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Old School Metal/New Vib

A recent trend has occurred the past few years with 80’s Metal Bands releasing brand new studio albums that not only sound modern…but they may be the best albums these bands have ever produced. I was talking with a buddy of mine and asked his opinion on this subject…why so many of these bands are able to put albums out with Peak Sound? His response was pretty simple…these bands have went back to their roots…they are playing what they want to and as hard and heavy that they can…they have steered away from the temptation to conform to societies standards. One perfect example of this is Anthrax. Anthrax had been quiet for a few years and although they had a very interesting sound with John Bush…it was more of a mainstream grunge metal sound. Well Anthrax got together last year…reuniting with their former Frontman Joey Belladonna and put out what you could argue maybe their best album of all time “Worship Music”. This album kicks some major ass and goes back to the core roots of thrash metal but the sound is superior due to enhancements in technology. One could argue that almost every song on the album is a major hit. Me and my buddy saw Anthrax last winter in a club setting and they played a lot of their new material. It sounded absolutely AMAZING! Another band that has stood the test of time through much adversity…highs and lows…many lineup changes…etc. Is Megadeth. Megadeth has never quite steered away from their roots unlike Anthrax…but they did get away from the more classic sound that you were used to hearing. In their new album “13” former bassist David Elleffson reunited with the band. “13” has some internal meaning…for starters it’s their Thirteenth Studio Album, it was released on November 13th, and it represents the 13x that Mustaine has come close to dying. One single “Public Enemy Number 1” stands out and has that classic hard thrash metal sound that cuts you through the bone. Megadeth has truly stood the test of time. Another band in this category is Testament. They recently released “The Dark Roots of the Earth.”. This is another stellar album and in my opinion is the best they have ever put out. It almost sounds like a Concept album..heavy swift riffs and killer guitar. METALLICA put out “Death Magnetic” which also went back to the more traditional true Thrash Sound. One could argue that this album belongs between And Justice For All and Black album. Great sound quality and its the best James Hettfield has sounded
In forever. Overkill…a local Jersey band who was popular during the 80’s
Has released two new albums. “Ironbound” is an instant classic and this song denotes the area near Newark, New Jersey where the band is from. Needless to say…Metal is back with a Vengeance…their is no stone unturned. Balls to the Wall Metal and unbelievable sound quality. I would recommend all of these albums If you are a true 80’s Thrash Metal fan then I suggest buying them all. Everyone cam have an opinion but cannot deny how good these albums sound!



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3 responses to “Old School Metal/New Vib

  1. aaron ⋅

    Agreed on all fronts! We are getting some of the best, if not THE BEST, albums from so many classic bands. Another one to mention is Accept with Blood of the Nations, which is clearly the best album they have ever released. Now they have a new one, Stalingrad, which I have not had a chance to pick up, but I here is equallyt insane!

  2. aaron ⋅

    Another cool thing to mention is that Accept, a German band, is now completely based in Philly.

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