Metal Book Reviews

BABY…YOU’RE GONNA DIE”…………..Lines from the famous song Welcome to the Jungle echo through my ears every time someone even mentions the band Guns N Roses or any one connected to this stellar band of 80’s and early 90’s. Growing up in the Heavy Metal era…from Hair Metal to Thrash Metal to Grunge/Alternative Metal/ and Progressive Metal…I became a fan of not only the different styles of Metal….but I also grew to hold certain bands deep in my heart…I guess u could say that I had a “Metal Crush.”. But no band that I can remember in the 80’s made more of a huge impact on the music world as Guns N Roses. This band changed the face of metal in a way only a few iconic bands have been able to do throughout the past few decades. I mean…they were like the Beatles of the 60’s, Black Sabbath of the 70’s, AC/DC and METALLICA in the early 80’s. They came on strong at a fast and furious pace. I’m not sure where experts rank it…but I would rank Appetite for Destruction in the TOP 3 METAL ALBUMS of all time! Yes….they were that good. Guns N Roses came to fruition right around the transition of Hair/Glamour metal and Thrash Metal which continued to evolve. Guns N Roses was neither of these. They had their own distinct sound and that album still will send chills down your spine. At the time…Axl Rose was one of the craziest frontman with an awesome voice. Slash…well we all know Slash (Guitar Legend). And we had Steven Adler…THE DRUMMER. He may be the least remembered member of the band but he was one of the all time greats at his instrument. Well…on August 28th Deanna Adler’s much anticipated book was released and titled “Sweet Child of Mine: How I Lost My Son to Guns N Roses.”. In her book she reveals what it was like to raise a child who became a star of one of the most notorious bands in history and his constant battles with Heroin and Crack/Cocaine Addiction. The book details her undying loyalty to her son who rises to the top and then crashes and burns…all in front of an audience. His fall from fame takes him on a journey of addiction, legal battles, financial ruin, 2 Heart Attacks, multiple suicide attempts, a debilitating stroke, and numerous stints and rehab. Through it all Deanna remained by her son’s side and the book cites her courage and dedication to family and belief in a higher power and the ability to find peace through it all. Another former member of Guns N Roses, Duff McKagan released a book over a year ago that details his own battles with addiction and alcoholism…his almost near death experience, and his battle to beat his disease in a non conventional way…not like the more traditional system of AA. He details how his number one important thing in life now is his family. He went through some harrowing experiences as a child and he explains in the book how childhood tramaua can directly influence an addictive personality and thus almost lead one’s self to their own demise. I rate this book a 10! It is a very powerful intense story that not only tells Duff’s tale but also shares how great recovery can be. One of the most influential books out right now is “The Dirt” by Motley Crüe. The incredible and interesting thing about this book is that it is a collection of stories told by each band member on their own account and it really takes you behind the scenes of the most notorious glam metal band in history. I mean this book is written so well you would think you were there. It’s amazing that any of them are still alive after some of the crazy things they got into during their rise to fame. Nikki Sixx, the Bassist for Motley Crüe has his own book called the Heroin Diaries which are his own account of his terrible struggles with addiction…his death and revival…and his path that he went down in his darkest hour. I give this book another thumbs up. Last but not least we have Dave Mustaine’s book “A Heavy Metal Memoir” which basically tells his story of addiction…his 17 trips to Rehab and his subsequent finding of God. I would recommend all of these books strongly to anyone that is a true metal fan because they all really take you into the minds of an addict and you see the pain that each of them suffered. But then you see the joy in their recovery and how it changes their lives forever. There are many other metal books that make for good reading but these are ones I have read from top to bottom and they are all great quality. On an off note…it came out today that Nikki Sixx recently used a Gay slur at a Motley Crüe/KISS concert referring to Justin Beiber. So far the rock star has no comment. To be continued!


