm last week Aaron was on a Bye so this week I get a Bye. Here are Aaron’s picks for Week 10:
1) Buffalo Bills @ New England Patriots- The Patriots have been inconsistent at best and have lost two games at home in the same season for the first time in 2 seasons. Aaron expects the Patriots to win who are favored by 13.5 points, but the Bills will cover on the road.

2) New York Giants @ Cincinnati Bengals- The Giants are favored by 4 on the road. After the past two clunkers by the Giants, Aaron has them beating the Bengals and covering the spread.

3) San Diego Chargers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Bucs are favored by a field goal at home. Aaron says take the Bucs and they will cover.

4) Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers- The Broncos are favored by 3.5 on the road. Expect Peyton Manning to continue his dominance…Aaron says Broncos and cover.

5) Oakland Raiders @ Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens are favored by 7.5 at home. Take Baltimore and the points.

6) Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings- The Vikes are favored by 3 at home. Detroit needs a win Aaron says, take Detroit to win outright.

7) New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks- The Seahawks are favored by 5.5. The Jets are due for a loss. Aaron says take the home team and they will cover.

8) Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles- Aaron says the Eagles who are 2 point dogs at home will win outright. I beg to differ..I’m going Dallas.

9) Saint Louis Rams @ San Francisco- The 49ers are favored by 13. Take the 9ers but the Rams cover.

10) Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears- The Bears are favored by 1….almost a pick Em. Aaron says Bears all the way.

11) Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers- Pittsburgh is hot and are favored by 12.5 against a horrible Chiefs team. Aaron says Pittsburgh will win big and cover.

Ok….Aaron’s picks are I . My Fantasy Starts of the week are Josh Freeman, Fred Jackson, Miles Austin, Brent Celek, Jason Hanson and the Cowboys Defense. Stay tuned to the next round of results and fantasy fallout.


VAN HALEN: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?? Which Version Fo You Prefer?

So, this is probably a very popular debate that many metal fans have waged throughout the years. Which Van Halen is the better version: David Lee Roth era or Sammy Hagar. I remember the first Van Halen album that I bought was 1984. When i first popped the album in and heard the intro to Jump…I had an instant rush. The song Jump was probably the first Van Halen song that I became enamored with. David Lee Roth was the prototype front man. David was extremely brash with his bushy blonde hair and he exerted a large amount of energy every time he hit the stage. I remember listening to the song “Ice Cream Man,” when David gets to the chorus it makes you feel like he’s going to jump off the stage into the crowd. I mean, when Van Halen first surfaced…the sound that Eddy Van Halen brought to the table was a totally new and innovative sound. Eddy invented the kneck solo by tapping on different strings instead of strumming. Van Halen with David Lee Roth was a huge success. Then there were differences in opinion and David went on to form his own solo band. Enter Sammy Hagar. Sammy had played with the band Montrose and welcomed the opportunity to join one of the biggest bands ever assembled. Sammy provided a different style than David as he was more of a technical singer. OU812 was a great album. This was a different way to settle the box. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge was another great gig. I remember when the album first came out they were insane. Well, I liked both vocalists and either one of them could join us at front . Please
Cast your votes people
Every one counts. Goodntie