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Week #13 in the NFL is upon us and after this week’s games there will be just three games left until the playoffs. In the NFC…Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago are in with the battle of a few teams on the outside looking in for the wild card. Seattle, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, and Washington, and Green Bay have a shot depending on the last few games. In the AFC…New England, Houston, Baltimore and Denver look to be locks and then there is Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Buffalo have a shot. So this is a huge week in the NFL…not that every week is not, but this could bend or break some team’s chances. New Orleans @ New York Giants, Detroit @ Green Bay, Houston
@ New England, Tampa Bay @ Philly, Miami @ San Francisco, Minnesota @
Chicago, Baltimore @ Washington, And San Diego @ Pittsburgh all could effect playoff implications. Without Further A due, here are the picks:

1) Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Redskins- Washington is favored by 1.5 Points. Aaron says Washington will win and cover behind huge games from RJ3 and Pierre Garçon. I on the other hand am taking Baltimore to upset on the road.

2) Kansas City Chiefs @ Cleveland Browns- Cleveland is favored to win by 7…Aaron says Cleveland wins easily and covers. I say Cleveland wins but KC covers under the cover of adversity.

3) San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers are favored by 8…Aaron says Pittsburgh wins while the Chargers cover. I’m going with Pittsburgh who really needs this game for a shot at the playoffs.

4) Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts- Indy is favored by 4 Points at home. Aaron and I believe that Andrew Luck will continue his unlucky play (no pun intended) and they will win easily.

5) Jacksonville Jaguars @ New York Jets- Aaron says that Jacksonville will win in an upset behind the arm of Chad Henne. I’m taking the Jets to win and cover by the 3 points…their defense comes through big.

6) Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears- The Bears are favored by 3 Points at home. Aaron and I both say Chicago will win easily and cover and Brandon Marshall will continue to dominate.

7) Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons- The Falcons are only favored by 3.5 but Aaron and say this is a stone cold lock for a blowout.

8) Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Tampa Bay is favored by 7.5 Points and needs the game to keep their playoff hopes alive. Aaron says this is the trap game of the week…Tampa Wins and Philly Covers. I beg to differ, Philly gets routed as Freeman and Williams hook up for multiple touchdowns.

9) Saint Louis Rams @ Buffalo Bills- The Bills are favored by 3 at home. Aaron and I both say Buffalo wins and covers behind the dynamic running game of CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson.

10) Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers- The Niners are favored by 11 at home. Aaron and I both say that The Niners win while Miami covers.

11) New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants- The Giants are favored by 4.5 points and both teams desperately need a win. I’m taking the Giants to win and cover while Aaron says The Saints will upset and win outright.

12) Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks- Seattle is favored by 10. Aaron and I both take Seattle to win and cover against a God awful Cardinals team.

13) Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers- The Pack is favored by 6.5 but this is a huge rivalry game. Aaron and I both agree that Detroit upsets on the road behind Matthew Stafford and Megatron.

14) Houston Texans @ New England Patriots- New England is favored by 3.5 points against the best team in the AFC. New England is favored and will win easily both Aaron and I concur.

15)Cincinnati Bengals @ Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys are favored and both Aaron and I say they will win easily.

Fantasy Wins- Brandon Marshall, Josh Freeman, Calvin Johnson, and Tom Brady have huge games.


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