Deftones/Lance Armstrong

DefTones made it official that they will release their 7th Studio Album on November Thirteenth and it will be titled “Koi No Yokan.”. To support their new album they also announced that they will be headlining a tour including 16 US shows! Scars on Broadway will be the opening act. Also, Eddie Van Halen was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and required emergency surgery this week. A full recovery is expected within 4-6 months so Van Halen has been forced to cancel their tour of Japan. As most people remember, Eddie has already overcome a bout with tongue cancer so this is a serious blow to the rejuvenated reunited band. Lance Armstrong was accused once again of doping by another former teammate. This story never seems to end as there continues to be teammates that are coming forward against the cyclist. Drugs in sports will be one of my topics that I will cover in a future blog as I have been doing research in this area. In other news, Andy Roddick is retiring from tennis at the ripe age of 30. Wow…it’s good to see that some athletes still want to go out in their prime. Too many athletes try and extend their career too long (you know who you are Brett Favre)…so it’s a pleasure to see a star athlete retire on top. Finally, a fan fell to his death at a Texans preseason game. The fan apparently fell off an escalator. More to come later.


Sports Quick Notes

On Thursday, an FBI file was released that revealed letters and threats on the late coach’s life. This just will never end. It really sucks…I totally agree with the parents for the anger they have against the University and yes the powers to be definitely dropped the ball with this incident. However, this is going too far now. Jerry Sandusky is the true criminal and we must not lose sight of this. Thursday was supposed to be an important meeting of the two sides on the NHL labor dispute but the meeting was cancelled and there is no guarantee that the sides will meet again on Friday. Please….guys get your head out of your asses and settle this. No one wins in a strike. All of these athletes are so greedy and no one can ever say differently. They are in the 1 percentile of Economic status and should be thankful for what they do have. Hank Aaron sounded off on Previous and present players who either have been busted or are caught using PED (performance enhancing drugs)! Damn right, the penalties should be more severe. Cheaters do not deserve to be rewarded In any way. And liars are even worse. Yes that’s you Barry Bonds….thats you Roger Clemens…that’s you AROD…that’s you Mark McGwire and so on! Hank Aaron hit over 700 home runs without the use of one drug. I don’t care if it’s supplements muscle enhancers there is no place in sports for these drugs. Right on Hank! We need more people like you to speak up! Finally, there were some rule changes regarding injury reserve and Trade options in the NFL today. Should be interesting. Have a great Thursday!


Violence and Heavy Metal Music…Is there a Connection?

The latest School Shooting which occurred in Baltimore has once resurrected the endless debate on Heavy Metal and wether it has a direct influence on teens and if this influence can be blamed on gun violence in America. On Monday, a teenager (15 years old) Bobby Gladden was arrested for allegedly opening fire with an automatic weapon in a crowded school lunchroom at Perry High School in Baltimore. The shooter critically wounded one fellow student before being tackled by a guidance counselor who disarmed Bobby. Of course…as soon as the media found out that Bobby considers himself a “metalhead” ….The New York Daily News claimed, “Teenager who allegedly opened fire in Baltimore area high school was a heavy metal misfit.”. The relatively neutral NBC Network reported that Bobby was a huge fan of Slipknot and Rammstein….His Facebook page has Rammstein’s frontman Till Lindemann’s face posted on the front page. Here we go again folks…a green light for the Media to once again try to blame heavy metal music on teenage gun violence in America! What a joke…just because a kid listens to a certain kind of music…yes that is what possesses them to grab a weapon and go on an onslaught to try and slaughter a bunch of their fellow peers. How many times have we been down this road before?? I can remember after the Columbine Shootings in Colorado in April of 1999…the media was quick to jump all over the young shooters’ passion for heavy metal music, particularly Marilyn Manson and Rammstein. Eric Harris, one of the shooters had an extreme passion for German Heavy Metal bands, namely Rammstein. The media fed off this and played the ultimate blame game with the heavy metal community under the crosshairs. One would have to believe that politics also plays a major role on how and what the media reports so I definitely would not put it past the government for using this tactic to wave the war on gun control. It wasn’t till much later that Eric Harris was found to be a psychopath which would more logically explain the reasons for this violent behavior. As a line from one of Eminem’s (rapper/songwriter) popular song states…”Blame it on Marilyn” a reference to the shootings and the media’s pathetic use of heavy metal as a reason for such gun violence. Yes…these kids just happened to listen to this type of music and then go on a murder rampage!!! How many other billions of fans listen to this music and never shed an ounce of violence on anyone?!? C’MON….Use your head America. All of these incidents are isolated and the type of music they listen to has no bearing on this violent behavior. What if the killers had been fans of rap music…would the media then say that rap bands should be banned because they are a dangerous tool that directly influences teenage violence. This debate goes back even further and was cited in the 80’s when the PMRC hearings were being waged. Judas Priest was directly blamed for two teenagers who committed suicide. Rob Halford even had to go to court over this case. The prosecution tried to use the article that Priest used subliminal messages in their music that told kids to kill themselves. Then in later years the media tried to connect violence in video games to violence in real life. They tried to use evidence that teenage minds are like “sponges” and that the constant violence on the games they played directly led these teenagers to encompass violent tendencies and personalities. There has never been any scientific evidence linking either music or video games to violence…specifically gun violence.
Heavy Metal will always be a major target of stereotypical political ideologies and mainstream media criticism. But what these outlets fail to see is that there are a far number of fans who listen to this music that do not commit any violent acts. Therefore….I think it’s safe to say that there are other factors involved with these violent acts including economic status, cultural values, family values and upbringing, mental disorders, children of alcoholic or drug abusers, domestic violence and a multitude of other social breakdowns. After the Columbine shootings…Marilyn Manson was forced to cancel their tour due to the extreme backlash from government and media entities. This is just one more example of what is wrong in this country. We send our children overseas to fight wars for countries that do not give a damn about America. We spend millions on research for the space programs. We spend millions on programs that help people that either won’t help themselves or just uses the system in order to not have to work. We spend millions on programs to help foreign people enter our country and get handed jobs. We need to take a serious look at the problems that are faced by American society today and Heavy Metal music is one area that has nothing to do with the problems in question. Freedom of Speech was fought for by our forefathers and this is one right that should never be taken away or disparaged. We have the right to listen to whatever music we like and the music we listen to does not make
Us criminals. The person who gets into a car and drives after drinking and kills an innocent person is still responsible for their actions….did they necessarily mean to kill someone no. Did alcohol have any effect on this…maybe slightly. But ultimately that person made a choice to get behind the wheel after knowingly consuming more than the legal limit of alcohol. Likewise…the kid who goes into a school and murders innocent children knows beforehand what they are doing and what the consequences will be…that’s a fact. Let’s get it right and stop going back to the same whole over and Over again when it obvious that one has nothing to do with the other. Stop stigmatizing heavy metal in America. Do the right thing!!!!!


Tyler Cloyd Debut/Steel Panther

With Cole Hamels of the Phillies getting the night off because he was sick, Tyler Cloyd made his Major League Debut against Mets rookie standout Harvey and took the loss. Cloyd won the MVP Award in the International League with a 12-1 record and 2.35 ERA and went 15-1 overall with a 2.58 ERA and 125 K’s. He pitched ok going 6IP and giving up 3 runs while striking out 5. Phillies fans had Been wondering when Cloyd would get a shot. In other news, SP Vance Worley had season ending shoulder surgery today. Also it was announced that Chase Utley would be open to the idea of trying 3B. This would allow the Phillies to promote Freddy Galvis, their young 2B prospect. In Metal news, All That Remains is putting out a new Album and Steel Panther announced that they will be releasing a DVD.



METALLICA 3D Movie/Mauer to Boston?

Here it is folks! METALLICA has just completed the production of the live portion for their upcoming 3D Movie. The setlist was leaked today and is as follows:
-Creeping Death “Ride the Lightning”
-For Whom the Bell Tolls “Ride the Lightning”
-Fuel “ReLoad”
-Ride the Lightning “Ride the Lightning”
-One “And Justice For All”
-Cyanide “Death Magnetic”
-The Memory Remains “Load”
-Wherever I May Roam “Black”
-Sad But True “Black”
-Welcome Home (Sanitarium) “Master of Puppets”
-Justice For All “And Justice For All”
-Fade to Black “Ride the Lightning”
-Master of Puppets “Master of Puppets”
-Battery “Master of Puppets”
-Nothing Else Matters “Black”
-Enter Sandman “Black”
-Hit the Lights “Kill em All”
-Seek and Destroy “Garage Days”
Pretty awesome variety if you ask me! Most of the Movie was filmed in Vancouver and the total budget cost when all is Said and Done will be over 20 Million Dollars!!!! Wow…METALLICA always goes Big Huh? There is no official release date but insiders are saying sometime in 2013! Should be killer! In other metal news, Motley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil apparently cursed out a whole Vallet company using the “F”Bomb of course. Vince has never held back his tongue so this comes as no surprise. Sports news was pretty nill today….Although Steven Strasburg of the Nationals was rocked last night and the Nationals were shut out 9-0! This brings the debate back into the hot seat wether or not the Nationals should shut Steven down until the Playoffs! I think this is a No-Brainer! How bout NO WAY!!!! You ride your horse as far as he can take you. The Nationals are too new to this to be messing around. Let’s face it…we are not talking the Phillies or Yankees here…We are talking the Nationals! We are not talking about “Practice” as Allen Iverson once profoundly proclaimed. This is the big time. If they do shut him down the Nationals fans should boycott the rest of their games. This would be an outrage to Professional Baseball. In other news…Johnny Cueto became the First 17 Game Winner in MLB 2012 and AROD is close to returning from his injury. Now that Boston has unloaded all of that payroll…there is a good chance they make a trade with the Twins for Joe Mauer who was placed on waivers today. They have long coveted this catcher and would be a good move in my opinion. More drama in NY…there always seems to be drama with New York Sports Teams…why is that?!! Anyways…the endless debate…Tebow or Sanchez? You decide…mark your votes I’m interested in peoples opinion this one?



New Tours/New Material/NFl Cuts/Dodgers Trade good or Bad?

In metal news…It has been announced that Lamb of God will officially kick off their cancelled tour on October 30th 2012. They will be touring with In Flames and HateBreed. As many metal fans heard…the original tour was cancelled due to Lead Singer Randy being put in prison overseas for reportedly throwing a fan off the stage at a concert and the fan apparently died due to injuries of the fall. This tour was much anticipated after the release of their new album this past year. Anthrax will be co-headlining a Canadian Tour starting next month with Testament and Death Angel. Testament fresh off their new album is looking forward to this tour. Anthrax will also be featured on a new series on the Google AudioBiography Site and will include material from their more famous albums Among the Living and Spreading the Disease as well as their most recent “platinum” album Worship Music. The series actually begins tonight @8PM. Trivium (who is also working on a new album) is scheduled to Headline a tour in Europe this fall with As I Lay Dying and along with Caliban and Upon a Burning Body! It was announced today that ChickenFoot will be re-releasing their self-titled debut album as a Double Disc feature with Bonus Tracks on October 16th. It should be interesting as their sophomore album was a flop. Bullet For My Valentine has skipped the US to Thailand to record their 4th Album. According to the band, it will have a little of everything but will go back to the heavier style closer to their album Poison. As stated the other day…Aerosmith and Kiss are both working on new studio albums. It should be interesting to see what the old heads can put together. Now onto Sports…some notable names were cut from NFL rosters today including Donte Stallworth and Jabar Gaffney from the New England Patriots. Thadeus Gibson a Defensive End from Chicago, Jets Kicker Chad Brown, and Eagles Cornerback Cliff Harris. The most notable name to get cut though was Terrell Owens….yes you heard it right T.O. He was trying to resurrect his career in Seattle but that doesn’t look promising now. Boy we have come along way from a few years ago when TO and McNabb were trying to win a Superbowl together and then shared a huge drama story for years. In Eagles News….it was announced that the Eagles will honor former Running Back Brian Westbrook who will officially retire as an Eagle on Wednesday. He will be honored at a game in December against Washington. In his short career….Brian Westbrook was arguably the best Running Back in Eagles history. The NFL deadline for cuts is Friday and the Rosters must be at 53 players by 9PM. Well its too early to judge the trade the Dodgers made but they did not give up their 3 best pitching prospects which is absolutely absurd. Boston’s GM should be fired. How can you give away that much talent and not get the number 1 pitching prospect in return. To be continued!